Typing With Wet Claws: Conference 2017 Edition

Hello, all. Skye here, for another Feline Friday. This week there is some degree of time travel going on with this blog. Because today is the first day of the conference, and Anty will be leaving the apartment very early so that she can meet Anty Melva in MA and then go to the conference together, and Anty has several writing things that need attention before then (also packing, because she, as of this writing, had not done that yet) this post is actually coming to you from…get ready for this…yesterday. Whoa. I know. I am not sure how Anty managed that, but anybody who can get a cat to blog for her, and manipulate time, has to be pretty smart.

First, as usual, Anty was at Buried Under Romance this week, and not as usual, she invited readers to play a game with her, instead of a regular post. Because there were some issues with the interwebs, not everybody got to see it or have a chance to play, but because Miss Ezrah is a warrior queen webmistress, now you can. It is here, and the link on the main page looks like this:


Since this is conference week, I am going to give Anty some grace and not mention that she is now even behinder in the Goodreads reading challenge.  Okay, not how much behinder, but still. Anty. Read books. Between ouchy back and post-conference exhaustion, I think she may have some time to read when she gets back from the conference. I would give her partial credit for bingeing on the whole season of Thirteen Reasons Why, but that was the TV show, not the book, so it does not count. Anty, I love you, but you need to step up the reading game. Big time.

Sometimes, when Anty is watching TV, she is actually working. That happened this week, when she got to write a timeline of the Rick and Michonne romance in The Walking Dead. I like Rick and Michonne. She likes cat statues, so I think she would like real kitties, too. Rick got her a new cat statue when she did not have her old one anymore. Maybe he would also like real kitties. That post is here, and it looks like this:


Anty likes writing this kind of timeline post, and that is a good thing, because, when she comes back from the conference, she gets to write another one, about humans on a different show. That is pretty exciting.  She also has the okay to write another post, about the books of an author she likes very, very much, and needs to finish reading one more book, so that she will have read all the books that author wrote under that name. :clears throat: Anty, do the right thing.

Well, writing has to come first, because Anty cannot sell or publish books that she has not written. That is kind of important. She has been up late at the computer the last few nights, and her back has some things to say about that, but the Beach Ball is bouncing its way to the finish line, which makes both Anty and Anty Melva very happy. Hopefully, it will make some lucky editor and/or agent very happy, as well.

With all the writing Anty has been doing, and Uncle learning, the hard way, that he was wrong about the expiration date on those sausages (he will be okay, do not worry.) things have been a little crazy around here. Landlord came by a couple of days ago, and replaced lightbulbs in almost all of the overhead fixtures. Guess which bulbs did not get replaced. If you guessed Anty’s office, you were right. Uncle and Mama both claim they did not know Anty needed new lightbulbs, but here is a clue: at nighttime, it is dark. This is okay for me, because I am a kitty, and I have built-in night vision goggles (they are pretty cool) but Anty has a bedside lamp on the desk of her hutch, which is okay for only the computer screen and desk surface, but those are not the only things Anty uses in her office. Landlord or Handyman will take care of that fixture when one of them comes over to put in the new kitchen light. I suspect Anty may want to clean things once those lights get installed. Maybe she will finally see how ugly the carpet is and want to get rid of it. A cat can dream.

Because it is conference week, Anty has something special for everybody who comes to her workshop, or is interested in blogging, but attending a different workshop (like Miss Alyssa’s) or cannot attend the conference. Miss Rhonda has made a PDF of the Power Point presentation they and Miss Corrina will use. Click on the link below, and it can be yours. You can even read it at home in your pajamas, if you are into that kind of thing.


That is about it for this week. If you are going to the conference, feel free to say hi to Anty when you see her. If you are reading this blog, then it is no big surprise that Anty loves to talk about writing and romance novels. Also notebooks and pens and tea and gummi bears and TV shows and makeup and um, yeah. Until next time, I remain very truly yours,





Typing With Wet Claws: Digging Out Edition

Hello, all. Skye here, for another Feline Friday. Today, you get a greatest hits picture of me (but with a new frame) because Anty does not feel like getting on the floor to get a good new picture. As some of you know, we live in New York, which got a lot of snow this week. I mean a lot. Like three mes high. Even for someone like Anty, who loves snow, that is more than a bit much. She has an ouchy back from all that shoveling, to clear our sidewalk and help get Mama’s car out of the way when it was on the wrong side of the street. Mama thanked Anty by sharing her stomach bug, which does not look at all fun. Good thing she has me to take care of her.

