Typing With Wet Paws: Black, White and Orange Friday Edition

Tails up, Storm Troopers! This is going to be a quicker than usual entry, because A) It is Black, White and Orange Friday, meaning Mama Anna and Aunt Linda are going to make out like locusts at the craft stores, and B) Mama Anna started yesterday out by slicing her middle finger in a freak bathing accident. She is okay, but it also means using that finger isn’t the most fun thing she can do. Apparently, it is an important finger in typing. I’m glad I have paws and my grooming routines do not require any sharp things. I wake up like this every day.

several times a day, in fact.

Not sure what came over me with that whole wanting a boy cat thing. Papa is the only boy I love. No boys, just toys. Preferably with catnip.

Pretty chill day yesterday, except for the whole finger slicing thing. Everybody was tired, so they took lots of naps and then ordered pizza. Then more naps. Nap, food, nap…were they practicing being cats? Because they did a pretty good job. There may be hope for them yet. Also, it was cold. We were fine, thiugh. They have blankets and sweaters and I have fur. Also radiators.

Anyway, the humans are very thankful for all of the above. Except for the finger slicing. I am thankful that I have had TWO great mamas in my life. My first mama, Mama D, did a super amazing job of getting me through the awkward kitten stage and making sure I am happy and healthy and scarily well adjusted. Even more than the humans, TBH. She can still see me on social media, so she knows I am okay.

Since it is now shopping season, I have told the humans that I want a red dot for Christmas. i think “laser pointer” is how to say it in human? If you know where they have good ones that are kitty safe, put it in the comments and I will give my humans a gentle reminder.


Typing With Wet Paws: Nipped Edition

Storm’s up, Tail Troopers. Wait. That’s not right. It sounds kind of right. Close to right? Almost right. Right words, wrong order, yeah? Ever since Aunt Mary and Uncle Brian brought me some special mousies, things sometimes get kind of…wavy. Not that I mind. I mean, look at my paw.

Did you know I have switchblade fingers? Well, I do.

Have you ever really looked at a paw? Paws are amazing. I can put my claws in, put them out, pull them in again. Any. Time. I. Want. How great is that? Also, I have four of them. Plus one tail. No switchblades in my tail, though, but it goes up when I am happy. New toys always make me happy. Especially when they are special toys, if you know what I mean. I mean catnip. I love that stuff.

All the humans did fun things on the weekend, like having dinner where Papa works. While he was working, even, so they got to see him do his job. He is super duper good at it, but a lot of people know that already, like Mama Anna. Nice to have it confirmed, though. There was the time when the chef accidentally tried to kill Mama Anna, though. I say accidentally, because they probably did not know that Mama Anna is allergic to mushrooms, and there were mushrooms in the soup when it didn’t say that on the menu. She is okay, though. She had the soup put in a to go container, ate other food, and took it home for Papa.

Keeping Mama Anna’s seat warm.

I, purr-sonally, did not get to go to Aunt Mary and Uncle Brian’s hotel, which I am told was very nice, with a big couch, so there was room for me, and pets were allowed, so I hung with my special mousies that evening. The humans did all agree, though, that the next visit has to be soon, and at Aunt Mary and Uncle Brian’s house, and that I have to come along, because separation anxiety. This means that A) I will get two car rides (there and back) and B) Mama Anna will need to harness train me, so that when I get out of my adventure cave after the car ride, she can keep eyes on me at all times in a new environment.. I should probably also mention that While Aunt Mary and Uncle Brian have my Cousin Andy (who is a young grownup, and will be getting married to my Cousin-to-Be Leah, and moving to his own house next year; dibs on his room when we visit after that) but also my Cousin Aiden, who is a Golden Retriever. That is a kind of dog, who will not be getting married and thus will stay licing in that house. I am not sure if he knows a lot of cats (probably not) so only one of us will be free range at any given time, and I will be on the lead when it’s me.

In related news, Cousin Andy asked Aunt Anna if she would be a character reference for an important job he wants to do, and she said yes. That means that she had to talk to an important person on the phone and answer questions about whether she thinks Cousin Andy is a good human (spoiler alert: he is) and can do important job (Spoiler alert: he can.) She said yes and yes, so that is on the record now. She of course countered this very adult responsibility by playing video games, so the balance is restored.

