Typing With Wet Paws: All About That Storm

Tails up, Sorm Troopers! lI’m Storm, you’re awesome, and this is Typing With Wet Paws. It’s very cloudy here in NY’s capitol region, which is good weather for Aunt Anna. She was in such a good mood today that she said I couldd write about anything I wanted, so, of course, I am going to talk about me.

Picture above by Uncle Rheuben. Used because Aunt Anna said so. Also, he said okay.

Anyway, Aunt Anna is in a few cat groups on FB, and sometimes they do fun posts telling people important information about members’ cats. Aunt Anna did one or maybe more of these about me a while babck, but did she save them for the benfit of my fans who are not in those groups? No, she did not. I still love her anyway, so I wiill make my own version. I may not get all the questions or add some of my own, but hey, I’m a cat. That’s what we do.

Legal Name: Storm Bacon Truss O’Malley Hart-Bowling. I was already Storm when Aunt Anna and those guys got me, but I was really young when I got that name, so I don’t remember why. Maybe the super hero? Is Marvel’s Storm a super hero? I bet she is. She has a cool name. Bacon is becaue Aunt Anna promised a friend that she would name her next cat Bacon, after a random cat in her Sims game (game-generated cat) and she did. Truss is my first mom’s last name, and Aunt Anna remind me my first mom loves me very much and did an awesome job raising me. O’Malley is inherited from Big Sister Skye, and because all girl cats in this family are O’Malley from here on out. Hart is because of Aunt Linda, and Bowling because of Aunt Anna and Uncle Rheuben.

My nicknames are: Needles McGee; The Calico Comet. The first one is because my claws are really really sharp (son’t ask how they found out about that, but it was an accident) and the second because I am queen of midnight parkour. Aka I am super fast.

My Age is: Three-ish. The iish is because they thought I was two when they got me, but that didn’t match with my behavior and how I seemed to be getting bigger, so I was probably yunger than that but we are not sure how much. My first mom said I came from “a house with a LOT of cats,” so it’s possible I got mixed up with a different litter.

My Best Friend Is: Aunt Anna! I was understandably wary of my new situation when I first came to these guys, but after a coulple of days of watching from the safety of my adventure cave, I came out, plastered myself to Aunt Anna while she was sleeping and went on from there, We are tight. I am her buddy. I never let her go to the people litterbox alone, I want to be where she is, and do what she’s doing whenever possible. If she is writing longhand or journaling, I am there to help. Sometimes that involces sitting on her pages or stealing her pens, but it’s all part of the deal.

My Best Sleep Spot is: Also Aunt Anna. Specifically on her hip if she is on her side, or her midsection if she is on her back. That is a way to say “I love you” in cat, and also the best way for me to see what she is watching on her tablet screen. Best friends watch TV together, right?

My Favorite Human Food is: People tuna. One of my best treats is for Uncle Rheuben and I to share a can of people tuna (but in separate dishes.) My first mom said I can also have plain people chicken, but prople turkey is no bueno for my tummys, so I don’t get that. I am pretty happy with cat foo, and I know that “not for kitties,” means don’t even think about eating whatever people food it is that I am considering.

My Breed is: Calicoooooo! Okay that is a fur color, not a breed, so I would say American Shorthair, but some people don’t think that’s a breed weither, so IDK, regular cat?

My Favorite Thing to Do is: Hang with Aunt Anna. Don’t care what she’s doing. Cuddles are good, as are belly rubs, and I already talked about watching TV. Oh, and playing with toys. I have OG Mousie (mouse on a string) from my first mom, and I still LOVE him and play with him a lot. I have some store bought toys but mostly I like to find the interesting ones that humans drop on the floor. Pen caps, and hair ties, and that kind of thing. My favorite-favorite toy is Red Dot, but we are waiting to get a new one, so I will definitely let the humans know I want to play with it All The time when it gets here. Seriously. All. The. Time.

Do I Have Siblings?: Well, originally, yes, biologically, but I don’t remember a lot about them. I am an only kitty right now, though I will probably get siblings when we move to a bigger apartmment someday.

Do I snore? No.

Do I Like Car Rides?: I love them! They are the best! Can we go on one now? I better have a Very Good View out the window, though, or I will complain Very Loudly until I do. Not kidding.

