This Year, I’m Going as a Writer

So, this is happening:

Two days after tomorrow, two days after my birthday, five days before Halloween, I will be hitting the road to western MA, home of many friends,. and many memories, to join Melva Michaelian for a book launch for our first co-written contemporary romance, Chasing Prince Charming. Eep.

Melva and I have certainly talked writing before, and we have certainly talked writing, together, in front of people, before. We’ve even presented a workshop on how to keep writing through the tough patches of life. When we’re talking about writing this particular story, we literally wrote the book. :rimshot: I know for a fact that people I love, and who love us, readers interested n our book, or have already read it, and/or are interested in writing. I get to go to a library. I get to see the glorious fall foliage between NY and MA and back again.

There is still one more article about our writing partnership planned to hit the interwebs prior to our presentation. I’m not counting on any afterwards (unless something goes phenomenally wrong or phenomenally right) but I will be sure to give a full recounting here, and on, which I definitely need to update, but that is for another day.

Since we are only a couple of days before The Event, that means my attention needs to go into getting ready for that. I kind of know what I’m wearing (in the black dress family) and will probably need to check local retailers for red shoes, because the ones I had always planned to wear to any Chasing Prince Charming related appearances, are too deep in the storage unit to retrieve easily. We will see how this goes.

Earlier in the week, Melva and I went over how we’d like to address the we-talk-to-a-bunch-of-people portion of the day. It’s probably going to go fine. There will probably be funny stories, definitely a picture of me and Melva together (we do not have one, despite being friends and critique partners for double digit years) and possibly pictures of foliage, because, well, fall.

The process of being a Real Writer ™ isn’t in being in the newspaper (paper or digital kind) or having bookmarks or fancy signs or even glossy paperbacks. I am happy to have all of that, but the real work of writing is done with pen and paper and fingers on keyboard. It looks rather like this:

my typical writing view now

Not a bad setup, I have to admit. The day, and days, after the two hour library even, I will be removing cat from keyboard (repeatedly) and attempting to read my own handwriting (also repeatedly) and lather, rinse, repeating, until I hit The End again. Repeatedly.

I really need a new signoff picture…

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