Shifting Out of Neutral

The main point I am taking from the first half of this week is that winging even a couple of days without a written plan does not work for me. Hence this being the first blog of the week. I do not have the spoons to figure out what WordPress’s beef is with me and pictures, so we will be using stock images today.

Photo by Liza Summer on

Very sluggish start this morning, which led to extra morning pages to figure it all out, which led to thinking of planners and a back and forth with my own brain about whether it was too late to even bother and maybe the whole week was um, useless. Obviously not, but throwing together a quick spread for the rest of the week, in the mini dashboard layout Happy Planner I will now be carrying for everyday use, made things feel anchored enough to actually shift out of neutral and get things done. I need the structure, and that is that.

Such blabber is maybe something to save for AnnaLog, which most assuredly needs more videos, so onward we go. As one may be able to guess, this is one of those blabbery posts so that I can check it off my list and move on along to getting current on a workshop on reclaiming dreams and desires. Rather on the nose with that one, but let’s face it, getting back to somewhat of a supposedly normal life after over a year of trauma is…new territory.

This past weekend, I gave my Play In Your Own Sandbox, Keep All The Toys workshop to a small but enthusiastic group at Capitol Region RWA chapter. This is my home chapter and I love them, so not only did I gegt to see some familiar faces, but with my snazzy new laptop, there were no problems with connectdions and audio and all of that good stuff. I’ll be talking more about that later, either here or on a free post on Patreon, once I get all of that stuff sorted.

Today is all about laying groundwork for the rest of the week. Not only things like washing dishes and putting away laundry, though those are indeed important, and not only “write xyz” on this day, but making sure I take time to take in media and other stimuli that will fill my creative well with what I want to draw from it. That’s not slacking off. That’s making sure I have tools I need to do the job that I am here to do.

This workshop is asking some tough questions. As my BFF said, a few days back, “Anna, meet Anna.” I think this is probably something a bunch of us are going through (with your own name there instead of mine) and there may be a learning curve in getting back to a normal that may be a different normal than one would expect.

Melva and I talked about that a lot during our last Zoom conference. There’s a lot of thinking involved, and, in my case, a lot of blabbering to myself on paper, semi zoning out while playing Sims (current laptop game is Sims 4, only lightly modded, very light on custom content, soooo…a French Vanilla game rather than plain vanilla?) and even time of sitting on the floor with paper and pens and various items of organizational alchemy.

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Flying into the mist, some call it, and there are times when I think this is all I talk about here anymore. Then again, it’s what’s happening so it’s at the very least true. That’s also about what I’ve got for today, because I have homework and am burning daylight. Maybe this was meant to be the rambly post, and the next one will be more coherent. At least that’s the plan.

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