Am I an Indoor Cat, Outdoor Cat, or Both?: Indoor, 100%. I tried outdoor once, and it was not that great. I mean, I did get my paw stamped so I can go back, but that was really only to be polite to the possum. He was pretty cool. Seriously, inside is best.

Anything Else?: IDK, you ask me.


Mid-August Recalibration

Welp, we are now officially past the halfway mark for August. Shelves are stocked with back to school supplies, which is pure heaven for us stationery aficionados. The fact that loving stationery and being a writer are not mutually exclusive makes this an especially delightful time of year. Well, ecept for the heat. It’s been brutal here in NY for the last while, and temperatures that are in the range of “do not kill the heat-sensitive” are extremely welcome.

August has not been the best month for productivity. Insomnia has been raging, with seven sleepless nights out of the first fourteen. My local RWA chapter voted this week to dissolve. That hit me hard. Harder, even than I would expect. It’s not entirely gone-gone, as there will be some sort of non-affiliated group, though not under the auspices of Romance Writers of America. I’m not sure what the future of the national organization will be, and that’s another big sad. I’m not even over the loss of Romantic Times magazine (the OG RT, not the RT Book Reviews it was at the end.) The thought that the organization that was The Thing back when I was but a wee princess could be floundering into nothingness sticks. A lot.

Melva and I also recieved news about our current submission that was less than we had expected. That doesn’t at all mean that nothing will happen with Drama King. On the contrary, we are meeting tonight to discuss our options. Whatever we choose, I am sure it will make Jack and Kelly’s book an even beteter one. I won’t say more until we have had a chance to talk between ourselves, but we are writers, and writers write.

Photo by lilartsy on Pexels.com

The same applies to historical romance. The best way to feel connected to it is to, well, connect with it. Read lots, and of the sort I want to produce, and then proceed to write horrible first drafts. Then turn those into slightly better second drafts.

There is still the part of me who set up a TV tray in my dad’s living room, propped an electronic typewirter (yes, that long ago) popping the soundtrack from Camelot on his hi-fi, and confidently pounding my way through a set number of pages, because that’s what one of my favorite writers of historical romance did. Easy peasy.

Only not. Part of me wants to stamp my foot and grumble about being here again, not exactly at the start of the road, but boy does it feel like it at times. There is only one way around that, and that’s to wite. Keep writing. Then write some more. Then more than that. Write pages that are steaming piles of poo, because piles of poo can be shaped, but blank pages can’t. For the extroverted writers like moiself, (yes, I know that’s not a word) staring, hands on hips, at the place where my RWA chapter used to be (well, on Zoom now) and tapping foot, this means going back out there into the wilds of other writerdom. Critique group/partner applications are now open. Must love historical romance, grit over fluff, and have a taste for the epic. I’m serious. Talking and thinking happen at the same time with this gal, and talking with other writers of historical romance is now a priority. We will see how that goes.

Well, then. This is the pat of the post where I sum things up in some sort of order and/or sense, but I have to be honest; I am thinking about how many episodes of The Walking Dead I can get in before conference time. I am about three episodes from the end of Season Ten. After that, I can go back to where I left off with Fear The Walking Dead, which isn’t the same, but close enough to scratch the itch. Maybe I can call it research for the post-plague medieval world of A Heart Most Errant. Yeah, we’lll go with that.

A Short Summer’s Nap

Right now, I am camped in the corner of Housemate’s room, in her office chair, with her fan pointed directly at my legs. I am minutes off a three hour plus video chat with one of my besties, our topics ranging from family to historical versimilitude versus entertainment (not mutually exclusive,) makeup (including me demonstrating product on the back of my hand and holding it up to the camera) and our version of a revival of The Nanny. I have a Jamaican beef patty (nom!) and a cold beverage, and Real Life Romance Hero is taking a well deserved nap in our room. I can head bak in there now that I am done with the chattering magpie convention, as he terms these weekly chats.

The day is beastly hot, though our own beast, Storm, is keeping cool in her “house” (akagiant cardboard box with new bubble mailer bed) and has an extra bottle of water. I have been up once again for the past two days (ugh) so a nap would be very much welcome. I also have library books, some journaling, and season ten of The Walking Dead to keep me company if sleep eludes me once again. Yes, a show about a zombie uprising is my comfort viewing. Read into that as you will.

