Typing With Wet Paws: May Day Edition

Tails up, Storm Troopers! I’m Storm, you’re awesome, and this is Typing With Wet Paws. April is gone, and we are now in the merry month of May. Since this is probably only my second time doing this May thing, I am not entirely sure what this means, but I am here for it.

The big news around here is that my days at Chez Grandmere are no more, because Grandmere is selling the house, but never fear. Aunt Anna and Aunt Linda are saving my favorite chair and headboard, to put in our next apartment. They packed some other stuff, too. Some of it belongs to Grandmere and will go to her apartment with her. The rest of it will get stored until our moving day, and Aunt Anna made sure to label everything so that she can find the stuff she needs when she needs it. This largely means stationery and planner stuff, as well as books. Speaking of which…

Some of Aunt Anna’s buried treasure

There is a little storytime required here. When Aunt Anna and Uncle Rheuben moved out of their apartment in CT, and into the first NY apartment with Aunt Linda, they put some of their stuff in the dungeon at Chez Grandmere. Aunt Anna was not aware that one of those boxes, in fact the one on the very bottom of the stack, held a whole bunch of books. Like really a lot of them. A whole long box full, two or three levels deep. These books are from a while ago, the 1990s and earlier Most of them are historical romance, but some (the Janelle Taylor books, for example) are futuristic romance.

Aunt Anna did a bit of sleuthing on the matter, and she is still missing one book out of the four in the Saar series, number three. This will require some scouring of eBay and related sources. If you are interested in finding our more about the books that Aunt Anna uncovered in her digging, and what they mean to her, hop on over to Buried Under Romance tomorrow, because that is what she is going to talk about then. The Virginia Henley books are medieval, the Mary Baloghs Regency, and the Laura Parkers, three different eras. Aunt Anna loves when a series covers multiple eras, so she looks forward to rereading these.

Speaking of rereading, rereads absolutely do count when it comes to the Goodreads reading challenge, so let’s go on over there to check on Aunt Anna’s progress. Right now, Aunt Anna has read fifty-seven books out of her goal of ninety, which puts her at sixty-two percent of the way to her goal of ninety books read in 2020. Not too shabby, and she has been killing it on the historical romance front as of late, especially with her discovery of all those classic books like those pictured above. If you are thinking that lit a fire under her when it comes to her own writing, you would be right.

Whoops, I forgot to link you to last week’s Buried Under Romance post, because there is one. Click here if you want to check in about quarantine/isolation/social distancing. There’s no social distancing for those who have cuddly cats, though. There’s a reason cats and books go together.

The big important part of this week’s doings is that I found something game-changing. I love catnip! I mean I really, really love catnip. My humans were not sure if they want me to know what catnip is, and my mom confirmed that she never gave me any of that, but I found a way around it all. Here is what happened.

One of the things Aunt Linda brought back from their travels was a bag full of old papers that belong to Aunt Linda. Well, mostly old papers. Down at the bottom of the bag was a catnip toy! I don’t think the humans knew it was in there, but I could smell right away that there was a wonderful thing, and I dug for it. Oh bliss, oh heaven. The humans say that it was originally a gift for my big sister Skye, who is at rainbow bridge, but she was a straight edge kitty and did not partake of catnip, no matter what form it might be. Even bigger sister, Olivia, who was the kitty before Skye (also at Rainbow Bridge) loooooved catnip, and so did biggest brother (Sir) Ginger, who was the kitty before Olivia. The humans wondered how I would like the nip, and now they know. I LOVE IT. I guess you could say that Aunt Anna and I both found some wonderful things from her archaeology trip this week.

Next week, they are going back to Chez Grandmere for the final time to move everything out of that place and into storage. I wonder what else they will bring back when they return.


5 thoughts on “Typing With Wet Paws: May Day Edition

  1. Your Cousin Sam is not a catnip kind of boi. Maybe when you guys are back in your own castle, Auntie Kady will send you and Auntie Anna a kitteh box with some catnip in it. 🐾🐾

    • Aunt Kady,

      Maybe Cousin Sam is a straight edge kitty like big sister Skye. A box, you say? I love boxes and catnip. That would be great. HeadbonkS!


  2. Hoo Hoo, Little Storm,

    I am glad you will be cozy and safe and that there are no ill effects from the catnip (you may wish to keep it away from Uncle Rheuben, as I have never been convinced he is not part cat himself, wheeheet!) Thank you for sharing a bit of your world with us. You are all very dear to me.

    • Aunt Carolinnie, that is a very good point. Uncle Rheuben is pretty furry, and he is great at naps. Sometimes we have people tuna together, but I never share my cat food. I will stay extra vigilant.


      — Storm

  3. […] Due to technical difficulties on the Buried Under Romance site, I am posting the pictures from my discovery of a vintage book stash here. For the story behind the pictures, please visit Buried Under Romance for my latest Saturday Discussion post. These are some, but not all of the books Storm mentioned in yesterday’s Typing With Wet Paws. […]

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