Typing With Wet Paws: Perfect Storm Edition

Hi! I’m Storm. What are your names? I am new here. My mom is on a top secret mission (I think she is a super hero) to help some very important people, so I am going to stay with these guys. So far, I am calling them aunts and uncle, but we will see how things develop. If you have been following Aunt Anna on Facebook or Instagram, then you have probably seen pictures of me. If you want to make sure you don’t miss any of those pictures, follow the hashtag #calicolovestorm on Instagram. There are only a few pictures up there now, but I have only been here for about a week. Give everybody some time.

The search for a new location for Stately Bowling Manor is, hopefully, drawing to a close. Aunt Anna will have more information on that later, but for now, let’s focus on me. I am a beautiful calico girl, about two years old, but I might still have some growing to do. My legs are super long. When we had to be in the car for a while, I rode in Uncle’s lap, in my carrier, and I yelled a lot. The humans got very concerned, until they realized I wasn’t scared. I was mad. The view stunk. I wanted to be held up so I could see out the window.

Anyway, we are all still getting acquainted. Sebastian said something about me taking over the Friday blogs. Then he rolled over and snored. I guess this is what he means. Aunt Anna still has some numbers to crunch before she can update her Goodreads challenge, and she has been busy with moving things for the last couple of weeks, but there is a lot of fun stuff coming very soon at Buried Under Romance.

On the writing front, I will be assuming mews duties. So far, this largely consists of me batting the pen out of Aunt Anna’s hand when she writes longhand. I am also super good at lying next to her and purring (I have a loud, rumbly motor under all this sleekness) when she needs to think about stories, or read stories somebody else already wrote. I can also help her watch TV shows on her tablet, but with fair warning. My mom showed me a computer game where I can smack a virtual mouse, so I kind of do that when there are other things on the screen, too, hoping the mouse will appear. Aunt Linda was not too thrilled when I did that yesterday, when she was playing a game that did not have any mice in it. Sorry not sorry.

Since things are headed n a back to normal direction these days, I will leave it to Aunt Anna to mention the chance to meet her and Aunt Melva in person. All I will say for now is that if you are in or near Western MA on the morning of October 26th, and like it when authors talk about books, there will be something super special coming your way. Aunt Anna is looking forward to putting down roots and getting back into the normal swing of things. I, of course, will be su-purr-vising (cat pun, couldn’t resist) it all. I’m a mews now. That’s what I do.


4 thoughts on “Typing With Wet Paws: Perfect Storm Edition

  1. Hi Pretty Storm, I’m your Auntie Kara. Your cousins Domino, Gimli, Babboo, Purrsephone, Harmony, and Bijoux all say hello! Also Squeakers, Patches, Smudge, Hutch, Rossi, Loki, Big Ed, Big Al, Diva, Oliver, Seymour, and Josie & the Pussycats say hello as well.

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