There is a strong possibility I may perk somewhat after sundown. Whether or not this is proof I am a vampire remains to be seen. I do have long dark hair and an affinity for long black dresses, and my favorite ring is shaped like a skeleton hand. Then again, I do like garlic bread.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

My original plan for this post was to talk about the icky angry/sad mood I was in this morning. Tough chanes are happening for some people I love, changes are pending for an organization I have drawn a lot from in my writing career, and there is the up and down (this time down) of submitting manuscripts. I don’t summer at all well, I’m tired, and sometimes taking a dang nap can ge the most productive thing I could possibly do. The fact that it would be in front of the big fan makes it even better.

By now, I am well aware that I am babbling, but at least “write blog” can now get crossed ovff my list, and if I want to be salty about bumps in the road, that’s normal and natural. For a hot Wednesday in August, one might even say par for the course. In the words of my FIL, “well, what are you going to do?” For now, dismantle temporary desk and put laptop back in bedroom, then attempt to settle down fofr a short summer’s nap. No point this time, only blabber. How’s your day going?

Typing With Wet Paws: Apparantly *Not* Summer Vacation Edition

Tails up, Storm Troopers! I’m Storm, you’re awesome, and this is Typing With Wet Paws. Aunt Anna informed me that taking a month off is not, in fact, the traditional way to celebrate the one year anniversary of coming back from my unchaperoned field trip. I beg to differ, but she congtrols the cat food, and whether I get to sleep on the people bed, so I’m back. TO be clear, I was in the apartment the whole time. I am a 100% indoor girl now that our camping days seem to be over, and I think I am adpting rather well.

greatest hits picrure from this time last year

Some of my favorite hangout places are the window in Aunt LInda’s room, the window over Uncle Rheuben’s desk, and wherever Aunt Anna happens to be at any given time. My first mom warned her that I would foollow her everywhere, and I had an awesome first mom. Let’s just say that Aunt Anna will never die of loneliness while using the people litterbox. You’re welcome.

Actually, it’s been a full week, with Aunt Anna’s brain throwing slumberless parties for most of the nights> Hencer the erratic posting schedule. It will all sort out in time, especially because I am one hundred percent here for doing my weighted blanket duties, aka being an additional weighted blanket and making sure she stays in place. Not that staying in bed is the only thing, but it helps. Also, that does put me in front of the box fan, so I get to be close to my favorite people and feel the breeze in my fur. Keeping Aunt Anna in one place at night also helps her work toward her reading goals. Theoretically, it would also help her with her Netflix/Hulu to be viewed list. Theoretically.

gorgeous from this angle,too

Moving right along, because Aunt Anna needs to head out and go grocery hunting, and I have to keep an eye on Uncle Rheuben, so let’s go with some random bits of trivia about me:

  • I like chicken, but turkey gives me icky tummy
  • I frequently join Aunt Anna in her You Tube viewing, by settling on her hip. Yes, I do complain if I don’t have a good view.
  • On a related note, if one human shows another something on their tablet, they have to show me too. It’s only polite.
  • The humans agreed I was going to be the cat who eats on a set schedule, and I do; mine. Families eat at the same time. AKA, if the humans are having food, they need to put something in my dish as well. Usually cat food.
  • While I am curious about everything, “not for kitties” is enough to tell me to get my face out of whatever the interesting thing might be
  • I love belly rubs, but only from Aunt Anna

For those who are wondering, no, I don’t miss being outside. Outside is BIG and hot in the summer, and NO BELLY RUBS. In short, horrible. I mean, I met some cool possums and the feral cat colony around where I had my adventure was one where everybody was fixed. I didn’t get in any fights, I didn’t get pregnant, and I was only gone for foru days. The aunts came around and fed me every morning and night until they could convince me to let them get close, so I know I had it a lot easier than a lot of outdoor kitties. That being said, I have zero desire to repeat the experience. Indoors is awesome, it is safe, and all of my humans are super good to me.

I get to sproing around the apartment all day with a happy tail. I have two office chairs to curl up in (Uncle Rheuben has a desk chair, but it is not technically an office chair; I curl up on that, too.) I have two litterboes and two water bowls and I get to eat every time the humans do (plus snacks.) I also have fun toys, which I can play with alllll night long. That’s pretty exciting. Same as me.

