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Dear readers, exciting things are in the works. Do you like fun, smart, contemporary romance with a heroine who is sure she can’t write romance novels, and a hero (yes, hero) who loves them? Wondering what the heck happens when a writer of angsty historical romance does, when collaborating with an author of cozy romantic suspense? (That, by the way, would be me and Melva Michaelian) Then Chasing Prince Charming is for you.

Coming soon, from The Wild Rose Press

Perhaps you’re in the mood for a dashing Dutch pirate, and a desperate English lady, ready to be captain of her own fate? Stay tuned for “The Fox and the Lily,” which will be appearing in this year’s literary fiction anthology (though I promise, it’s a romance) from Z Publishing.

Coming soon, in the New York’s Emerging Writers literary anthology from Z Publishing


It’s a contract!  Melva Michaelian and I have signed a contract with The Wild Rose Press, for our first co-written contemporary romance novel, Chasing Prince Charming. More details as we have them, but a new release is really and truly on the way. 

August 7, 2018New York’s Emerging Writers fiction anthology, which features my novel excerpt, “Ravenwood,”  releases. Pre-order your copy of this softcover book here:

September 7-9, 2018: Connecticut Fiction Fest
Norwalk Inn and Conference Center
​99 East Ave, Norwalk, CT

Yep, it’s me, live and in person, with the fabulously talented and resilient Melva Michaelian, as we present our workshop, Writing Though the Tears, Tempests, and Transitions, aka Save the Writer, Save the Book. We’ll be there. Will you?


September 18, 2017

My very first author visit at Buried Under Romance, with an excerpt from one of my favorite books (so far,) Orphans in the Storm.



I have some super fun posts coming up in the very near future, dates to be announced, so watch this page for further details:

Heroes and Heartbreakers: Outlander’s Frank Randall Deserves a Happy Ending

Dirty Sexy History:  No, You Can’t Just Marry Anybody, Anywhere: The British Marriage Act of 1753

April 2017

I am super excited to cross “speak at a conference” off my bucket list, as I will be c0-presenting “Blogging Isn’t Dead” with the fabulous Corrina Lawson, of Geek Dad/Geek Mom, and Rhonda Lane, of The Horsey Set, at the 2017 Let Your Imagination Take Flight conference, put on by the New England chapter of Romance Writers of America. If you’re planning on attending, drop me a line; I’d love to say hi.

March 2015

We made it to March! That counts as pre-spring to me, and posts are going to be blooming on Heroes and Heartbreakers.  I’m honored to have been asked to write about the late, great Bertrice Small on that site as well as my posts here, and there are not one but two First Look posts in the work, one on Anna Campbell’s April release and one on The Warlord’s Wife by Sandra Lake.

31 Days & 31 Ways to Jumpstart Your Life  I’m very excited to have been invited to participate in abundance coach and fierce cheerleader Eryka Peskin‘s latest endeavor, 31 Days & 31 Ways to Jumpstart Your Life.  I’ve had the great pleasure of participating in Eryka’s programs in the past (and had some lovely talks with her in person) as part of the crowd, so am delighted to be able to dig in deeper as one of the contributors. I’ll be talking about how creativity is essential to jumpstarting an abundant life, because I’ve lived it. To learn more and jump on board, click here.  Hope to see you there, because it’s going to be an amazing adventure.


February 2015 Yet another reason to celebrate Valentine’s Day this year: on February 14th, I will be presenting a live and in person version of my online workshop, From Fan Fiction to Fantastic Fiction, which I’m calling On Beyond Fanfic. Curious to know how the media you already love can spark original characters, situations and even whole story worlds? If you’re in Upstate NY this February 14th, I’m presenting at Capitol Region Romance Writers. Some of my favorite parts of the online workshop, some all new material, and some hands-on experience for experts and newcomers alike.     November 2014 We have some shipping news; I will be sharing the Heroes and Heartbreakers recapping duties for the spooktacular Sleepy Hollow with the fabulous Laurie Gold. It’s always exciting to share the TV Love, and I can’t wait to dish all about Ichabbie and all other Sleepy Hollow ships. Now that Katrina and Ichabod are in the same time, Katrina is in close quarters with the Headless Horseman and Nick Hawley has eyes for at least one of the Mills sisters, the shipping potential is as crazy as the otherworldly doings. September 2014 Online Workshop: From Fanfiction to Fantastic Fiction:

September 1 – September 28, 2014
SavvyAuthors Forums
About the WorkshopIf you’ve ever had new ideas for the plots, worlds, or characters of your favorite entertainments, then you’ve got a powerful tool for creating your own new, original adventures. It’s fun to play in somebody else’s sandbox, sure, but if you play in your own, you get to set the rules of the game, and keep all the toys.Here, we’ll learn to use fan fiction techniques to create original stories and characters without having to look over your shoulder for copyright lawyers. Let favorite movies, television or music inspire your own creativity, put your own spin on archetypes and themes we all know and love and avoid the dreaded Mary Sue along the way.  The name of the game is inspiration, not imitation. Topics covered include: Thinking outside the screen: take that extra step out of the fannish sandbox and into your own original one – where you get to keep all the toys. Use character archetypes to find the core of why we love our favorites the way we do. Learn how to gather a multimedia trove of inspiration, to get your idea hamster running. What to keep and what to change while putting your unique spin on the whole deal. Cost: Premium Member $15 / Basic Member $25

To register, visit Savvy Authors


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