Typing With Wet Paws: Welcome, 2020 Edition

Happy New Year, Storm Troopers, and welcome to the very first Feline Friday of the new year and decade4. This is very exciting, because this is my second decade I have ever experienced, and maybe my second year, period. My mom said I was two when Aunt Anna got me, but I am noticeably bigger than I was back then, so the humans think I may be actually a little bit younger. That’s pretty cool, because that means more adventures ahead.

First, I will tell you about our Christmas adventure. We went to Aunt Linda’s family home, which is in a different state. I met Aunt Linda’s brother, Uncle Bob, and his daughter, my Cousin Kristen. They are both grownups. They are visiting from far away, and missed their kitties, who were home, so they poured all the attention on me. That was pretty awesome. I got lots of presents, like a whole new set of food bowls, toys, and even a litterbox that can stay there, so they will be there when we visit next time. Because I am a really good traveler, this means that when the humans go to visit, I can come, too. I am all for that.

I was very young for last Christmas, but I caught on with the traditions for this one. On Christmas morning, I brought Aunt Anna a lightbulb. Nobody is quite sure where I got it (and I am not telling) but bringing Aunt Anna presents is kind of my thing, and she had not unpacked my toys yet. I couldn’t show up for Christmas morning empty-pawed. I’m not an animal. Oh, wait, I am. Nevermind.

Okay. Moving forward and getting back to business at the same time, Aunt Anna is back at Buried Under Romance, though with a bittersweet topic. Last week, romance lovers heard the sad news that Johanna Lindsey, an important writer of historical romance for many readers and writers, had gone to Rainbow Bridge back in October. She will be missed, though there is a little bit of her in all of the books she left for her fans.

As for Aunt Anna’s Goodreads challenge, I am very proud of her, because she did it. Ninety-nine books read out of ninety-five. She wanted to make it an even one hundred, but ninety-nine is still pretty impressive. If you want to follow her challenge for 2020, she is going for ninety books once more. We will see how that goes, but I have faith in her. I will cheer her on by sitting close to her and giving my best, loudest motor purr.

Moving on to Instagram, Can you believe that not one of Aunt Anna’s top pictures is of me? Hmph. Granted, she only got me in October, so that may have something to do with the slight, but I will reserve judgement for next year. She does plan to keep posting stationery pictures, but never fear, I will be in some of those, as well as being the star of my own shoots. Csn Aunt Anna double her Instagram subscribers by this time next year? Only time will tell. Since there will be more pictures of me, I can only imagine so.

Now that the holidays are past, Aunt Anna is back at work. She wrote a scene for an upcoming novella yesterday, and is going all in on this whole Patreon thing. She has been researching what other creators she likes are offering, and deciding on tiers and a lot of other fun stuff. Watch this space for the big announcement when she opens shop. There will probably be some growing pains, but that is okay, because Aunt Anna and her patrons can grow together. If you have any ideas of what sort of content you would like to see her offer, leave your idea in the comments, and I will make sure it gets to her. Maybe along with her usual morning present.


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