Typing With Wet Paws: New Big Box Edition

Tails up, Storm Troopers! I’m Storm, you’re aawesome, and this is Typing With Wet Paws. Exciting news this week, on a couple of fronts. Still working on the picture things, so I will get Aunt Anna to put important pictures of the week on Instagram, because there are some good ones.

Photo by Element5 Digital on Pexels.com

First of all, Aunt Anna and Aunt Melva have a date for a do-over of their video interview with Boomer Times. That will happen on April 20th, now that Aunt Anna has her new glowy box that can use Zoom. I may or may not make a guest appearance, because the human who was in charge of the recording had his kitty with him when everything first started. I have a very good feeling about cat-positive journalism. We will let you know when the video is up, so you can watch whenever you are so inclined.

Aunt Anna is also taking a very fun workshop with Eryka Peskin about figuring out how to reconnect with things she’s always wanted to do. A lot of those have to do with writing and growing her brand. Mostly, that has to do with what kind of writer she is and the kinds of stories she has to tell, along with some planning stuff (that I will sit on.)

still one of my favorite selfies

The biggest news on the feline front is that we now have a big box in the house. Some human furniture came in yesterday, and with it came the best part – a huge box. It is, of course, mine. I’ll explore the furniture that came in it later. I can be inside it, or on top of it, or I can scratch it with my claws. Cardboard is my favorite thing to scratch. I don’t scratch furniture. I am a good girl. I know the box can’t stay forever, but it will be here for a whilel and then there will be more boxes. The human furniture is called a storage trunk, and I am NOT allowed to go inside that, but the humans did put my cat bed on top of it, suggesting that I might be interested in sitting there, as it is near the end of Autn Anna and Uncle Rheuben’s bed. We will see about that.

On the reading front, Aunt Anna is moving through her Goodreads reading challenge, with 39 books read out of her goal of 90. and 12 books ahead of schedule as she hits 41% of the 90. She has figured out Audible Pllus very recently ,aka today, which means that she will get to listen to a lot of books while she does her blogging stuff. Also while playing Sims or surfing the interwebs.

Not while writing, though, because that is when she needs to focus on her own stories, not somebody else’s. This week, she gets to do one of her favorite writing things, and that is taking a bunch of notes and ideas and turning them into a scene that goes in the middle of some other scenes. That’s sometimes easier than completely new things, because she knows where the whole story is going and what job that scene has to do. Sometimes, also how long it has to be.

For those kinds of things, she likes to first get into the soft office, aka the beed (well, on top of it, not in it like sleeping) with a notebook and pens and an appropriate beverage. Also with me, because I am her mews and I need to be on top of everything. Literally.

Tomorrow, we will be doing some of that writing, and brainstorming video ideas. If Aunt Anna doesn’t want to hear people talking when she is writing, she can also listen to weather sounds even if that isn’t the weather that is really happening. I am not sure what to make of that but rain is her favorite, especially rain with cars driving on wet asphalt. There are other sounds, like carriage rides and crackling fires when she needs to be in a historical mindset. I, of course, add to it with very loud mototr purring, which is the most important sound.

That’s about it for right now, and I have a box to explore, so I will catch you next week.


2 thoughts on “Typing With Wet Paws: New Big Box Edition

  1. Cousin Sam here. I understand all about empty boxes and how much fun they are. Mama had a new box in the house this week but it didn’t stick around long enough for me to play in it. What was in it is what Mama calls a recliner. I’ve been trying to flex my claws and scratch on it, but Mama doesn’t like that very much and she scolds me. I’m not sure how this is going to work out.

    Mama hasn’t been reading that much so she hasn’t been keeping track of her books read like she wanted to do. I suspect that’s because she got a new phone and has Discovery Plus on it. She’s been watching a lot of videos and TV shows instead of reading. It’s all good, especially when I get to cuddle with Mama.

    Purrs and headbonks to Cousin Storm and Auntie Anna from Mama and me! 😘😼

    • Hi, Cousin Sam!

      I know what a recliner is. They are big chairs that are soft and good to sleep in, with your human or alone. Probably not the best for scratching, though. Humans don’t like that. I hid inside a recliner once. None of my humans liked that at all. I have heard that they are super good for reading and watching TV, which means that we get even more cuddle time. I am sorry you didn’t get to play with your big box though . I will play extra in mine for you.



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