Typing With Wet Paws: Au Revoir, Chez Grandmere Edition

Tails up, Storm Troopers! I’m Storm, you’re awesome, and this is Typing With Wet Paws. Not very much on the writing or reading fronts this week, because Aunt Anna and Aunt Linda were taking care of the whole closing of Chez Grandmere thing. The aunts went to the house without me, if you can imagine that. The nerve. To their credit, though, they did make sure that they put my blue chair and my headboard in storage, so that they will be ready whenever we move to our new apartment. One time, they were gone overnight, and I was not okay with that.

The second time, they came back on the same day, and Aunt Anna crashed hard. Of course I did the only logical thing and kept her company, right by her head. Uncle Rheuben told her I spent a lot of time in the adventure cave, my not so subtle hint that when she goes somewhere, she is supposed to take me. Honestly, humans can be thick on this sometimes. They are back now, though, which is what matters. Aunt Anna is pretty sure that the cat condo that Grandere’s cats, Michelangelo and Francesca, had (they went to Rainbow Bridge a while ago, after they maxed out on their senior levels) either was given to friends or the bedbugs killed it, because it was not anywhere in the house, and believe me, they were all over that place. Aunt Anna says I will get a new one when we get our apartment, so I am fine with that. I like climbing and jumping to high places.

Not sure there is much to report on Aunt Anna’s Goodreads challenge, since this week was mostly Chez Grandmere stuff. She does mean to make up for that, though, and part of that will be going through the books she rescued from Chez Grandmere last week. Here is one trilogy she can’t wait to re-read. It is the Rose trilogy, by Laura Parker, and each book is set in a different era. Aunt Anna likes that kind of series, a lot.

Laura Parker, the Rose Trilogy

Aunt Anna has also hit that phase where she starts bringing out the blush pink planners and notebooks, because as much as she loves black, it is spring going on summer here. She very much likes her discbound planners for actual planning, so the question now is how to use those other things, like ring binders and traveler’s notebooks. She is actually looking forward to that challenge. Here is one binder she liberated from stuff jail (aka storage) when stashing all the boxes from Chez Grandmere:

Jeanne Hines, The Slashed Portrait

This is the book Aunt Anna is currently reading in paper (she is reading others on her Kindle) and the author, Jeanne Hines, is also one of Aunt Anna’s favorite historical romance authors, Valerie Sherwood. I don’t think Aunt Anna has read any of this author’s gothics, so she is very interested to see how she likes them. Hunting them down should be a challenge, but she is always up for that kind of thing, and yes, she will talk about it here.

The notebook is an A5 size binder, by Carpe Diem, Aunt Anna has tried to use it for a couple of different things, but none of them ever clicked, so she is going to try again, by focusing on the aesthetics. That means pretty stuff. Which obviously includes me. She figures that is a good place to start and the rest will grow from there.

Next week is the writing week, as Uncle Rheuben should be starting at his new job, so it will be just me and Aunt Anna in the daytime. After a week of long car rides and hauling boxes around, she is ready to deep dive into the clickety clack of the keyboard and putting her imaginary friends to work.

There is indeed a new Buried Under Romance this week, giving more details on the buried treasure of a hidden cache of romance novels at Chez Grandmere. I should point out that I was not allowed in the basement, technically, but I did once make it halfway down the stairs. I will have to be content with that. Or do I?



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