Typing With Wet Paws: Too Much Adventure Edition

Tails up, Storm Troopers! I’m Storm, you’re awesome, and this is Typing With Wet Paws. Aunt Anna says thank you for your patience while we deal with some interesting life situations that we hope to soon have under control, many thanks to all who have shown up to help in practical and encouraging ways. If you click that link, you will see a picture of Aunt Anna, Uncle Rheuben, and Aunt Linda. You will not find a picture of me, because I was on an adventure of my own. 0/10, do not recommend. Here’s what happened:

This past Saturday, we were camping in the car, and while the aunts thought all the windows were closed, they were not. I squiggled through a space that was just big enough for a curious kitty, and in a single sproing, I was outside, by myself, for the first time ever. Basically what happened was that I went from “woo, I’m outside,” to “crap, I’m outside” in no time flat. Turns out that outside is really, really big. Like super big. Too big for me. I wanted to go back to my people, but how could I get there?

After a while, the people woke, and they had loud voices and sounded super upset (okay, yes, because they could not find me) and especially Aunt Anna, because we are working on getting me a special letter that says I help her when she is having a tough time. This was a very tough time. Sorry about that. Long story short, I looked for someplace safe to hunker down until my aunts could come find me.

Portrait may consist of: This be feline
my hidey hole, under a parking garage

That place turned out to be really secure, as it took the aunts five whole days to finally nab me. There were two other cats who live near the parking lot all the time, and a nice human comes by to feed them every couple of days. My aunts want to help this human, because they were very nice and helpful and promised to keep an eye out for me. They also said that the longer I was outside, because i am not yet spayed, that the chance of me coming back not alone inside my skin, shall we say, is higher. We don’t know quite yet, but Aunt Anna knows what to look for, and I should be heading to a vet very soon. You would think she’d be satisfied that a whole morning of rubbing me with a damp washcloth and sequestering me in a while bathroom proving I did not come home with fleas would be enough, but humans, am I right?

Portrait may consist of: This be feline
back where I belong

The aunts had already decided that Wednesday would be The Day, as in the day they nabbed me, no matter what. Aunt Linda would be at work all day, and Aunt Anna was prepared to hang out under the garage, pretending to ignore me, until I came out on my own, then scoop me into my adventure cave and make tracks. What actually happened was that Aunt Linda helped Aunt Anna into the place where she would wait, and then I came strolling out of the greenery like it was No Big Deal.

This made the aunts really really happy, and while I was headbonking Aunt Anna’s ankles, Aunt Linda grabbed me and scooped me into the adventure cave, and before I knew it, we were back in the room. Well, bathroom for me and Aunt Anna, who was determined to make sure I was okay and get my white fur back to its usual whiteness. I got a lot of food, which was awesome, and tons of cuddles from everybody. Uncle Rheuben was super duper happy to see me again, and now he is not allowed to go to the bathroom without me. I even let Aunt Linda cuddle me now, which she says is an improvement.

In short, I’m back, a lot of people are helping real life be less stinky, and if anybody gets a message from Aunt Anna that looks like a bunch of random letters and symbols strung together, that is me saying “hi.” Also “thank you.” Now that I am back to pick up the slack and provide emotional support, expect Aunt anna to resume activity in the very near future. There is the whole tablet saga, which is ongoing, and news also on writing and such. There will be videos coming, and I am even working on a new sign-off for my blogs, because my gotcha day is coming up in October (the humans don’t know when my birthday is, and I don’t remember, which is kind of like the whole did I meet a boycat thing. It all kind of blends.) and we need to mark that somehow.

Okay, that should bring you up to date on the whole me going rogue brouhaha. Not planning on doing that again anytime soon so back to regular mews duty go I.



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