Like Writing A Bike

Hi. I’m baaaaack. For those who have been wondering where I’ve been, our family is in the moving process. We are comfortably ensconced in a very lovely motel, while searching for the next incarnation of Stately Bowling Manor. For those wondering why we moved so quickly, without a new apartment secured, the answer is bedbugs. Bedbugs everywhere. They were affecting the health of a family member, even after a visit from an exterminator, and our exhaustive bugproofing, so that became a very clear signal it was time to move into the next chapter.

Segue into writing, especially for those who are here for the romance writing side of things, aka where the fluff are the kissing books? The good news on that is that they are forthcoming. For the last week, we have been turning in cable boxes, apartment searching, playing storage unit Tetris, a whole lot of planning, and all of that was necessary. That’s what allows me to have the room to myself while Real Life Romance Hero and Housemate are both at their jobs. It is time for me to return to mine. Today, I go back to regular writing.

When deciding which device to bring into the room with us, the desktop won. Also, the MacBook, which I love, is doing the three beep thing, so desktop makes the most sense. It feels like home. I get to put my butt in the chair and there is no housework to distract me from writing. This is kind of scary. It’s also very exciting. One of the great things about writing is that I can literally do it anywhere. Even hotel rooms. Last night, I brought my A5 binders for both Her Last First Kiss, and Drama King, into the room, and that small change did a lot more to tell my brain that everything is actually okay, than anything else.

The first thing on the list is getting back to blogging. Which means this post. For the time being, this is my desk and when the rest of my family is out of the “house” it is, once again, my workplace. Availability of fresh towels? Making of beds? That’s Housekeeping’s job,. This one is mine, and, no matter what I might have thought this day would be like, when I could finally get back to business, it’s…no big deal. Okay, I did have the dream where I have to traverse a whole city on foot, this time from brownstone to brownstone, in the snow (for the record, I love both brownstones and snow) but other than that, it’s like riding a bike. Which is why the title of this post is Writing a Bike.

Ever since I started planning (there will be a planner post in the near future) I have found that making lists and schedules helps me manage life in general. Getting back to writing work is on that list, and getting back to things that fill my creative well, including but not limited to reading historical romance and contemporary YA, playing Sims, chatting with friends, watching Netflix/Hulu, etc. I very much look forward to getting back into the swing of happy mail/snail mail as soon as we get the address thing sorted, but, for right now, things are looking good, my imaginary friends are chatty, and I am back in the saddle.

Talk to you soon,


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