Before I can talk about anything else, I have to talk about Anty’s writing, and, this week, there are a few things to cover, so let’s get to it. First, as always, Anty was at Buried Under Romance on Saturday, where she talked about spring fancies. I will give you a hint; she does not mean only thing one likes in spring, but things that one likes in any romance novel. That post is here and it looks like this:


Anty did do some reading this week, and even managed to write a review, of Judith Ivory’s Beast. You can read that review here, and her reading challenge page now looks like this:



This week, I am also able to share where people have been talking about Anty, which is very exciting. First, Anty SueAnn read one of Anty’s books, Never Too Late, which looks like this:


and liked it very much, so she did a very nice thing and wrote a review, which is here. Anty SueAnn is pretty good at this kind of thing, which is no surprise, because she is a writer, too.

The big thing that made Anty very happy this week was from the NECRWA conference, where Anty will be co-presenting “Blogging Isn’t Dead: How To Write Non-Fiction That Can Help Your Career.” It is only a couple of weeks away, now, which means it is very, very close. Imagine Anty’s surprise when she saw an ad for the conference early this week, and it was all about her. That has never happened before. Maybe that is because Anty has never spoken (as in officially; she talks a lot, all the time) at a conference before. That picture is on Facebook here, and it looks like this:


Okay, I think that is everything about where Anty is on the web this week (besides here, that is.) Now I can talk about other things, like the storm. Even though Anty loves snow, this was too much. The night of the big snow, I wanted to be near Anty, but she has that carpet that I hate, so I sat right outside her door and we had a conversation pretty much all night, that went like this:

Me: :Chirple:

Anty: I love you, baby.

Me: :Chirple:

Anty: I know, you don’t like the wind.

Me: :Chirple:

Anty:  I know, big storms are scary for little kitties.

And so on. Anty says I would be closest to her if I would let her pick me up, but I do not like to be picked up. I was born wild, so I missed that whole cuddling class most kittens who are born pets get, so they know cuddling is a good thing. I prefer to be near. Sometimes, really near. If Anty sits on the stool (or really, any of my humans) in the kitchen, I will sneak up and sit on her feet. Usually she does not notice me, so it is a big surprise for both of us when she moves, and a stripey ball of fuzz (that would be me) races out of the room. Then I come right back, because I like to be near her. That is what a good mews does.

Right now, Anty’s back is happiest when she is lying down, so that means I will be near her recliner or her bed today. I am sure she will feel better very soon, but she does not like this “rest” thing. It feels like wasting time, when she would rather be writing. Maybe she can use some of her time to get current on that reading challenge. I think that would be productive, and she can do it from recliner or bed. Either way, I will be there for her, sending out love beams, and, if she feels like feeding a kitty, I will make that easy for her, because I am one, and I am right there.

I think that is about it for now, so, until next time, I remain very truly yours,




Typing With Wet Claws: Urrrrgh Edition

Hello, all. Skye here, for another Feline Friday. This Feline Friday is a little bit different, because it is one of those days. Anty did not get a lot of sleep last night, so she is extra grumpy today, which is not helping the fact that this is an urrrrghy day overall. Not that she is wearing overalls. Those are not her kind of thing. They are not my kind of thing, either, because I am a kitty and am covered in fur, so I do not need clothing/ I am very, very fluffy. But this part of the post is not about me.

Normally, this is the place where I would put Anty’s latest post at Buried Under Romance, but I cannot do that this week, because the site was hacked. That is not a happy thing. I guess somebody really does not like romance novels. I do not understand why. They make Anty, and many other writers and readers, very happy. Miss Ezrah, who is the webmistress at Buried Under Romance, is working very very hard to make sure the hackers are defeated and Anty, and all the other people on that site, can post again as soon as possible. In the meantime, here is the page where you can read all of Anty’s Saturday Discussion posts so far: http://www.buriedunderromance.com/author/annab and the top of the page should look like this:



Please note that the picture on this screenshot is of Grumpy Cat. I did not plan it that way, although I am always happy to further the career of other cats in social media, but that is not the big thing I am here to talk about today. The big new is that it is now official, that Anty will be co-presenting the Blogging Isn’t Dead workshop, along with Corrina Lawson and Rhonda Lane, at this year’s Let Your Imagination Take Flight conference. That will be April 7th and 8th, in Burlington, MA. If you are there, Anty would love to say hello. Miss Corrina and Miss Rhonda are very nice, too, and Anty is happy to be working with them. The official roster of programs and presenters looks like this:


If you would like more information, such as how to register, so that you can go to the conference, and hear Anty, Miss Corrina, and Miss Rhonda talk about blogging in person, then you can find that information here: http://necrwa.org/blog1/conference/

Even though I write pretty much one third of Anty’s blog posts (at least at this site) for her, I will not be attending the conference, because I am a kitty, and kitties like to stay at home. I would like it if Anty stayed at home, too, so that she could feed me, but I have Uncle for that. He gives me big dinners, so that is not a hardship. I am sure Anty will give me the chance to impart some of my wisdom. At these conferences, people have come up to her and told her they like my blog. Those people have very good taste. Maybe Anty will hunt down a new paw print rubber stamp (we had one in the old country, but it got lost in the move) so that I can give autographs. My actual paws are staying at home, because they are part of me, so any such autographs would be symbolic. Maybe Anty could draw a paw print. She has been known to do that on greeting cards.

