Lessons From Misprinted Pages

Yesterday, Real Life Romance Hero and I had a snow day. This seemed like the perfect time to fully move into my reading tracker notebook, which involved printing several different sets of inserts for calendars, book tracking, book reviews, etc. I’m interested in taking a closer look, this year, at what and how I read. What sorts of tropes I gravitate toward (or avoid) keep a running TBR organized by genre, etc. In short, typical Anna stuff.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com
(aka Not Me, but actually not too far off)

I spent the morning learning my new printer, so that I would minimize my number of double sided ages where one side gets printed upside down (my nemesis) and made sure I had the right amount of the right paper in the tray so I wouldn’t have to deal with annoying beeps and other printer requests. I printed a year’s worth of three different inserts, then commandeered the kitchen table with slicer tool, hole punch, scissors, and other paraphernalia. Cut first set of inserts.

Wait. Something is…off. Huh. Double check, did I print the right files? Yes, I did. So, why do they look different than the same file that I printed over a year ago, before life went blooey? Put the new pages side by side with the old pages, and then it hit me. I had printed them at “fit to page,” rather than “actual size.”

:face palm:


: bad words:

:deep breath:

:punch the whole year of monthly pages for full letter, stick them in cover that will fit them:

:put everything away, retreat to bed with kitty and book:

I am still salty about this, as it wasn’t cheap copy paper, but some respectably nicer stuff, and quite a bit of it, and mot of it, apart from the monthly grids, unique to the reading notebook. Even the monthly pages look a little off at full letter size, since they weren’t meant to be printed that way, and look kind of like they’ve been pulled out of shape. That is not entirely inappropriate, since they are now in my historical romance notebook, and I have felt pulled out of shape myself, which the notebook is there to fix.

I will re-print the inserts in the next day or two, and t his time, I will definitely pay attention to which box I click regarding size of the printed image. If I play my cards right, it might even be the same day the special filler paper I ordered (because yes, when it comes to reading, I am always going to need more paper to hold my blabberings) which will make the next round of planning all that more rewarding. Will there still be some surprises ahead of me? Experience tells me yes.

Experience also tells me this is probably going to happen with the actual writing, as well. not only the printing of the actual pages (I love doing that for the editing phase) but for how the books go together in general. Sometimes, starting over after a lot of work has already been done is annoying and frustrating, and other times, it’s more like “huh, well, this solved that other problem” even if it didn’t take care of what it was supposed to do in the first place, but hey, that’s one thing off the list and on with the show. At least that’s the plan.


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