Typing With Wet Paws: And We’re Back Edition

Tails up, Storm Troopers. I’m Storm, You’re Awesome, and this is Typing With Wet Paws. We are now two weeks and change in the new apartment, and a few days past my very first Gotcha Day with these guys, and Aunt Anna’s birthday is coming. Last year, she got ME (a little before her birthday, but we are still counting it and crossing Birthday Kitten off her bucket list. You’re welcome.) so that’s going to be pretty darned hard to top, but we will see what happens.

Still getting settled here. Aunt Linda has the week of Aunt Anna’s birthday off, so that’s when she humans are going to get a truck and bring in the furniture. Except for the stuff they don’t feel like lugging up the stairs, and in that case, they will order that kind of furniture from a store and have it delivered in a box, and put together when it’s upstairs. I am all for this, because cats and boxes are a natural combination.

I am very much looking forward to Aunt Anna busting the new printer out of its box. She has a lot of things she wans to print. Some of those will involve pictures of me, so I consider that a worthy cause. There will probably be noise, though. I don’t care about noise much. I’m pretty well adjusted. Aunt Anna actually was gong to set up the printer earlier this week, but Uncle Rheuben did some extreme work activities, and was so sore that people vets were involved, and he had some sleepy medicine, but he is feeling much better and is back at work now. The point I was making is that the printer would have had to be set up in the bedroom and she didn’t want to disturb Uncle Rheuben while he rested.

greatest hits picture of me because Aunt Anna is still figuring out how pictures work on Uncle Rheuben’s laptop

Anyway, things are starting to settle down around here. We are all snug and comfy and ready to put down some roots. Personally, I find nothing wrong with all the boxes around the apartment. They are really fun to sproing in and out of at two in the morning, which honestly has nothing to do with Aunt Anna’s insomnia. They are two things that happen to happen at the same time. It, um, happens. The humans say they want to put a kitchen table (which I will not be allowed on) where the boxes currently are. Meh. I guess kitchen chairs will come with the table, and I can sleep on the chairs, so that’s one bright spot.

Another one is that Aunt Anna and Uncle Rheuben agree they need to get Aunt Anna a new laptop, because their room, which will also be Aunt Anna’s office, is cozy. That’s human for “small.” Also, Aunt Anna wants to use her antique secretary desk for handwriting and a laptop could be on the desk only sometimes and then somewhere else when she wants to do things with pens and paper. We will see what accomodations she makes for me during her writing sessions. Right now, I sit on the bed next to her if she is there, or under the coffee table when she uses the desktop there. Unless she has her legs straight out in front of her, under the table.

We will get back to regular updates next week. Aunt Anna has not been reading that much but getting back to it. She has, however, been watching a lot of European dramas on Netflix, especially postapocalyptic survival. : The Rain, Dark, To the Lake, that kind of thing. If you know any other shows like that, please let me know in the comments, and I will tell her.



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