All About Anna

Anna Carrasco Bowling

AnnashelfiePolaroidThe Blabbery Bio Version:

Anna Carrasco Bowling stole her first historical romance novel from her mother’s nightstand, at the far too tender age of eleven. Within the first few pages, she knew she had found what she wanted to read and write for the rest of her life. So far, so good. Anna is currently doing the happily ever after thing with her Real Life Romance Hero, in New York’s Capitol Region, where she is a hospitality co-chair of Capitol Region Romance Writers. She is usually wearing at least one piece of jewelry with a skull on it, and can be easily bribed with tea, notebooks, or fountain pens. Do not interrupt her during first run episodes of The Walking Dead.

The standard writer bio version:

Anna Carrasco Bowling made the full commitment to her true writing love, historical romance, after over a decade spent among Klingons, Immortals and Newcomers.  A member of Romance Writers of America,  and Capital Region Romance Writers, Anna lives with her family in Upstate NY, where she spends her days plotting world domination…okay,romance novels. 

In the past, Anna has been a nanny, certified ear piercer, retail worker and assistant manager,  family caregiver and catsitter. She is much better suited to writing. When not writing, Anna enjoys mixed media art, notebooks of all sorts, and the Sims 4. Anna was a regular contributor at Heroes and Heartbreakers , blogs now at Buried Under Romance, and her own blog, Typing With Wet Nails, all places where she loves to blabber about romance novels and tell people who kissed who on TV. She has also contributed to sites such as and the Unusual Historicals blog. Anna invites readers to connect with her on Facebook and follow her on Twitter and Instagram.



Skye O’Malley Hart-Bowling (the kitty, not the book)

 Originally born wild in Massachusetts, Skye, a Maine Coon mix, is now happy to be a pet and live with her family in New York. Her uncle, Real Life Romance Hero, is her favorite, and she loves him the most. She loves sunbeams, fish videos, and food. She does not like closed doors or being picked up, but head scritches are good.  She blogs every Friday, under Typing With Wet Claws, and is a frequent star of her Anty’s Instagram.


5 thoughts on “All About Anna

  1. Hiya Anna! What a delight to have met u at Michele Barker’s recent gathering… I’m looking forward to spending more time at your site… Charming, it is! I love your energy and thank u for the conversation about all your writer-tools! Best- Bernadette DH

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