February Planner Lineup

Happy February, my liebchens. We made it to February. For those of us in the planner community, a new month is a big thing when it comes to setting up the month’s planning. AKA, admire my handiwork, all you who view it. For me, there’s something about setting up the whole look of my planner pages that makes the whole endeavor fun instead of a chore. Add in the extra challenge this year of finding my planning groove as I go, and we get a chance to learn about the creative process as well as getting all (or at least most) of my squirrels at the same rave. Let’s take a look.

Forgot to take photo of classic spread. We’ll get to that later.
a new player enters the arena

Okay, this planner has a story (don’t they all?) I’ve been eyeing the Recollections ringed systems from Michaels, and especially this gorgeous berry colored personal sized version. When they went on clearance, it became more tempting. When it got marked down to under three dollars, it came home. Then came the question: to de-ring or not to de-ring?

decisions, decisions

When I first got into planning, I was ring bound, all the way. Was very snobby about discs, until I got two disc planners for my birthday in the same year. Then it was a hard flip, and pfft on rings (though I still have ring binders I love) I’ve seen tons of tutorials on how to de-ring one of these babies, so I can slip my beloved disc bound planner into the cover (though I might have to trim it a bit, and I am squicky about that) or…or…I could leave the rings in and try rings again, especially as I was already planning on DIY-ing most of my mini/personal size inserts until I hit June, and the summer releases come out with more options.

well, it came with graph paper already…

Thanks to my impressive organizational skills, I knew exactly where monthly dividers from my favorite ring bound planner were, and found blank weekly pages from same, et voila, we have a system. I’m still happy with my skinny mini HP for everyday use, but all is not lost. I love having a mental health tracker, but the journaling portion, ehhhhh. Solution. Turn ring binder into mental health journal, stick the tracker in the back pocket, decorate the front pockets as desired, and we are back in business.

Even though I did commit to giving the mini vertical layout a decent try, and that my Happy Planner mini has a gorgeous shade of pink as the dominant color for February, mini vertical and me are…nah. I’m a little sad about this, but I can recycle the dividers and even the pages for other uses. One of those definitely does include writing, as I love using recycled vertical layout pages for plotting, so these pages can still have new life in the future. That’s good, because I have two of those planners to deal with now, as the social media planner also fell through the cracks. They have both been replaced by:

Anna tested, Storm approved
Eight year old me is super pumped about the Wonder Woman insert
Skinny mini HP everyday carry

I’m actually semi apprehensive about carrying this slimmed down version in my purse. It’s super portable, but where’s the room to write when I want to get some idea soup down? Do I want a different notebook in a different format for that? Take out half the pages and replace with note pages? I’m not sure, and I do like having this format on hand by my desk. Next thing to try will be DIY-ing some weekly pages into a Happy Notes (or DIY’d version) and carrying that. Either way, this is staying.

Pretty solid base, IMO, and allows me to turn my attention to the writing notebooks, which are a whole other adventure. What planners are you using this month?


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