Also restored is her love of reading historical romance, since Aunt Mary did in fact give her a honking big bag of classic historical romances (she will talk about that on Buried Under Romance, later.) Some of those were books she had once owned and wanted to get again (score!) while others were books she had always wanted to read, but never got the chance (also score) and a couple were even brand new to her, even though they had been written and/or published before she was even a grownup herself.

Mama Anna also read one entire book this week, but it was from the library, not that bag, and it was not even fiction. It was Idiot, by Laura Clery, who is actually very smart and very funny. It is a memoir, which means it is about her life up to the time she wrote it. There is another one coming in spring, and Mama Anna already wants to read that one, too. She will read other books before then, though.

Did you know that my special mousies have knots in the end of their tails? They are super good for biting and throwing so I can pounce. Yeah. That’s fun, Think I’m going to go do that soon, or maybe nap in that sunbeam.


Typing With Wet Paws: Company’s Coming Edition

Tails Up, Storm Troopers! I’m Storm, you’re awesome, and this is Typing With Wet Paws. This is a super special weekend coming, because Mama Anna gets to see Aunt Mary and Uncle Brian IN PERSON, and I get to meet them for the very first time. They have a dog at home (who will probably be staying home, but I can still smell him on them and will “meet” him that way. If I mark them (which I will) the he can learn all about me that way. It’s secret code we fur people have. Works pretty well.) Anyway, Mama Ann is doing a lot to get ready for this visit, which is actually pretty fun for her.

Part of that is getting presents ready. Even though one of the reasons is for Aunt Mary and Uncle Brian to help celebrate Mama Anna’s birthday, they are also covering other holidays that they were not able to see each other, due to the global situation, and then an early Christmas. This means there are probably going to be bags and boxes for me to play with, which is always good.

Aunt Anna says nobody is going to catch her unawares on this whole visit thing, and I don’t blame her. This is kind of big, having company. She has always loved company, ever since she was a people kitten. Can you spot the baby extrovert here? Hint: that would be Mama Anna. Also me. I love friends, and I kind of know Aunt Mary from the weekly glowy box sessions. It will be fun to see if I recognize her. I bet that I will. I am predicting headbonks (from me) – my way of saying “property of Storm.”

One thing that Mama Anna is getting excited about is that Aunt Mary is going to bring a big bag (dibs on the bag!) of the kinds of books Mama Anna loves the very best: those big epic historical romances of um…a lot of cats ago. Mama Anna thinks that will go a long way to fixing her reader’s block. Also, she is looking forward to taking pictures of all the pretty covers and sharing those here. It’s also kind of coming full circle, because Mama Anna’s first exposure to historical romance novels would be many cats ago, when Mama Anna’s Aunt Lucy (I guess that makes her my Great Aunt Lucy) would visit Mama Anna’s Mama (Grandma Erma; I have to wait until Rainbow Bridge to meet here, and that is a very very long time away) and bring…you guessed it, a big bag of big, epic historical romances.

Mama Anna’s job was to take those bags of books to the laundry room and put them on a special shelf. She wasn’t allowed to read them yet (she would overstep that boundary soon) because she was too young, but she always looked at the covers and read the back blurbs and made up her own stories to go with those elements. Now she is getting back to writing them. Point is, aunts bearing bags of historical romance novels have a relly good track record around these parts.

What’s on tap for your weekend?



Typing With Wet Paws: Second Adopotiversary Edition

Tails up, Storm Troopers! I’m Storm, you’re awesome, and this is Typing With Wet Paws. This is a very special month, because it has a bunch of super fun stuff in it. Most importantly, though, this week sees my second adoptiversary, meaning I have completed two whole years of living with these guys. Before that, I was with my first mom, who did an amazing job of raising me as a happy, healthy kitty. I know she still loves me, and I still love her. She can see my pictures on Instagram, so she knows I am safe and happy.

pictures like this brighten anybody’s day

While that year long camping trip we went on to celebrate my adoption had its highlights, this week also means we start our second year of living in this apartment, and apartment living is definitely better. Even if the property manager, Mr. Kurt, did outsource pest control. Okay maybe it was the owner of the buildings, but still, am I a joke to them? Look at these teeth. Look at these claws. They don’t call them murder mittens for nothing. If there were a mouse in the house, I would have found it and brought it to Aunt Anna, whom I will now be calling Mama Anna (my first mom will be Mama D) because I love bringing her presents. Then again, the other apartments in our building don’t have cats, just dogs, so that could be part of it.

