Welcome Back, in Duck

For the past few days, depression has been kicking my butt. Consulting docs, and looking at environmental measures to get things on an even keel. Not quite ready to put up the Christmas tree –it will be our first proper Christmas with Storm, which, for all we know, may be indicative of her typical interaction with holiday decorations.– but I have a twenty foot string of white fairy lights ready to drape around the window in our bedroom. There are the dregs of a jar candle warming on the candle/mug warmer in the kitchen. The external microphone/speaker for my computer has a mood light, which is fun, and I am back to walking around the lake in the park, which is, conveniently, one block away from our home.

We are actually a little closer to the park now than we were in our first Albany apartment, which I like very much, and I have figured out that the best way to get around the issue of glasses fogging to 100% opaque white while wearing glasses and mask at the same time, is to…take off the glasses and stash them in the pocket of my puffy coat. The path around the lake is a complete loop, with water on one side, an up=slanting hill on the other, so wandering to one side is really not possible, and it’s foot traffic only, no vehicles, so no risk of getting flattened, except from the big gander, but that’s an occupational hazard. He hates everybody.

Photo by Brandon Montrone on Pexels.com

While it’s still above freezing, I can take a notebook to the park and ensconce myself on one of the lakeside benches and get some rough stuff written. My first time out this month, I came back with two scenes. While I was doing my thing, one of the mallard females broke away from the bunch, paddled up to me, quacked at me, and paddled on back. I take that to be “welcome back,” in Duck. As for the Canada Geese, I walked through a bunch of them yesterday and they did not kill me, so that must be the goose equivalent (and thank you to the nice person who was feeding/distracting them.) The chance fo meeting friendly dogs is quite high, which only recommends these walks, and if I can time things close enough to sunset, I get to see the holiday lights in tke park as I go.

On the one hand, I knew full well how much I had missed my park walks, but on the other hand, I didn’t know exactly how much. Similarly, I did not know how much me-er I would feel when sticking a whopping three paper books in the bookshelf that now holds my planner supplies. There will be more, but we have not yet gotten to the back part of the storage unit, where they have been resting for nigh on two years now. Feels like forever, and only a minute ago. I actually like that. The books were the first thing I packed when we decided to leave that apartment, and they may well be one of the last things unpacked. They will be very much welcomed.

The fact that Thanksgiving is soon to be upon us is unreal, but there is lots to be thankful for this year. We will probably get takeout (non-turkey) from a local place, sprawl out in our pajamas, and there may or may not be Netflix involved. There will almost certainly be a walk in the park, even if I am the only one who goes, but there is also the family tradition of going around to look at lights after Thanksgiving dinner that we may observe, and there is the whole matter of the Christmas tree. We know where ours is, and all of the ornaments are unbreakable, so Storm can do her worst.

Rambly post today, more to get something up than anything else, before I dive back into Drama King, which is rapidly nearing its HEA at long last.

How’s your week?

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