Summer Planning, Part the Second

All rightyroo, time for the part two of my summer planning lineup, drifting into the world of notebooks. Let’s take a look at the lineup we’re dealing with here.

does anybody see a theme here?

Back to front, we have a mini Happy Notes, mini Happy Notes journaling notebook, and micro Happy Notes, which has gone through a lot of incarnations and will probably have a few more before I figure out how it’s best suited for me.

nothing says commitment like a new notebook

This notebook is technically from the wedding collection, but I’m using it to write romance, so that’s actually appropriate. I am a longhand first type of writer, and this size, 4.5 x 7 inches, hits the sweet spot for the story stuff that falls out of my brain and onto the page. It lays flat, fits in my purse, and I love the feel of the paper.

Since we’ve been vagabonding, I have fallen, hard, off the bullet journal train, and as with anything else, the longer away, the longer the road back. Still, as I’m herding cats to get my stuff back together, I do better with structure, so back to bujo it is. When I saw a Happy Planner set up for bujo users, I had to give it a try. Still figuring that out, but take a look at the first thing I made in it, my TV tracker. (TV being Nexflix, Hulu, etc)

these viewing choices may say something about me

The boxes were preprinted on the pages, which went a long way into helping me figure out what I wanted to do with them. I will probably let the other boxes on other pages lead me. Not all the pages have boxes on them, so we will see what I do with those.

work in progress

Mu latest plan for the micro size is that I may use the first section of it (I made the dividers myself, as well as the pirate-y page finder) is to use them for my daily plans, as my current mini planner ends at the end of this month. This is as far as I have got to date. Right now, the only thing I do with those pages is make a plain bullet list, which is functional, but not me, so the quest continues. I do have another micro notebook, that I use as a Sims journal, where I need to take pages in and out on a regular basis, as I use it for rotational play.

Phew. This will probably be it for the notebook/planner show and tell for this month, but as a dear aunt often said, never say never. We’ll move on along to what goes inside the notebooks, namely writing and notes on reading, because writing in these notebooks about what I’m reading and writing brings up some interesting patterns, and is a big help in crystalizing what I want to be doing with my writing life. We’ll get to that later.


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