Anyway, that is the good writing news for this week. Other than that, this has been an urrrghy week. Anty is glad that she did not try to do NaNo this year, as she would be a nervous wreck by now (which is to say, more than usual) because word counts and domestic tornadoes do not generally mix well. Anty is not worried. There is a calm after every storm, and if there is one thing she has learned from al the urrrghy experiences, it is that the writing will be there. With all the notebooks Anty has going, I do not doubt that at all. Sometimes, the writing takes a little longer, and that is okay, as long as it still gets done, and Anty will make sure that it does.

This has been a day that helps Anty see how important conflict is in writing. She wanted to be well rested for all she had to do today, but she did not get a lot of sleep. Okay, Laundromat time is good for resting (but not sleep) and reading and quiet time, but even though Anty was early, it was not quiet or peaceful. Okay, she would nap when she got home. Well, that was the plan, but we also have a sleep-deprived Uncle at home, and Uncle likes to walk around a lot when he is at home. Since we have old floors, this is noisy. Anty went off to get Uncle’s pills from the pharmacy, but there was a complication there. She fixed that, then wanted to get a calm lunch at Panera, where she could write, but she forgot one important thing It is across the street from a major hospital, and it was lunch hour. Anty had to wait a long time for a table, and then it did not have an outlet for her computer. Also, the Diet Pepsi dispenser was empty and she had to settle for caffeine free. Anty could use some caffeine. Really, a lot of it. She would have ordered tea, but the sign on the hot water dispenser said it was filled at 6AM. Not helpful after noon.

All of these things are annoying, but if everything went according to plan, it would not be an interesting story of how Anty found some space to write, after all. She even has plans to Skype (still miffed that has nothing to do with Skye pee) with Miss Vicki, before diving into the afternoon errands. That all sounds very tiring, but Anty will get through it, because it is best for everyone involved if Anty makes sure she gets at least some writing time even with all the aggravation. Non-writing Anty is super cranky Anty, and nobody wants that.

That is about it for this week, so, until next time, I remain very truly yours,

i1035 FW1.1

Until next week…


Skye O’Malley Hart-Bowling
(the kitty, not the book)



Typing With Wet Claws: Sensitive Topics Edition

Hello, all. Skye here, for another Feline Friday. This has not been the most comfortable week around here, on more than one level, but that is okay. Anty said I can tell you all about it, so I will.

First, the weather was not good for anybody. None of the humans like hot weather, and neither do I, because I have a full length fur coat. It is built in, so I wear it all the time. On the other paw, I do have full time bare feet (and four of them) so it balances out. Anyway, this whole week up until today was very hot and very humid, so everybody was cranky. The sun was also very bright. Yesterday, Anty tried to go for a walk to the coffee house so she could write, but it was too bright, so she had to come back home for a little while. That meant she got to spend more time with me. That made it better. Okay, it made it better for me. She fed me.

Uncle has started taking pictures of the places I flop when it is too hot. He puts some of them on Facebook so that Anty can see where I flop when she is not at home. The humans have started calling me Speedbump  when I flop in the hallway. It is not my fault. The linoleum is cool, there are no windows, and it is nice and dark there. Frankly, I do not understand why the humans do not flop there when the weather is that oppressive.

Sometimes, Anty puts ice cubes in my water bowls (I have two of them) but I do not lick them, like she says other cats do. I look at them funny and wait for them to melt. I have water bowls, not ice bowls. Anty is silly. I think the sun and heat have got to her brain. That is not good, because she needs her brain for writing.

This week, Anty had her first article published on XOJane.com. That is a website for humans to read about a lot of different things, from clothes and makeup to relationships and interesting things that happen to humans. That is where Anty came in. This next part may be hard for some readers, so it is okay if you do not want to read much further or click on the link.

