Typing With Wet Paws: Holiday Update Edition

untouched original

Hi, Storm Troopers. Long time no blog. The family has been having some big adventures as of late, and this holiday season is going to be a tough one. I will leave it to Aunt Anna to say anything more, but 2020 is almost here, and changes are ahead.

One thing Aunt Anna is looking forward to is starting a Patreon. If this word is new to you, it is a subscription platform where creators can market directly to consumers. In short, and I know about short, because I am short, you buy it, they make it. Everybody wins.

Where Aunt Anna is concerned, this means exclusive blog entries, serialized fiction, planning and journaling content, and more. Do you want to see old fiction given new life, or peek over her shoulder as she goes from once upon a time to.happily ever after? Do you want to request blog topics, get her top lists of romances with your favorite settings or tropes, or are more video blogs? Your chance is coming soon. If there is something you would really like to see her offer, from a list of favorite anythings to a story about XYZ ( that means you can put your own idea there, not that she would write about the actual letters, in case you were wondering.)

Aunt Anna is now only five books away from hitting her Goodreads challenge original goal. Because things have been tough in the real life category, she may be considering dropping the goal to books read at some point and calling it good enough, but the challenge does give her the push to read more, so we will see. She has also started reading two more manfa, and she goes through those pretty fast.

Sometimes, I am told, some humans are sad during holidays, and th at is when pretty calico girls like me (okay, any gender of cat, if any color) are called in to be extra helpful. I don’t have a lot of holiday experience since this is only my second one (I think; I am not that great at math) I got this covered. I may be doing more than my usual once a week blog, in case Aunt Anna needs a pinch hitter. I am also really great at cuddles and purring. How do your pets tell you they’ve got your back?




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