That’s going to be it for now, but I do owe Aunt Anna a new blog post, so when you least expect it, expect it.


yeah, I probably could use some editing on this pic

Funny Things Happen When I Don’t Sleep for Two Days

Hopefully, this blog will be one of them. Insomnia is an interesting thing. Body says “soooo tired,” and then brain says “haha, nope.” When one needs ones brain to create things, that’s when things get weird. Hi, my name is Anna, and I have been awake for over 48 hours.

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

That was not intentional. It just happens sometimes. This time, it happened on a day when I had meant to do a bunch of the “heavy lifting” writing. Obviously, that is going to change. I am not going to have the house to myself until at least Thursday. Thankfully, I have anifty ofiice setup (mostly) in an unused corner of the bedroom, kitty-corner to Real Life Romance Hero’s setup, so if we are both having office time, neither one of us can see the other, and if we have our headphones on, we don’t hear each other, either. If I want to print something, I need to turn around to make sure he isn’t taking a nap.

One of my tasks for today is to finish setting up my planners. Catchall planner is all ready to go, but the planner I actuallycarry needs some love. I am excited to be in August.

1 year and 2 weeks post Storm’s wild adventure

Speaking of which, I have had a Talk with Soem abou taking a summer break from her blogging duties two days in a row. She says she was observing the anniversary of last year’s unchaperoned field trip. We have agreed she owes me a blog entry at a date to be determined later, as well as being on time this week.

The thing that I hate the most about adulting with insomnia (and creating with insomnia) is when all the brain things are all jumbled. What helps me most is making lists and taking notes. Okay, that is two things. They are related, though, so I think I’m okay here. This is one place where being a stationery enthusiast comes in handy. I can Do All The Stuff, but maybe at a slower pace today and one bullet point at a time.

When I jumped back into vlogging, one of the things I wanted to do was VEDA, or Video Every Day in August. I Love the idea, and it should be a great way to get consistent with posting, and getting used to vlogging but it also requires a whole lot more planning than I am able to give it right now. Maybe I’ll try for VEDO (is that a thing?) in October.

For now, the focus has to be on writing, and for today, that means roughing out a scene in Queen of Hearts and then taking a fluffing nap (Storm will no doubt join me, making this a cat nap with an actual cat) so I can have somewhat of a clearer mind when I meet with Melva this evening and we fly into the mist of the next chapter.

How’s your Monday?

Insert Title Here (yeah, she’s loopy today)

Surprise Thursday blog. I know, I’m as perplexed as you are, but I am writing this from my new office chair (pink leather; Housemate and I put it together last night, and are still friends.) with the laptop stand holding the keyboard and screen at an angle and eight that are much easier on my eyeballs, hands, and back. I made my cursor and mouse pointer HUGE and bright pink, which means I can spot them without a search party. I have been cruising through the to do list today, gettnig the office as is set up for optimal use, and it feels…good.

This is perhaps my favorite part of writing. Spoiler alert, I am going to say that about many different aspects of the craft. You have been warned. I have Big Pink, my beloved traveler’s notebook, back in use, her first insert almost filled. It’s got notes on where Melva and I need to be on the same page for me to write my next Queen of Hearts scene, wher to pick up with the A Heart Most Errant edits, and how to haul myself over the stile of the eternal buffering of Her Last Firt Kiss. A lot of those notes lead to “talk it out on paper or to a person” which may actually be my favorite part. I have an assignment of fat least coming up with some bullet points to talk through with Melva about HLFK, as she knows me, she knows the book, and I can send links to any historical stuff she might want to know better.

As of right now I do not have a critique group, and I am feeling the lack. Finding the right critique arrangement (or brainstorming) is a tricky endeavor, much like dating, only this time, a point by poit critique of intimate moves is actually a good thing. Go figure. Fictionally, that is.

Photo by Angela Roma on Pexels.com

In some ways, I have been here before. In some ways, I havve been here forever. Not going to lie, there are many times when I want to kick myself and utter something along the lines of “stop buffering!” Which is not that easy.

