Romance, Buried Under

Due to technical difficulties on the Buried Under Romance site, I am posting the pictures from my discovery of a vintage book stash here. For the story behind the pictures, please visit Buried Under Romance for my latest Saturday Discussion post, here. These are some, but not all of the books Storm mentioned in yesterday’s Typing With Wet Paws.

Fair warning, these pictures were taken in basement lighting with a Kindle Fire, but that hardly matters because…books!

high angst and romance in Georgian England
Bartlett, Kamada, Dorn Hart, Burgess, Jenkins

These were the best pictures of the bunch, but there were plenty more books in that box, so more pictures forthcoming.

One thought on “Romance, Buried Under

  1. […] If you’re wondering if I took a break to not only sort these old friends into not only series and single titles, but by time period, you are right. Wouldn’t be me if I didn’t, and, since my rooting about also turned up some baskets that will look lovely on Instagram. Due to technical difficulties, I will post the pictures on my writing blog, Typing With Wet Nails. […]

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