Anyway, since this is such a special week, Mama Anna said that I can talk about whatever I want. I don’t see how that is much different from every other week, because hey, I am a cat. That’s kind of how it works. For those of you who are wondering if I am calling the other humans anything different, Uncle Rheuben is now Papa and Aunt Linda is still Aunt Linda. I am not allowed outside, so I cant get them anything I would normally get. I don’t know what to do with stairs, anyway, and I can’t open doors that close all the way, so I do what I can.

I have to give the pest control human some props, because he did Psspsspss me. Of course I ignored him and went under the bed. He comes into my house and questions how I do my job? No thank you. He did recognize me as an Organic Pest Control Expert. I should give him some sort of professional courtesy. Though Aunt Linda now has to get a plastic container to put my dry food into. They sell that kind of thing where she works, which means it’s happening. If you think I am already thinking about ways I can open the lid, you are right. I like a challenge.

Mama Anna is occupying herself pretty well this week. She could do better on the reading front (mainly because if she does it on her tablet at night, in bed, I can sit on her shoulder and read along) but the writing is going well, and she is doing a stationery makeover/inventory/overhaul, which will include a…gasp…cull. I love this because that means there is more stationery laid out for me to lie on, especially when that is the particular thing she most especially needs. Speaking of which….



Typing With Wet Paws: Sorry For The MIA Edition

Tails up, Storm Troopers! It’s October now, which means a lot of exciting things are happening. First of all, today starts our official second year in this apartment, something that makes us all extremely happy. I am not as pleased with the closed windows, because I got a surprise when I tried to jump into my window in Aunt Linda’s room. She says she is getting me a ledge. We will see. I do have an adoptiversary coming up, so that’s another good thing, and a good reason for her to come through with the ledge.

Aunt Anna’s birthday is also in October, one week before Halloween, so really, it’s a whole month of fun stuff. The one up side of the windows closing is that the property manager turned the furnace on yesterday, so now we can have heat. Also, Aunt Linda is going on vacation later in this month, so there will be some shenanigans. Of what sort, I do not know, but it will be fun whatever it is.

photo by Anna Carrasco Bowling

As you can see, I am quite comfy, and also hard at work at being Aunt Anna’s mews. With the stuff ahead of her, she’s going to need me. Yesterday, she had two video chats with different writer friends, and then the day before that, her weekly three hours with Aunt Mary. Aunt Anna is a social creature, so this kind of thing helps her a lot. She also is working on some exercises in making sure she pays attention to what helps her write things and what doesn’t. I of course, am close by because really, isn’t that the most important thing?

desk at golden hour
Anna Carrasco Bowling

That picture above is what Aunt Anna’s current desk setup looks like. She’s very happy with it, though she will be happier when her secretary desk comes home, which will probably be sometime during Aunt Linda’s vacation. That is probably when she will dig her very very favorite historical romance novels out of storage. Those go in the bookcase her father made for her when she was a baby baby. She might repaint them, though, because yellow is not her thing. Don’t blame her. It doesn’t complement my fur at all, so I very much support this idea.

Speaking of books, let’s check in with Aunt Anna’s Goodreads Challenge. As of this writing, she is as 81% of the way to her goal of 90 books in 2021, with 73 books under her belt. That is six books ahead of schedule, so feel free to give her a paw bop when she complains about not being able to read anything, because that is obviously not true. Even if it seems that way at the time.

I would not be surprised if the reading thing gets even stronger this month, because A) it’s October, B ) that sometimes means she gets books for her birthday, and C) she’s already listening to music again and thanks to Uncle Rheuben, she is even watching TV. Okay, streaming, but still. He made her watch Only Murders in the Building. It hits a lot of tropes that Aunt Anna loves, has a great cast (she was sold on Steve Martin and Martin Short, and the prewar apartments sold her without knowing anything else.