Though I have no interest in the Olympics, I am mad about Simone Biles, wondering if Simon Biles would have faced the same load of bullpucky. I love the idea of a female athlete, especially one so young, earning GOAT status (Greatest Of All Time) and I really do hope there are a bunch of little Simones in kindergarten classes five years from now. I am cheering for her choosing the difficult path of putting her mental and physical health first. Big cost? Oh yes. Heroine inspiration? For sure.

I’m sitting here looking at the time, and it’s after five PM already? Weird. Not that I mind, because that means reading time. Family will begin trickling in anytime now. The last two days were family days, which means not writing days, because my office right now is a corner of the bedroom if Real Life Romance Hero is not sleeping, and noves to the kitchen table if he is. People walking behind me while I am trying to write is a big NO. So, the time is for other things. Also for giving the family enough Anna that they won’t mind alittle space when I need to be playing with my imaginary friends and doing the clickekty keys thing.

That’s probably enough for today. Definitely babbling, so time to rein things in and segue into the evening. Still not watching any streaming shows, but very happy to dive into my library hoard.

How is your week going?

Investments and Options in the Writing Life

Last week, Housemate confirmed that my desktop, or at least its monitor, had gone to the great AV room in the sky. Laptop is working perfectly, and we are keeping our eyes peeled for Black Friday deals. Not going to lie; gaming will indeed be a consideration, but the old desktop served me well, and having a new machine to take on the next phase of my writing career is not only welcome, but smart.

Photo by Startup Stock Photos on Pexels.com

Sometime today, I should be able to trade in the state of the art laptop stand I have been using for the past while (empty Amazon box) for an actual laptop stand that will hold the screen at the angle that is best for me. Tomorrow should see the delivery of my own office chair, pink and comfy and full of back support. No more hunching and squinting, which I am fairly certain is going to ramp my productibity by quite a bit. I am also shopping for a document holder, as I compose longhand and then transcribe, and we have already addressed how I feel about hunching and squinting.

I have not tried speech to text software yet, but it is on the list of things to investigate. More tools in the toolbox, more tools I can use. I would probably still start out composing on paper, but reading that into a computer so it could do the typing? I don’t hate that idea, not at all.

There’s also the old school option of getting another human to do the typing for me. I actually like this option a lot. Is that from being an extrovert? Maybe so. I can barter with a friend, or I can hire someone, likely a college student, as we have several universities in the immediate area. Before my hypercritical gremlins start whispering about a typist stealing my work, uh, no. This is why contracts exist, and any typist I don’t already know personally, would be thouroughly vetted first. Again, college town, and references are a thing.

Since we are here at the end of July, August is right around the corner, and before we know it, we will be in pre-fall. Not fall as in the opposite of rise, but fall as in autumn. That’s when my super powers activate, and productivity rises.

For today, this blog is the low-hanging fruit, and then I turn my attentions to Queen of Hearts. After that, it’s make a plan to tackle the remaining A Heart Most Errant edits and make them happen. That’s where I will leave this entry for today, because I can’t wait to get down to business.

What’s on tap for your week?

R.I.P. Desktop

Right now, I have the house to myself. Real Life Romance Hero and Housemate are both off at work. Storm has found a hidey-hole (work being done outside nearby.) I am pumped full of motivation from a two and a half hour video chat with one of my besties, and fueled by a particularly tasty sandwich. My posterior is planted firmly in Housemate’s office chair because my lower back has declared, rather loudly, that it absolutely requires that we either retrieve my comfy existing chair from the storage unit, or obtain a new one; Preferably pink.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Lzast night, Housemate helped me determine that Ye Olde Desktoppe, or possibly its monitor, has gone to the great AV rioom in the sky. If it’s only the monitor, that’s probably the better option of the two, because then I wil still be able to access my existant edition of Scrivener, not to mention my Sims 2 and 3 installations. If it’s the CPU, which it well may be, then it means time to shop for an all in one (is that what the kids are calling it these days?) Either way, I still have my spiffy rose gold laptop, so it doesn’t affect writing plans.

Since the desktop is now out of commission, I can use its foldng desk for the laptop, instead of the kitchen table. I have no shortage at all of notebooks and pens, which is also a good thing. I am also shopping for a laptop stand, to hold the screen at an angle my wonky eyeballs can actually see. That will be greatly appreciated. For a long time, I operated on the assumption that the challenges posed by a visual impairment meant I would have to work that much harder, if I want to prove that I really want “it.”

