Summer Planning Part the First

Welp, it’s that time of year again, when last year’s eighteen month planner is about to be over, and this planner enthusiast comes to the inevitable question, what’s next? This is already both exciting and frustrating during the best of times, but throw in 2020? Yeah. First world problems, for sure, but in stress times, planning is my happy place, for writing and family life alike. Add to that the fact that we are still vagabonding, and that adds a level of difficulty…and the need for planning in the first place.

18 month Happy Planner mini

Last year, I flitted around from traveler’s notebooks of various sizes to ring bound planners of various sizes, was snotty about Happy Planner, because plastic discs. Then I got two Happy Planners for my birthday, and the snottiness (in that aspect) dissipated. I really do like this size, this format, and I even came to find my own comfy zone in the horizontal format. The only thing I didn’t find was a 2020 18 month planner to replace it.

This is easily remedied, because a) I have alternatives, b) I know how to make my own, and c)trying new things can be fun. So can dusting off old stuff that I can’t stop thinking about. As a subscriber to several Instagram accounts dedicated to planning, inspiration is a daily resource, and this time of year, my brain is tuned to blush pink. Which describes this A5 size planner from Carpe Diem.

A5 six ring binder, Carpe Diem

This is probably my favorite ring bound planner, because of the color, and I like the way it feels in my hand, plus the rings inside are gold, not silver, though I usually like silver better. This way, though? Love it.

Insert repurposing?

Okay, this needs some explaining. The pages you see here are actually from inserts in a different planner (Agenda 52?) that were already outdated when I bought it, but I didn’t want to let them go to waste because pink, and with only a little bit of correction tape, a little washi (the month is not listed because I know what month it is, and may change inserts for July, anyway) boom, back in business. Which is what I am going to need for wrangling the three ring circus that is family and writing and day to day chaos.

The page finder is actually back to back paint chips from Home Depot. They’re the right size, the right shape, easily hole-punched (I have not yet tried with punching for any disc bound systems, but I will try that in the future.) and cuts down on waste, so win. If I like the way my planner looks, if it feels like me, I am more likely to look forward to using is, and stick to what I write in there. I don’t know yet if I am going to switch to the A5 for my everyday carry, since it is larger than the HP mini, but being back in the binder that made me go all heart-eyes the first time I saw it feels right. Other sections are set up to be a reading tracker and some…sort…of…writing…tracker (more on that later) and there are a couple of different types of art paper in another section, just in case.

Happy Planner/Notes gang

Ever since October, I’d been in my same classic Happy Planner, which was bright, fun, empowering women illustrations, and I love it. I also accidentally packed it and now have no idea where it is. This gives me a chance to try a different theme and layout, plus the discs in the Glam Girl classic are metal (lavender metal, super pretty) and it’s makeup themed, and I think we will get along together rather well. The other two are Happy Notes notebooks, though the one with the leaves is actually the cover to a Homebody mini planner, though I swapped its cover for the Homebody Happy Notes cover. So, planner cover outside, notes pages inside. That’s for morning pages, and some writing notes.

Lined vertical layout? Do I like this?

Not sure what I think about that green bit up at the top, but I will figure it out. I like the color scheme, and if I count down three lines from the green part, I can neatly divide this layout into my preferred vertical. Vertical pages are also good for plotting, which is going to come in very handy as I put up the framework for the next few projects. I do a lot better with a roadmap (I will plan anything, seriously) if I want to get from where I am to where I want to be going.

Speaking of which, off to adult for a while, and then I come back to play with my imaginary friends (aka write) and then I am allowed to Sim. Stay tuned for part two later this week. Much writerly planning stuff will ensue.

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