Hm, I think that’s about it for right now, but I will be sure to pop back in if I think of anything else, get new toys, or anything else interesting. Feel free to drop your recommendations for sourcing a good red dot in the comments.



Typing With Wet Paws: Pre-Home-i-Versary Edition

Tails up Storm Troopers! I’m Storm, you’re awesome, and this is Typing With Wet Paws. In case you were wondering where I was last week, have you noticed that I am a cat? That’s kind of our thing. I was probably in a box, or in Aunt Linda’s window. I’m here now, and isn’t that all that really matters?

Photo by Rheuben Bowling

On October first, we will officially begin our second year in this apartment. Technically, we moved in a week before that, but I’m too comfy to check the calendar or ask Aunt Anna for the exact date. October also means coming up on my adoptiversary, when I first came to live with these guys, which was a year before that. I have asked for a red dot for my present. I love red dot, especially at night. Aunt Anna agrees I need more toys, though honestly, I’m good with midnight parkour. Not going to say no to toys, though. I love toys. They are fun, and also nice to have around when I want to give Aunt Anna a present, since I am an indoor only girl.

October is also Aunt Anna’s birthday (closer to the end. Um, of the month, not of her) and then Halloween one week later. After that, it’s straight into the holidays, with Thanksgiving prep (the humans are doing ham this year. I will be getting tuna.) then it’s Christmas and Boxing Day (which kind of does have something to do with boxes) and New Year’s Day and Valentine’s Day and then after that comes the ugh weather and Aunt Anna may go underground again until September. Okay, not that extreme, but she really does prefer the autumn and winter, and those superpowers are very much kicking into gear.

I totally get how Aunt Anna is only snow really relaxing and settling in; I was the same way when I graduated from First Mom’s house and came to these guys. The first couple days, I stayed in my adventure cave and taking their measure. When I figured out they love me and are okay, I draped myself over a sleeping Aunt Anna, and well, here we are. It’s pretty nice.

One thing Aunt Anna is doing to make sure she can be at her best level right now is to make sure she stays in touch with her human friends. That means an increasing amount of video chats, which means more chances for me to crash said video chats. I love when humans in the glowy box tell me I am beautiful. They are right. Still never hurts to hear it. Fall is also good for snuggling with tea and blanket and lots of pillows and a good book. Most importantly of all, a kitty. By which I mean me. Aunt Anna can drink tea with on hand and then rub my belly with the other. Hm. Maybe she should consider an audiobook in that case.

It’s been pretty interesting around here as of late, as Aunt Anna gets back into writing gear, and all of the humans are talking about moving things in from storage and that kind of thing. What I take from all of that is “more boxes,” which is a a very happy ending for me.

How’s your week?


photo by Rheuben Bowling


Typing With Wet Paws: Freestyle Hydration Edition

Tails up, Storm Troopers! I’m Storm, you’re awesome, and this is Typing With Wet Paws. Aunt Anna is adulting again, so I get to write about whatever I want. Since I am a cat, that is no surprise to anybody that I pick myself as the theme. I mean, look at me.

yes, this is a greatest hits picture. I’m a cat. Uploading is hard.

Anyway, the first story is about how smart I am. I am a strong, independent kitty. I am a strong, independent kitty who don’t need ho hoomans. Okay, I do need hoomans. I flew solo for a few days last summer, and 0/10, do not recommend. Indoor kitteh for lyfe.

Anyway, I have three water bowls. One is in Aunt Linda’s room and the other two are in the big bedroom with Aunt Anna and Uncle Rheuben. I like to stay hydrated. When one of my water bowls is empty, I rattle it with my paw. That usually attracts a human to fil the water bowl, and then I can drink again. This time, my rattling did not wake any humans. I was to learn later that Aunt Linda did hear it but didn’t recognize that I was asking her for more water and thought I was just playing. Silly Aunt Linda. Water is serious business.