Before Anty’s papa went to Rainbow Bridge, he was very sick, and he could not do everything that he wanted to do when he was healthy. That meant that other people had to help him, while he was sic and after he went to Rainbow Bridge.  Anty wrote about that in her article. It is here and it looks like this:

Not for gentle readers

Not for gentle readers

Most people who commented on the article said kind things, that they were sad Anty had to go through that, or that they were going through a similar experience. Some said that this helped them make some choices or talk to people they loved about making things easier. Those comments made Anty happy. One person, and probably other people, who did not comment, had a different opinion.

That person ( and probably others who did not comment) thought that Anty should not have written this article, and that she should not have used her real name when she did. Anty can see where that person is coming from, and she did put a lot of thought into what to write and whether she should use her name or not. Anty’s intent was to help other people going through something similar. Sensitive topics like this are not pleasant, but they are part of life.

Anty finds the whole spectrum of life very interesting, and she likes to have that in her fiction as well as her personal experiences. Uncomfortable parts of life are still part of life. Take me, for example. I was born in the wild, so I did not learn how to cuddle or play. Some bad things happened to me before the shelter people rescued me (I got hit by a car, and shelter people took me to the vet) and Mama and Anty found me and brought me home. I was very scared and did not know how to be a pet, but Mama, Anty and Uncle were gentle and patient with me. Now I am a pet. I have a happy tail. I love to play with crumpled Post-Its. I get treat in my purple bowl, and I get to take naps in sunbeams. Everything turned out pretty good, but I did not know that would be the case before I got rescued. It is still part of who I am, and I cannot change it.

It is like that with Anty’s characters. They make mistakes, and they have been through some things that are not entirely happy or nice, but they still get to find somebody who loves them and get a forever home by the end of the book. No matter how hard the road may be to a happily ever after in a romance novel (and it can get pretty hard in Anty’s) it always ends in a good place. I think that is a very good thing. If we are going through difficult times, that means we are in the middle of the story.

Speaking of the middle of the story, Anty needs the computer back because it is writing time, so that is about it for this week. Until next time, I remain very truly yours,

Skye O’Malley Hart-Bowling
(the kitty, not the book)

Until next week...

Until next week…

Feline Friday: New Developments Edition

Hello, all. Skye here, for another installment of Typing With Wet Claws. It is still very loud and noisy outside our house, because the city humans are putting in a new sidewalk. I am not sure what a sidewalk is, because I am an indoor kitty, but the humans tell me they need it so that they can walk. In that case, getting a new one is probably a good idea.

Anty has been busy this week. She had a new post on Heroes and Heartbreakers, about her favorite YA book boyfriends (these boyfriends only live in books; Uncle has nothing to worry about.) It is here and it looks like this:


I notice there are no boy cats on this list.

See, I have been learning things, too. Now I know where pictures go on the new laptop. Anty said I should mention that it got infected again, but she fixed it like a boss without even getting a little upset. I am very proud of her for that. Computer things make her nervous most of the time, but this time, she did not even have to ask Uncle for help. She did it all herself and went right back to writing.

Speaking of writing, Anty has some writing news. This week, she sold her first article to XOJane.com. Her article is not about romance fiction, but she had a good time writing it anyway, and is happy that other people will be able to read it. There will be pictures, too. She said I can tell people when it goes live. It is not there yet, so you will have to wait a little while to see it, but Anty hopes you will read it when it is time. She likes this website very much and hopes to write more things for them in the future. She did not say if any of those things would be about cats. More information will be on the Coming Soon page, which will be coming soon.

Anty has also added a special hashtag on Instagram, so that people can follow me. All of my pictures will now have the hashtag #SkyeOMalleyCat, so that is where you should look if you want to see me on your feed every day. Anty already feeds me every day, so I do not know what the internet has to do with it, but anything that involves feeding and me has to be good.

Now that it is August, the days are getting cooler and shorter and there are notebooks and pens on sale everywhere. This makes Anty very happy. For one thing, she can write in her office again. That does not make me as happy as it makes her, because I do not go inside her office. I am not sure about the carpet in there. Anty thinks if she leaves the door open, I might get brave and try coming inside. That is a good idea, because I am her mews and need to be close by, but she does not take into account that whole carpet thing. It is different from the carpet in her and Uncle’s bedroom. I sit outside the door, even when it is open, and look pitiful. That usually makes her come out and feed me, to make up for the trauma of separation.

Another thing that makes Anty very happy is learning things that make her work easier. Knowing how to fix the computer last week made her work a lot easier (and mine as well, because otherwise, I would have had to follow her while she paced the whole apartment until Uncle could fix the computer for her, and my paws would get tired.) Learning to use Scrivener has made her work easier, because she does not always write in order and can move scenes around so that everything makes sense. Having to get an old camera memory card out of the old printer was not very easy, but it did allow her to get the photographs she needed (of her father’s old house) for the article, so that is what she did.

