Typing With Wet Paws: Results are on the Way Edition

Tails up, Storm Troopers! I’m Storm, you’re awesome, and this is Typing With Wet Paws. Here in the United State, the humans are all waiting for the results of the elections. I am watching to see which of the boxes that the humans keep bringing into the house are staying and which are only visiting.l It is very exciting.

Another of my Gotcha Day presents, which was really a Christmas present from my Cousin Kristen (Aunt Linda’s brother’s daughter) but we did not have an apartment then has now been installed, and it is a second litterbox. It’s domed, with a lid to give me privacy and has a vent for fragrance relief, as my humans put it. I am not sure what to make of the too many bowls that are on my food mat at the moment, but a bunch of bowls came out of storage, so the humans have to figure out where to put them. Pictures to follow when they sort that all out. In the meantime, I am doing a lot of this:

No place like home

As you can tell, I am very much in favor of the flannel sheets and the new bed, and my current favorite other bed is the upside down lap desk that is between Aunt Anna’s side of the bed and her temporary computer desk. That way, I can be near her no matter what she is doing. Lately, that involves a lot of writing longhand and being on the computer stuff. That is all pretty good.

Today, Aunt Anna is kind of sleepy because of some medication (don’t worry, she is fine) so this will be sort of a fly by blog. I am needed to cuddle with her and purr as she reads in bed. We will probably both get some sleep. Uncle Rheuben went to school for politics stuff, so he is watching the election things closely> Aunt Anna went to the same school, but she studied how to teach people kittens, decided that wasn’t for her, so now she writes stuff. Which is looking pretty good these days.

On Wednesday, she and Aunt Melva had a Messenger call. Since everybody else was home, Aunt Anna took the call into the bathroom. She forgot that she is not allowed in the bathroom without me, so I yelled and scratched at the door until she let me in to join her. You’d think she would have learned by now. She’s pretty smart in other things, like picking out my gushy food. The call went really well, and they hashed out an actual wedding scene. Big surprise, romance writers love coming up with wedding stuff.

Also, I was in heat (I am getting my big girl operation soon, though) but I’m over that now. Boys are dumb. I like mousie toys.

We are also coming up on the time when Aunt Anna has to start making plans for the holiday season, as we aren’t that far from Thanksgiving. Uncle Rheuben wants to go out, but the aunts aren’t sure what all will be open on a holiday, and may try to convinvce him to go to Our Bodega (it is across the street from where they lived when Skye was kitty here, so I have never been there; I assume it has a real name) and get what they call bodega burgers, but still make the side dishes at home and finish with pumpkin pie. Christmas will probably be Chinese food if at all possible. I would like the tuna, please. This will be my first proper holiday season with these guys, and only my probably third overall (math is not my strong suit, but I’m young) so who can tell what can happen between now and then? Looking good, though. Just like me.


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