So I thought to myself, Self, how else can we get some water? Then I remembered that there is a big water dish in the bathroom, aka people litterbox. There’s lots of water in that. Maybe the seat would be up and I could get to it. Well, it was, and I did. That was also exactly when Aunt Linda walked in. I am not going to tell you what she wanted to do with the big water bowl in the people litter box, but I bet you can guess. It’s gross. I did not get down because she told me to get down I got down because I wanted to get down. That’s an important difference.

Needless to say, all of my bowls got refilled after that and the natural order has been restored. I should also mention that Uncle Rheuben and I finally got to share his birthday tuna. I do enjoy a good dish of people tuna, and when I can share it with my favorite (only) uncle, that makes it even better. He puts mayonnaise in his, though. People are weird.

The other big news here is that it looks like I am getting a new cousin. One of my other aunts, who lives in a different state, found a little guy under her car the other morning. He has six toes on each foot. Some people call that polydactyl. Some call it Hemingway cat. I call it overachieving, because I do quite fine with four beans on each paw. Not really something he picked on his own though. I won’t say more until I have permission from the aunt to say more, but he’s a cute booger.

There is a bunch of fall cleaning going on over here, which is part of why Aunt Anna is adulting. That kind of thing allows her to work out writing things in the back of her head, so it is kind of writing related. She refreshed my favorite hangout spots with a sprinkle of catnip. I think that was very considerate of her. At present, my favorite spots are:

  • upside down lap desk next to Aunt Anna’s people desk
  • actual cat bed on the linen chest at the foot of the people bed
  • the big people bed (especially when people are on it)
  • windowsill in Aunt Linda’s room
  • Aunt Linda’s reading chair
  • Aunt Anna’s office chair, but I have to get out of it when she says
  • Uncle Rheuben’s desk (on top of it)
  • my big cardboard box

I know that’s a small list, but it works for me. I also like crossing under the bed and pretending I am driving through a tunnel. Uncle Rheuben calls this “the expressway.” Fun fact: I can make it from the big people bed to the door that leads to the kitchen in one sproing. How’s that for energy efficient?

I think that’s about it for right now, but remember. No matter what the weather report says, there is a one hundred percent chance of Storm activity at our place.

love, Storm

Typing With Wet Paws: All About That Storm

Tails up, Sorm Troopers! lI’m Storm, you’re awesome, and this is Typing With Wet Paws. It’s very cloudy here in NY’s capitol region, which is good weather for Aunt Anna. She was in such a good mood today that she said I couldd write about anything I wanted, so, of course, I am going to talk about me.

Picture above by Uncle Rheuben. Used because Aunt Anna said so. Also, he said okay.

Anyway, Aunt Anna is in a few cat groups on FB, and sometimes they do fun posts telling people important information about members’ cats. Aunt Anna did one or maybe more of these about me a while babck, but did she save them for the benfit of my fans who are not in those groups? No, she did not. I still love her anyway, so I wiill make my own version. I may not get all the questions or add some of my own, but hey, I’m a cat. That’s what we do.

Legal Name: Storm Bacon Truss O’Malley Hart-Bowling. I was already Storm when Aunt Anna and those guys got me, but I was really young when I got that name, so I don’t remember why. Maybe the super hero? Is Marvel’s Storm a super hero? I bet she is. She has a cool name. Bacon is becaue Aunt Anna promised a friend that she would name her next cat Bacon, after a random cat in her Sims game (game-generated cat) and she did. Truss is my first mom’s last name, and Aunt Anna remind me my first mom loves me very much and did an awesome job raising me. O’Malley is inherited from Big Sister Skye, and because all girl cats in this family are O’Malley from here on out. Hart is because of Aunt Linda, and Bowling because of Aunt Anna and Uncle Rheuben.

My nicknames are: Needles McGee; The Calico Comet. The first one is because my claws are really really sharp (son’t ask how they found out about that, but it was an accident) and the second because I am queen of midnight parkour. Aka I am super fast.

My Age is: Three-ish. The iish is because they thought I was two when they got me, but that didn’t match with my behavior and how I seemed to be getting bigger, so I was probably yunger than that but we are not sure how much. My first mom said I came from “a house with a LOT of cats,” so it’s possible I got mixed up with a different litter.

