R.I.P. Desktop

Right now, I have the house to myself. Real Life Romance Hero and Housemate are both off at work. Storm has found a hidey-hole (work being done outside nearby.) I am pumped full of motivation from a two and a half hour video chat with one of my besties, and fueled by a particularly tasty sandwich. My posterior is planted firmly in Housemate’s office chair because my lower back has declared, rather loudly, that it absolutely requires that we either retrieve my comfy existing chair from the storage unit, or obtain a new one; Preferably pink.

Photo by cottonbro on Pexels.com

Lzast night, Housemate helped me determine that Ye Olde Desktoppe, or possibly its monitor, has gone to the great AV rioom in the sky. If it’s only the monitor, that’s probably the better option of the two, because then I wil still be able to access my existant edition of Scrivener, not to mention my Sims 2 and 3 installations. If it’s the CPU, which it well may be, then it means time to shop for an all in one (is that what the kids are calling it these days?) Either way, I still have my spiffy rose gold laptop, so it doesn’t affect writing plans.

Since the desktop is now out of commission, I can use its foldng desk for the laptop, instead of the kitchen table. I have no shortage at all of notebooks and pens, which is also a good thing. I am also shopping for a laptop stand, to hold the screen at an angle my wonky eyeballs can actually see. That will be greatly appreciated. For a long time, I operated on the assumption that the challenges posed by a visual impairment meant I would have to work that much harder, if I want to prove that I really want “it.”

“It,” in this case being the only job I have wanted since I was eleven years old, reading my first ever historical romance novel under the brass bed in my parents’ guest bedroom. Not that far removed from the times when I thought the only genres I was allowed to write in were hard science fiction and mystery, neither of which interested me in the slightest, and as one might guess, I fugtured out that was a complete lie, because, well,

not historical romance, but about historical romance, so I count it

I have been reading a paper book before bed the last few nights, and I have slept a lot better than usual. This is definitely going into the mental health tracker as something I want to keep on doing, to keep on going. Books to write, blogs to plan that aren’t random stream of concsiouness blabber (unless you’re into that; if so, you have come to the right place) and videos focusing on the amazing richness of the historical romance genre, from the original Avon Ladies (and a man named Jennifer) to remind me why I got into this stuff in the first place.

It’s a quiet afternoon now, the work done early. I think I may have heard Storm crunching some dry food in the other room. Housemate will be out later than usual, as she is Laundry Person. The up side of that is that A) she will return with clean clothing for eceryone, and B) I get time and room to spread out, no distractions (but the lovely day and the breeze coming through the window, and did I mention we are basically across the street from a park?) and I feel…confident. Also a little sad.

Why sad? The desktop. I bought this desktop myself with money earned writing for the monies, aka articles for the Heroes and Heartbreakers Blog, a gig I will always treasure. I learned a lot from the years I spent there, read some amazing books, watched a bunch of TV that I would have watched anyway, and some that I never would have watched on my own, and got to recommend a bunch of my facvorite romances along the way. It was a lot of fun and I would one hundred percent to be part of another such venture in the future. Most of that happened on Ye Olde Desketoppe. Same with myfalling in love with the Sims. YOLP was not may first computer with Sims on it, but it had w, 3, and 4 in place, with a bunch of custom content for all three. My laptop has 4 only, so the others will have to wait until the next desktop arrives. I think I can last until then, because I do have other things to do.

Like this. Hang out, talk romance novels and stationery. Write romance novels. Use stationery, often to write romance novels. Which is what I will be doing as soon as I send this post off into the world. What are you up to this fine day?

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2 thoughts on “R.I.P. Desktop

  1. A little bit of moaning and complaining from me. Lethargy has been strong, most likely because of intestinal issues. Nausea and all of that yucky stuff. I just don’t feel like doing anything much more active than playing games on my phone.

    A bright spot in my life is th e fact that a friend’s Shih Tzu had puppies over the weekend so I have them to coo over. The little runt, that I have temporarily named Niblet, has grabbed my heart and run away with it. He’s an amazing little fighter and I’m sure he will be a dog to be reckoned with.

    So sorry to hear about your fritzed computer. I know exactly where you’re coming from as I have a laptop with a defunct screen. 😥 Hopefully you can get yours working again.

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