Typing With Wet Claws: The other side of the notebook story

Hello. Skye here, for another Feline Friday.

Skye O'Malley, the kitty, not the book.

Classic picture because camera batteries are down. No cats are implicated in this explanation.

This week, I would like to address the matter of the notebook. Anty has talked a lot about how I peed on her story notebook. It is true. I did do that. I have special paws, and that means I do not use a litterbox like most other cats. I go on the floor. This is all right with my people because I make sure to let them know when I am going to go and I like to go in the same place.

That place is the Chair of Evil. How do I know the chair is evil? That is a very good question. It is green. It is really really, really old. It rocks back and forth. Chairs are not supposed to move on their own like that. It has  cushion and a couple of teddy bears on it. The teddy bears are not evil, but I do know Anty does not like the cushion. Anyway, the Chair of Evil needs to be in the right place so that I can pee on it and this time…this one time…it was not. I do have an auxiliary pee spot in case the Chair of Evil is in an unacceptable configuration.

Anty never leaves her notebooks on the floor. Not ever. That was a first. I really had to go, no humans were up, it smelled like Anty, and, well, it happened. I am not proud of this. In my own defense, Anty always alters her notebooks, so I did not think she would mind if I gave it a try myself. In retrospect, urine has never been one of her mediums. I admit I might have wanted to take that into consideration before I did what I did, but I am a kitty. That has to have some weight in the matter.

She was not pleased when she saw the notebook there, in the middle of an admittedly large puddle, and she was very fast in getting the pee pads down on both floor and notebook. She sprayed a lot of Febreeze on the notebook,  (I mean a lot. Uncle and I both think the humans need to buy another bottle to make up with how much she used) and she says that got some of the smell out, but she is still going to try an old librarian’s trick that involves putting the notebook in a Ziploc bag with some baking soda for a week. Personally, I think it smells amazing exactly the way it is, but it is not my notebook (though she says it may be, now, if she can’t get the smell out.) Besides, aren’t first drafts supposed to stink?

"My" notebook is the black one with the white writing in the lower corner.  No other notebooks were harmed.

“My” notebook is the black one with the white writing that says “tomorrow” in the lower corner.
No other notebooks were harmed.

I will be back next week to let you know how the baking soda trick worked. Anty says I owe her a new notebook if that trick does not work.

Very truly yours,
Skye O’Malley Hart-Bowling
(the kitty, not the book)


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