Typing With Wet Paws: Drive-by Update Edition

Typing With Wet Paws

Tails up, Storm Troopers! I’m Storm, you’re awesome, and this is Typing With Wet Paws. Not standing on ceremony today ( I am actually *quite* comfortable where you see me above. Aunt Anna says never fear, I have to be in my adventure cave when the car is in motion. Things have been very move – y around-y the last couple of weeks, hence the sporadic updates, but things are indeed in the works.

This past Monday, Aunt Anna met with Aunt Melva, to rough out the rest of the needed scenes for Drama King, all the way to the end. I stayed with Uncle Rheuben for some playtime (spoiler: it was awesome.) They got some good work done, and generated a few new ideas for future projects, but the end of this draft is so close, they can taste it.

Writing this entry on Aunt Anna’s tablet, because a) it’s cat-sized and b) I am writing on the go, go, go. Anyway, let’s have a look at Aunt Anna’s Goodreads challenge. At the end of month number two, she is closing in on the one-third mark, with twenty-seven books read our of ninety. Most of these so far have been audiobooks, or e-books read via text to speech. Very convenient, easy on the eyeballs, and she can read while doing other things, like laundry, or petting me.

A bunch of that has been YA, and there are a lot of classic and indie historical romances that are revving her love of that genre as well. This has her thinking a lot about how she can adapt the way she prefers to work to a way that is practical for when life gets interesting. Success in writing is indeed the goal, and it takes about a billion steps to get to that place, but it’s worth it.

Some of that has to do with fear and getting over perfectionism, or, as I like say, ” kick litter and zoom” away from that kind of thinking. It’s nothing a little mental midnight Parlour can’t handle. I also like to bring Aunt Anna my Mousie, because Mousie always puts a spring in my step.

good writing incentive, right?


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