My Best Friend Is: Aunt Anna! I was understandably wary of my new situation when I first came to these guys, but after a coulple of days of watching from the safety of my adventure cave, I came out, plastered myself to Aunt Anna while she was sleeping and went on from there, We are tight. I am her buddy. I never let her go to the people litterbox alone, I want to be where she is, and do what she’s doing whenever possible. If she is writing longhand or journaling, I am there to help. Sometimes that involces sitting on her pages or stealing her pens, but it’s all part of the deal.

My Best Sleep Spot is: Also Aunt Anna. Specifically on her hip if she is on her side, or her midsection if she is on her back. That is a way to say “I love you” in cat, and also the best way for me to see what she is watching on her tablet screen. Best friends watch TV together, right?

My Favorite Human Food is: People tuna. One of my best treats is for Uncle Rheuben and I to share a can of people tuna (but in separate dishes.) My first mom said I can also have plain people chicken, but prople turkey is no bueno for my tummys, so I don’t get that. I am pretty happy with cat foo, and I know that “not for kitties,” means don’t even think about eating whatever people food it is that I am considering.

My Breed is: Calicoooooo! Okay that is a fur color, not a breed, so I would say American Shorthair, but some people don’t think that’s a breed weither, so IDK, regular cat?

My Favorite Thing to Do is: Hang with Aunt Anna. Don’t care what she’s doing. Cuddles are good, as are belly rubs, and I already talked about watching TV. Oh, and playing with toys. I have OG Mousie (mouse on a string) from my first mom, and I still LOVE him and play with him a lot. I have some store bought toys but mostly I like to find the interesting ones that humans drop on the floor. Pen caps, and hair ties, and that kind of thing. My favorite-favorite toy is Red Dot, but we are waiting to get a new one, so I will definitely let the humans know I want to play with it All The time when it gets here. Seriously. All. The. Time.

Do I Have Siblings?: Well, originally, yes, biologically, but I don’t remember a lot about them. I am an only kitty right now, though I will probably get siblings when we move to a bigger apartmment someday.

Do I snore? No.

Do I Like Car Rides?: I love them! They are the best! Can we go on one now? I better have a Very Good View out the window, though, or I will complain Very Loudly until I do. Not kidding.

Am I an Indoor Cat, Outdoor Cat, or Both?: Indoor, 100%. I tried outdoor once, and it was not that great. I mean, I did get my paw stamped so I can go back, but that was really only to be polite to the possum. He was pretty cool. Seriously, inside is best.

Anything Else?: IDK, you ask me.


Typing With Wet Paws: Apparantly *Not* Summer Vacation Edition

Tails up, Storm Troopers! I’m Storm, you’re awesome, and this is Typing With Wet Paws. Aunt Anna informed me that taking a month off is not, in fact, the traditional way to celebrate the one year anniversary of coming back from my unchaperoned field trip. I beg to differ, but she congtrols the cat food, and whether I get to sleep on the people bed, so I’m back. TO be clear, I was in the apartment the whole time. I am a 100% indoor girl now that our camping days seem to be over, and I think I am adpting rather well.

greatest hits picrure from this time last year

Some of my favorite hangout places are the window in Aunt LInda’s room, the window over Uncle Rheuben’s desk, and wherever Aunt Anna happens to be at any given time. My first mom warned her that I would foollow her everywhere, and I had an awesome first mom. Let’s just say that Aunt Anna will never die of loneliness while using the people litterbox. You’re welcome.

Actually, it’s been a full week, with Aunt Anna’s brain throwing slumberless parties for most of the nights> Hencer the erratic posting schedule. It will all sort out in time, especially because I am one hundred percent here for doing my weighted blanket duties, aka being an additional weighted blanket and making sure she stays in place. Not that staying in bed is the only thing, but it helps. Also, that does put me in front of the box fan, so I get to be close to my favorite people and feel the breeze in my fur. Keeping Aunt Anna in one place at night also helps her work toward her reading goals. Theoretically, it would also help her with her Netflix/Hulu to be viewed list. Theoretically.