Humans who do not write sometimes think that writing is easy. All the writer has to do is make up stories in their heads and there they go. That is not the truth. Well, it sort of is, but that is not the only thing the job entails. The stories have to be finished, and they have to make sense. Every writer works differently. Anty has a critique partner who needs to work on only one thing at a time. Anty needs to work on more than one thing at a time, or she will not get anything done. That is not good for anybody. Some writers like to track their progress by how many words they have written. That makes Anty freeze, so she does not do that. She works on scenes.

Right now, she is trying something new and not counting chapters, either. She is telling the story and then will divide into chapters later. That is making her feel more confident and makes writing more fun. She is also thinking of new ideas for articles about things she has experienced, and about human grooming. Anty really likes things like clothes, makeup, hair, nails and jewelry and is learning how to write about those things as well. The more things Anty has to do, the more things she will get done. If she has only one thing, she will get bored. That does not apply to kitties. I am her only  kitty right now, and she is not bored with me, as you can tell by the pictures she puts on Instagram. In case you need to remember, all my pictures will have #SkyeOMalleyCat on them, so you do not have to miss any.

That is about it for now. Anty says she needs the computer back so that she can work on Her Last First Kiss and her Buried Under Romance post for tomorrow. Until next week, I remain very truly yours,

Until next week...

Until next week…

Skye O’Malley Hart-Bowling
(the kitty, not the book)

PS: (#SkyeOMalleyCat)

Typing With Wet Claws: Overscheduled Edition

Hello, all. Skye here, for another Feline Friday.

First of all, thank you to those who  come back every week to read my blog. That is very encouraging to a kitty, and to Anty as well.

This has been a busy week for Anty, so if she has not gotten back to anybody, it is not personal. She has been on the glowy box a lot. I wanted to put a picture of Anty’s planning board up here, but she said it was not okay, because her notes were readable and she is not done with the book yet. Sorry.  Instead, I can share a picture of her box of Post-It notes that she uses for planning. The best part about her using Post-its on her planning board is that I get to play with her mistakes.

Anty and I both love to play with these...

Anty and I both love to play with these…

Anty really really likes planning and making lists, so she does not mind that much.  She asked me not to talk about the time she tried to get up from the computer and forgot she had her headphones on and it yanked her back down like a dog at the end of its leash. Whoops. Sorry. Can that be our secret?

What is not a secret is that Anty got to write about two of her favorite TV relationships (ohhh, that’s where the ships come in. I get it now. Humans are clever.)

She got to write about Sleepy Hollow here, and it looks like this:

Then she got to write about The Mindy Project here, and it looks like this:


I think both shows need more cats. Or any cats. I would also accept birds, mice and fish. Sleepy Hollow has a horse sometimes, but that is not the same. I do not know any horses, so it kind of freaks me out. Anty would say everything freaks me out, and she is right about that. I still think there should be more cats.

Tomorrow, tomorrow...

Tomorrow, tomorrow…

Tomorrow, Anty goes to CR-RWA to present her workshop, On Beyond Fanfic. She is excited and nervous, especially since our printer says it is jammed, but both Anty and Mama say it is not jammed and there is not any paper in it. Anty and Mama will see if the big paper store can help them get those papers printed. I call dibs on playing with any mistakes from that. Somebody will have to tear the big papers into smaller papers, though, because I am scared of big papers. I like them bite-sized.

Speaking of bite-sized,  (Anty calls that a transition; see, I am learning) Anty only minutes ago sent in her contribution to the 31 Days & 31 Ways to Jumpstart Your Life program. Do you want to know how making something out of nothing can help to make life better? Anty, Eryka and friends can help with that, and it does not cost anything. Even I like that price (money better spent on cat food, right?) You can read more about this program and find out how you can join here. If you do, let Anty (or me) know, because she would love to see some friendly virtual faces.

only for that one counter, really

only for that one counter, really

Now, for those who asked about this sign, Anty asked the barista, a very nice human named Rachel, and Rachel said the sign only means for that one counter. It is meant to be a waiting area for humans who are ordering their food and drinks to go. If other humans park there with laptops, that takes up that space. There are lots of other comfy spaces to settle. She did not say anything about Anty sitting there with a notebook, so Anty guesses that is still okay. The sign does not say “no notebooks.” Anty would not go to a place that said “no notebooks.”  Trust me, I know  her.

That about covers it for this week. Anty still has her post for Buried Under Romance to write and some pictures to take, so I have to give the computer back. Until next week, I remain, very truly yours,

Skye O’Malley Hart-Bowling
(the kitty, not the book)

Until next week...

Until next week…