Birthday Afterparty

Today is a sweatshirt over the pajamas, everybody home and relaxed, grey outside autumn day, which is exactly the ay I want to spend the day after my birthday. Yesterday was wonderful, and I have fun new stationery stuff to play with this afternoon. Housemate is putting together her new bedframe and possibly bookshelf. Real Life Romance Hero is maybe playing games or doing his online homework (not sure which) and Storm kitty is comfortably lounging in the middle of the people bed. We are subsisting on leftovers of yesterday’s takeout. In my case, add microwave popcorn. We have no needs to leave the house today, though Housemate allows she may venture out for trash bags, which, honestly, we need.

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The whole day has a Boxing Day (day after Christmas) feel to it, and I am totally okay with that. There may be some TV to stream later, while I set up at least my catchall planner for the week, though the others will probably have to wait on Monday. Housemate’s bed is literally made, which means no more mattress on the floor for her. The bookcase will wait until tomorrow. I am looking at a video meeting with Melva, for Queen of Hearts discussion later in the week, with another writer friend later, and then next weekend brings two of my besties coming from CT to have a combination friendiversary, Christmas and birthdays. Housemate’s vacation end on Wednesday morning, and RLRH being home today means he will likely be at work tomorrow. This means midweek looks a lot like a great time to return to writing. I am here for that, too.

One thing I have found curious as I caught up with a lovely acquaintance yesterday, that the biggest part of the whole getting back to (new) normal process is that the form of writing that came back the soonest is…journaling. I have taken a few suggestions from various sources to focus on specific subjects for particular entries have, basically, taken off like wildfire. Nobody is more surprised than me, because one of the topics suggested elicited the :red alert klaxon sound: because selfish! Which is not always a bad thing. Permission to think about that kind of stuff…it’s heady. It’s also headed directly for fiction, which I definitely welcome.

Another section is dedicated to listing not only authors and novels I like, but settings, character types, tropes, etc. Get me on that stuff, and I am off and running. Books in my genres, and books outside of them. This may in some point mean revisions to the Play In Your Own Sandbox, Keep All the Toys workshop, which is fine. I want it to evolve. Aforementioned bestie will be bringing with her a bag o’books, which gives me strong vibes of my first exposure to historical romance. That would be the paper grocery bags full of books my Aunt Lucy would bring to my mom, which Aunt Lucy and Uncle Pat visited from NJ. My job was to take the sack to the laundry room and shelve the books.

I wasn’t allowed to read the books yet (though that would soon change, when my mom bought a book in an actual store, that I could not resist) but I read the back covers, loved the art on the front covers, and created my own storylines (to the extent that my very young self could comprehend.) Those are extremely fond memories. I have a hunch that the bag o’books coming my way this weekend may have a similar flavor.

At least that’s the plan. How does your week look?


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