gorgeous from this angle,too

Moving right along, because Aunt Anna needs to head out and go grocery hunting, and I have to keep an eye on Uncle Rheuben, so let’s go with some random bits of trivia about me:

  • I like chicken, but turkey gives me icky tummy
  • I frequently join Aunt Anna in her You Tube viewing, by settling on her hip. Yes, I do complain if I don’t have a good view.
  • On a related note, if one human shows another something on their tablet, they have to show me too. It’s only polite.
  • The humans agreed I was going to be the cat who eats on a set schedule, and I do; mine. Families eat at the same time. AKA, if the humans are having food, they need to put something in my dish as well. Usually cat food.
  • While I am curious about everything, “not for kitties” is enough to tell me to get my face out of whatever the interesting thing might be
  • I love belly rubs, but only from Aunt Anna

For those who are wondering, no, I don’t miss being outside. Outside is BIG and hot in the summer, and NO BELLY RUBS. In short, horrible. I mean, I met some cool possums and the feral cat colony around where I had my adventure was one where everybody was fixed. I didn’t get in any fights, I didn’t get pregnant, and I was only gone for foru days. The aunts came around and fed me every morning and night until they could convince me to let them get close, so I know I had it a lot easier than a lot of outdoor kitties. That being said, I have zero desire to repeat the experience. Indoors is awesome, it is safe, and all of my humans are super good to me.

I get to sproing around the apartment all day with a happy tail. I have two office chairs to curl up in (Uncle Rheuben has a desk chair, but it is not technically an office chair; I curl up on that, too.) I have two litterboes and two water bowls and I get to eat every time the humans do (plus snacks.) I also have fun toys, which I can play with alllll night long. That’s pretty exciting. Same as me.

That’s going to be it for now, but I do owe Aunt Anna a new blog post, so when you least expect it, expect it.


yeah, I probably could use some editing on this pic

Typing With Wet Paws: Freestyle Edition

Tails up ,Storm Troopers. I’m Storm, you’re awesome, and this is Typing With Wet Paws. Aunt Anna is kind of busy right now, so I’m going to freestyle it this week.

Me, on a bag in a box

First of all, take a look at my sweet summer digs. I have my footlocker box, with a paper bag inside it. That’s pretty luxe from cat standards. I get a nice breeze from the bos fan, I can see both Aunt Anna and Uncle Rheuben from there, and of course I can see my dishes from here, too, in case anything is happening there.

Next thing is that we had an invader on Wednesday. Okay, Uncle Rheuben said the invader was Mr. Kurt, who is the proprety manager and was only here to fix the bathroom. The tub had stopped and wasn’t draining at all (don’t worry, I have zero interest in investigating that kind of thing) and the toilet wouldn’t quite flushing. Ever. I didn’t investigate that either. Anyway, Aunt Anna was out, writing at Panera, when Mr. Kurt came by to fix things. I don’t know exactly what all Mr. Kurt did, but the whole bathroom works now. I was under the big bed. Never can be too sure about this kind of thing.

Aunt Anna is hoping to get a bunch of reading done this weekend, because she is killing it when it comes to the Goodreads Reading Challenge. Right now, She’s still kind of wrangling her library haul, and the video is still planned, but it’s been a week. Aunt Linda had her car in the shop twice, once for the windshield wipers, and then today for the windshield.

Last night, we had a false alarm. Uncle Rheuben was working last night, and I thought I heard him coming home, so I went to the door, all excited. Unfortunately, I was wrong. It was our neighbors. They only live here on some weekends. I think they are in a different city most of the time. They have dogs, but I have never met them, even though I asked. I have heard them, though. They bark a lot. I guess they didn’t get the memo that we live here now. I mean, the people probably know, but never can tell with the dogs. There is a dog downstairs next door, too. Her name is Ada. She was a puppy when we first moved in, so she is almost grown up now. She’s still wiggly, though. I watch her (and other dogs) from the window sometimes. There are a lot of these dogs in this neighbornood.

That’s probably about it for this week. We’re all doing well here. Aunt Anna is writing. I help her read when I flop down next to her and she can use her other hand to rub my stomach. Speaking of which, I think I’m going to go see if she’s amenable to that option, because I for sure am.