New (Clickey-keyed) Kid in Town

Still working the bugs out of this new laptop, but I think we are going to get along fine. I’ve spent most of the day setting things up and writing down passwords, figuring out what the low vision options are (and my, my, are they welcome) Right now, I am at the kitchen table, writing my very first blog post on the new baby.

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Not going to lie; unboxing a new madhine doe scome with its trepidations. Am I going to figure this out? Oh, the files to copy over. What did theychange? What did they come up with that’s new since the last time I did something like this? I’m not too worried about this, actually, as I seem to be doing a lot of it these days. Not only because it’s spring, but because I am starting to really, truly believe, things are going to be okay. Having a computer I didn’t lug around in the back seat of our car for a year kind of goes along with all of that.

It seems there is a turn your blog into a podcast thingamaboodle that may be a new option, and I might be up for trying that in the not too distant future. If there is one thing I like to do as much as I like to write, it’s okay, plan. If there is one thing I like to do as much as write and plan, it’s talk. A lot. Those who know me in real life will not be surprised. Part of being an extrovert is that we tend to think and talk at the same time, so “be quiet” is often very close to “don’t think.” Writing seems like a very reasonable workaround, as it’s like talking on paper, real or digital.

One of the reasons I wanted to get a new laptop, besides up to date technology and protability, it’s that it has a front facing camera and built in microphone, which ara ll one technically needs to jump into this multimedia thing. Expect to see me try a few different things now that we have the technology. We’ll see what sticks, and I am certai that the process of finding out what sticks will be an adventure all its own.

Naturally, the main reason there is a new laptop in the house is that it’s for writing. Writing is the thing I’ve most wanted to get back to on a regular basis. Having a new machine free of old mistakes and drafts that petered out is a nice change of pace. Not that there won’t be such things in the future. As a matter of fact, I am counting on it.

This is a ramblier post than I had hoped to write, because there are oodles of things that need installing and updating and transferring. There’s deciding how badly I want Scrivener on this machine, because that will require digging into the wayback of the sbook with not only the codes but instructions. Maybe the desktop will stay out of storage torage unit for my storage unit, but that’s also where my classic keeper historicals are (I think) so it might be worth the aggravation. I’ve mostly been using GoogleDocs and that seems to work pretty well, so I am not in a hurry.

Maybe that not being in a hurry thing might be useful in the whole writing plan. Take the page in front of me for what it is and do the best I can with it, then on to the next. I’m still not sure if I’m going to do CampNaNo this year, though I think I’d like to, but zero idea what project I woul dlike to use. What I want the most, though, is to find the modern version of the way it felt in college, to race back from the last class of the day and park myself at my typewriter (yes, dating myself, but that’s okay. I like me.) and furiously pound keys because the story kept coming and coming and coming.

Granted, I was seventeen and didn’t know any better. I don’t have that manuscript any longer. If it exists anywhere, it is at the bottom of a trash heap. Probably where it belongs, because there were a lot of rookie mistakes in that one. Still some of them in what I produce thesse days, but that feeling of running to the keys, that I think I can find within my reach. Doesn’t help that said reach is rose gold with black keys, aka exactly what I would have designed if given free reign to make the prettiest laptop I could imagine.

We will need to spend a lot of time together, this new gal and I. We’ll make some missteps, have some fun, and boldly go (yeah, Star Trek reference) where no romance novel (at least none I have written before) has gone before.

about time for a new signoff pic; it’s a work in progress

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