“It,” in this case being the only job I have wanted since I was eleven years old, reading my first ever historical romance novel under the brass bed in my parents’ guest bedroom. Not that far removed from the times when I thought the only genres I was allowed to write in were hard science fiction and mystery, neither of which interested me in the slightest, and as one might guess, I fugtured out that was a complete lie, because, well,

not historical romance, but about historical romance, so I count it

I have been reading a paper book before bed the last few nights, and I have slept a lot better than usual. This is definitely going into the mental health tracker as something I want to keep on doing, to keep on going. Books to write, blogs to plan that aren’t random stream of concsiouness blabber (unless you’re into that; if so, you have come to the right place) and videos focusing on the amazing richness of the historical romance genre, from the original Avon Ladies (and a man named Jennifer) to remind me why I got into this stuff in the first place.

It’s a quiet afternoon now, the work done early. I think I may have heard Storm crunching some dry food in the other room. Housemate will be out later than usual, as she is Laundry Person. The up side of that is that A) she will return with clean clothing for eceryone, and B) I get time and room to spread out, no distractions (but the lovely day and the breeze coming through the window, and did I mention we are basically across the street from a park?) and I feel…confident. Also a little sad.

Why sad? The desktop. I bought this desktop myself with money earned writing for the monies, aka articles for the Heroes and Heartbreakers Blog, a gig I will always treasure. I learned a lot from the years I spent there, read some amazing books, watched a bunch of TV that I would have watched anyway, and some that I never would have watched on my own, and got to recommend a bunch of my facvorite romances along the way. It was a lot of fun and I would one hundred percent to be part of another such venture in the future. Most of that happened on Ye Olde Desketoppe. Same with myfalling in love with the Sims. YOLP was not may first computer with Sims on it, but it had w, 3, and 4 in place, with a bunch of custom content for all three. My laptop has 4 only, so the others will have to wait until the next desktop arrives. I think I can last until then, because I do have other things to do.

Like this. Hang out, talk romance novels and stationery. Write romance novels. Use stationery, often to write romance novels. Which is what I will be doing as soon as I send this post off into the world. What are you up to this fine day?

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Typing With Wet Paws: Freestyle Edition

Tails up ,Storm Troopers. I’m Storm, you’re awesome, and this is Typing With Wet Paws. Aunt Anna is kind of busy right now, so I’m going to freestyle it this week.

Me, on a bag in a box

First of all, take a look at my sweet summer digs. I have my footlocker box, with a paper bag inside it. That’s pretty luxe from cat standards. I get a nice breeze from the bos fan, I can see both Aunt Anna and Uncle Rheuben from there, and of course I can see my dishes from here, too, in case anything is happening there.

Next thing is that we had an invader on Wednesday. Okay, Uncle Rheuben said the invader was Mr. Kurt, who is the proprety manager and was only here to fix the bathroom. The tub had stopped and wasn’t draining at all (don’t worry, I have zero interest in investigating that kind of thing) and the toilet wouldn’t quite flushing. Ever. I didn’t investigate that either. Anyway, Aunt Anna was out, writing at Panera, when Mr. Kurt came by to fix things. I don’t know exactly what all Mr. Kurt did, but the whole bathroom works now. I was under the big bed. Never can be too sure about this kind of thing.

Aunt Anna is hoping to get a bunch of reading done this weekend, because she is killing it when it comes to the Goodreads Reading Challenge. Right now, She’s still kind of wrangling her library haul, and the video is still planned, but it’s been a week. Aunt Linda had her car in the shop twice, once for the windshield wipers, and then today for the windshield.

Last night, we had a false alarm. Uncle Rheuben was working last night, and I thought I heard him coming home, so I went to the door, all excited. Unfortunately, I was wrong. It was our neighbors. They only live here on some weekends. I think they are in a different city most of the time. They have dogs, but I have never met them, even though I asked. I have heard them, though. They bark a lot. I guess they didn’t get the memo that we live here now. I mean, the people probably know, but never can tell with the dogs. There is a dog downstairs next door, too. Her name is Ada. She was a puppy when we first moved in, so she is almost grown up now. She’s still wiggly, though. I watch her (and other dogs) from the window sometimes. There are a lot of these dogs in this neighbornood.

