Typing With Wet Paws: All About That Storm

Tails up, Sorm Troopers! lI’m Storm, you’re awesome, and this is Typing With Wet Paws. It’s very cloudy here in NY’s capitol region, which is good weather for Aunt Anna. She was in such a good mood today that she said I couldd write about anything I wanted, so, of course, I am going to talk about me.

Picture above by Uncle Rheuben. Used because Aunt Anna said so. Also, he said okay.

Anyway, Aunt Anna is in a few cat groups on FB, and sometimes they do fun posts telling people important information about members’ cats. Aunt Anna did one or maybe more of these about me a while babck, but did she save them for the benfit of my fans who are not in those groups? No, she did not. I still love her anyway, so I wiill make my own version. I may not get all the questions or add some of my own, but hey, I’m a cat. That’s what we do.

Legal Name: Storm Bacon Truss O’Malley Hart-Bowling. I was already Storm when Aunt Anna and those guys got me, but I was really young when I got that name, so I don’t remember why. Maybe the super hero? Is Marvel’s Storm a super hero? I bet she is. She has a cool name. Bacon is becaue Aunt Anna promised a friend that she would name her next cat Bacon, after a random cat in her Sims game (game-generated cat) and she did. Truss is my first mom’s last name, and Aunt Anna remind me my first mom loves me very much and did an awesome job raising me. O’Malley is inherited from Big Sister Skye, and because all girl cats in this family are O’Malley from here on out. Hart is because of Aunt Linda, and Bowling because of Aunt Anna and Uncle Rheuben.

My nicknames are: Needles McGee; The Calico Comet. The first one is because my claws are really really sharp (son’t ask how they found out about that, but it was an accident) and the second because I am queen of midnight parkour. Aka I am super fast.

My Age is: Three-ish. The iish is because they thought I was two when they got me, but that didn’t match with my behavior and how I seemed to be getting bigger, so I was probably yunger than that but we are not sure how much. My first mom said I came from “a house with a LOT of cats,” so it’s possible I got mixed up with a different litter.

My Best Friend Is: Aunt Anna! I was understandably wary of my new situation when I first came to these guys, but after a coulple of days of watching from the safety of my adventure cave, I came out, plastered myself to Aunt Anna while she was sleeping and went on from there, We are tight. I am her buddy. I never let her go to the people litterbox alone, I want to be where she is, and do what she’s doing whenever possible. If she is writing longhand or journaling, I am there to help. Sometimes that involces sitting on her pages or stealing her pens, but it’s all part of the deal.

My Best Sleep Spot is: Also Aunt Anna. Specifically on her hip if she is on her side, or her midsection if she is on her back. That is a way to say “I love you” in cat, and also the best way for me to see what she is watching on her tablet screen. Best friends watch TV together, right?

My Favorite Human Food is: People tuna. One of my best treats is for Uncle Rheuben and I to share a can of people tuna (but in separate dishes.) My first mom said I can also have plain people chicken, but prople turkey is no bueno for my tummys, so I don’t get that. I am pretty happy with cat foo, and I know that “not for kitties,” means don’t even think about eating whatever people food it is that I am considering.

My Breed is: Calicoooooo! Okay that is a fur color, not a breed, so I would say American Shorthair, but some people don’t think that’s a breed weither, so IDK, regular cat?

My Favorite Thing to Do is: Hang with Aunt Anna. Don’t care what she’s doing. Cuddles are good, as are belly rubs, and I already talked about watching TV. Oh, and playing with toys. I have OG Mousie (mouse on a string) from my first mom, and I still LOVE him and play with him a lot. I have some store bought toys but mostly I like to find the interesting ones that humans drop on the floor. Pen caps, and hair ties, and that kind of thing. My favorite-favorite toy is Red Dot, but we are waiting to get a new one, so I will definitely let the humans know I want to play with it All The time when it gets here. Seriously. All. The. Time.

Do I Have Siblings?: Well, originally, yes, biologically, but I don’t remember a lot about them. I am an only kitty right now, though I will probably get siblings when we move to a bigger apartmment someday.

Do I snore? No.

Do I Like Car Rides?: I love them! They are the best! Can we go on one now? I better have a Very Good View out the window, though, or I will complain Very Loudly until I do. Not kidding.

Am I an Indoor Cat, Outdoor Cat, or Both?: Indoor, 100%. I tried outdoor once, and it was not that great. I mean, I did get my paw stamped so I can go back, but that was really only to be polite to the possum. He was pretty cool. Seriously, inside is best.

Anything Else?: IDK, you ask me.


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