Typing With Wet Paws: Freestyle Hydration Edition

Tails up, Storm Troopers! I’m Storm, you’re awesome, and this is Typing With Wet Paws. Aunt Anna is adulting again, so I get to write about whatever I want. Since I am a cat, that is no surprise to anybody that I pick myself as the theme. I mean, look at me.

yes, this is a greatest hits picture. I’m a cat. Uploading is hard.

Anyway, the first story is about how smart I am. I am a strong, independent kitty. I am a strong, independent kitty who don’t need ho hoomans. Okay, I do need hoomans. I flew solo for a few days last summer, and 0/10, do not recommend. Indoor kitteh for lyfe.

Anyway, I have three water bowls. One is in Aunt Linda’s room and the other two are in the big bedroom with Aunt Anna and Uncle Rheuben. I like to stay hydrated. When one of my water bowls is empty, I rattle it with my paw. That usually attracts a human to fil the water bowl, and then I can drink again. This time, my rattling did not wake any humans. I was to learn later that Aunt Linda did hear it but didn’t recognize that I was asking her for more water and thought I was just playing. Silly Aunt Linda. Water is serious business.

So I thought to myself, Self, how else can we get some water? Then I remembered that there is a big water dish in the bathroom, aka people litterbox. There’s lots of water in that. Maybe the seat would be up and I could get to it. Well, it was, and I did. That was also exactly when Aunt Linda walked in. I am not going to tell you what she wanted to do with the big water bowl in the people litter box, but I bet you can guess. It’s gross. I did not get down because she told me to get down I got down because I wanted to get down. That’s an important difference.

Needless to say, all of my bowls got refilled after that and the natural order has been restored. I should also mention that Uncle Rheuben and I finally got to share his birthday tuna. I do enjoy a good dish of people tuna, and when I can share it with my favorite (only) uncle, that makes it even better. He puts mayonnaise in his, though. People are weird.

The other big news here is that it looks like I am getting a new cousin. One of my other aunts, who lives in a different state, found a little guy under her car the other morning. He has six toes on each foot. Some people call that polydactyl. Some call it Hemingway cat. I call it overachieving, because I do quite fine with four beans on each paw. Not really something he picked on his own though. I won’t say more until I have permission from the aunt to say more, but he’s a cute booger.

There is a bunch of fall cleaning going on over here, which is part of why Aunt Anna is adulting. That kind of thing allows her to work out writing things in the back of her head, so it is kind of writing related. She refreshed my favorite hangout spots with a sprinkle of catnip. I think that was very considerate of her. At present, my favorite spots are:

  • upside down lap desk next to Aunt Anna’s people desk
  • actual cat bed on the linen chest at the foot of the people bed
  • the big people bed (especially when people are on it)
  • windowsill in Aunt Linda’s room
  • Aunt Linda’s reading chair
  • Aunt Anna’s office chair, but I have to get out of it when she says
  • Uncle Rheuben’s desk (on top of it)
  • my big cardboard box

I know that’s a small list, but it works for me. I also like crossing under the bed and pretending I am driving through a tunnel. Uncle Rheuben calls this “the expressway.” Fun fact: I can make it from the big people bed to the door that leads to the kitchen in one sproing. How’s that for energy efficient?

I think that’s about it for right now, but remember. No matter what the weather report says, there is a one hundred percent chance of Storm activity at our place.

love, Storm


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