Funny Things Happen When I Don’t Sleep for Two Days

Hopefully, this blog will be one of them. Insomnia is an interesting thing. Body says “soooo tired,” and then brain says “haha, nope.” When one needs ones brain to create things, that’s when things get weird. Hi, my name is Anna, and I have been awake for over 48 hours.

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That was not intentional. It just happens sometimes. This time, it happened on a day when I had meant to do a bunch of the “heavy lifting” writing. Obviously, that is going to change. I am not going to have the house to myself until at least Thursday. Thankfully, I have anifty ofiice setup (mostly) in an unused corner of the bedroom, kitty-corner to Real Life Romance Hero’s setup, so if we are both having office time, neither one of us can see the other, and if we have our headphones on, we don’t hear each other, either. If I want to print something, I need to turn around to make sure he isn’t taking a nap.

One of my tasks for today is to finish setting up my planners. Catchall planner is all ready to go, but the planner I actuallycarry needs some love. I am excited to be in August.

1 year and 2 weeks post Storm’s wild adventure

Speaking of which, I have had a Talk with Soem abou taking a summer break from her blogging duties two days in a row. She says she was observing the anniversary of last year’s unchaperoned field trip. We have agreed she owes me a blog entry at a date to be determined later, as well as being on time this week.

The thing that I hate the most about adulting with insomnia (and creating with insomnia) is when all the brain things are all jumbled. What helps me most is making lists and taking notes. Okay, that is two things. They are related, though, so I think I’m okay here. This is one place where being a stationery enthusiast comes in handy. I can Do All The Stuff, but maybe at a slower pace today and one bullet point at a time.

When I jumped back into vlogging, one of the things I wanted to do was VEDA, or Video Every Day in August. I Love the idea, and it should be a great way to get consistent with posting, and getting used to vlogging but it also requires a whole lot more planning than I am able to give it right now. Maybe I’ll try for VEDO (is that a thing?) in October.

For now, the focus has to be on writing, and for today, that means roughing out a scene in Queen of Hearts and then taking a fluffing nap (Storm will no doubt join me, making this a cat nap with an actual cat) so I can have somewhat of a clearer mind when I meet with Melva this evening and we fly into the mist of the next chapter.

How’s your Monday?


One thought on “Funny Things Happen When I Don’t Sleep for Two Days

  1. Like you, I had insomnia last night. Which means I’m sleepy today. I seem to do my best sleeping during the day which means I don’t sleep at night. Sam keeps me company, no matter the time of day or night.

    I’m anxious to get started on working on graphic arts with/for you, whenever you can find the time. It’s no rush, just at your convenience.

    My reading mood is rather iffy right now. When I do read, it’s fanfiction, but I do have a profic waiting in the wings. It’s just too hot right now to be interested in much of anything. The malaise and lethargy are very strong.

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