That’s probably about it for this week. We’re all doing well here. Aunt Anna is writing. I help her read when I flop down next to her and she can use her other hand to rub my stomach. Speaking of which, I think I’m going to go see if she’s amenable to that option, because I for sure am.



Against The Current

This is one of those multipurpose titles (hopefully; it’s at least my intent) where one group of words can stand for multiple meanings. It’s been a weird week. Sunday was ugh. A fun Monday outing with Housemate got derailed before it could get started, when her just-“fixed” windshield wipers stopped working while we were driving, in the rain. Yeah. Not fun. Cue another round of Housemate wrangling the car fixer people. We did manage to salvage part of the day but at the cost of most of our collected energy. Crossed wires on the now-weekly video chat with one of my besties, on Tuesday, but we had a great chat, only a little later than usual. Sometime in there, basically our entire bathroom stopped working. Toilet went on perma-flush, and bathtub clogged

Real Life Romance Hero definitely proved why he gets that title, as he shooed me off to Panera so I could chill while he did domestic warrior king duty, dealt with bathroom fixer person, and I could get some work done in peace and quiet. If you thik you sense an incoming “but,” you are right. If you didn’t know, I have a visual impairment, so reading menu boards behind a counter is a big nope. Thankfully, most food selling places these days also have their menus online, which means if I’m on my own, it takes but the click of a button to read the menu. This only really works if I actually put my tablet in my tote. Cue frantic patting around contents of purse. Planner, traveler’s notebook, makeup pouch, annnnd that’s it. Oh crud. Ended up asking counter person to tell me what the three kinds of bagels left by that time were, which sorted out well. I ended up writing ten pages in my traveler’s notebook, and maybe sorted out my wrong turn at Albequerque in Her Last First Kiss. That will be helpful if theory translates to practice.

Speaking of translating, I have a whole scene from Queen of Hearts to transcribe and send off to my contemporary writign partner, I very much want to do this, but when insomnia medication gets confused to the difference begtween AM and PM, we get sleeeeepy summer days, which really, brain? We’re doing this now? Really?

Also throw in guilty looks at the TBR books, annnnd the video I’ve been meaning to film for mmm, two weeks now? Yeah. There’s that. Not an insurmountable thingamaboodle by any measure. Calling back to Anne Lamott and Bird by Bird. In Anna Dreamspeak, wash one dish. This blog is my dish. If I end up transcribing one page at a time, that’s okay. Still gets done, and one page is one page more than didn’t even try. For the reading thing, pick up one book. Read one chapter. That still counts.

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Which brings me to another meaning of against the current. A bunch of the library books I borrowed are new releases, because well, one should (if you’re a longtime reader of mine, you know where I am going here) be reading. Well, no. Could read, yes. If one wants to. What I am excited about, as my guided journal I use at the end of the day often asks about, is doing a deep dive into some of the classic historical romances that cemented my love of the genre, as a reader and a writer. Big, sweeping epics that cover years (or even decades) and continents and bore witness to the spirit of the times, which could be anywhere from the ancient world to the early 20th century.

I picked up one new book that I was excited to see, by the author’s name and the cover, then, a few pages in, waaaait a minute. Who are these people the current people are talking about? Oh, right. I have walked into not only the middle of one series, but two (or three?) intertwined ones. This is not a bad thing, as I do want to read all of them, but when spoons are low, I don’t want to have to do research before reading. Still, it also has one of my favorite tropes for that subgenre, so yeah, I’m reading and will figure out the rest later.

I am a big proponent of story in, story out, so getting on that track and staying there is a priority, and I need to do what it takes to keep a firm footing on that route. Again, not a bad thing. I don’t summer well, it’s true, but we are halfway through July at this point, which for me is the middle month of summer, so we are now approaching that nebulous August moment that ushers in pre-fall. The Back to School stuff is making its appearance in stores which I find delightful and energizing. I want all of the stationery, not for school, but to tell love stories, in our time and others.

Someplace around here is where my k-12 teachers would say that I need to put the closing sentence/statement/paragraph. Okay. Tihs week has been weird. I’m muddling through. School supplies are everything. Read more romance novels. Especially mine. Or someone else’s. There’s good stuf fout there.