One Book July Prep

Monday’s post on Wednesday again, which, this week, I blame on the summerness of this summer. We are now less than one week from the start of July that means, among other things, Canada Day, the Fourth of July/Independence Day, Camp NaNoWriMo, One Book July, and, this year, the last month before the release of Chasing Prince Charming, my first book with Melva Michaelian. and, for the first time in a while, I am actually excited about July.

August 12th: save the date

Right now, Melva and I are working on some exciting promo stuff, forging solidly into the second half of Drama King, as well as working on our own individual projects. For me, that means dipping my toes back into historical romance waters as I give Camp NaNo a go, which is the first time in a very long time that I thought about a historical romance being a series starter, right from the outset.

a-camping I will go…

That is not, of course a real cover, but stock photos and Pixlr Express get it close enough for me to have something to stick in front of my eyeballs for the month of July, as I fly (or sail?) into the midst and figure out what the deal is with Cornelis and Lydia, and how they got to be the parents who stole the show during my first attempt to write their daughter’s story. This may involve Dutch history, the English Civil War, younger versions of a lot of familiar faces from that story I originally started, and very possibly taking a look at the seventeenth century world as a whole, because pirates and their hangers-on come from literally everywhere.

I’m also researching a few small publishers that look like they might be a good fit for my brand of historical romance, and this research is both time consuming and fun. I am querying A Heart Most Errant, after a while away, and thinking of what the next step might be in that parade. All of this might put an idea in the head of a notebook-minded person, such as myself, that more planners are required, to keep track of all the various pursuits, but it also comes at the time of One Book July, which has no formal rules, but is basically about getting through the month with a single planner that does it all.

one book to rule them all?

I am cheating on this somewhat, as I have one planner (Webster’s Pages traveler’s notebook, standard size inserts) and one sidekick (also Webster’s Pages, pocket size, pocket size and passport size inserts) but no rules, can’t cheat, right? I do have separate books for the actual writing, but for the planning, it’s all in here. The standard size book feels slim, and the pocket size is a chonkster, and I am surprised at how much I like, and how much I use, both.

These planners came together through intuition. My favorite colors: black, white, blush pink, deep wine, rose gold when metallic are called for, trying my hand at things like acetate and vellum, and using printables purchased from online designers, then carrying around said inserts, blank, until the natural use for them presents itself. Is this kind of thing going to improve my writing? Streamline the process? Get me to produce more in shorter amounts of time? I have no idea, but I hope so, and, worst case scenario, it’s pretty, and I am looking forward to July, rather than dreading the month of humidity.

I am glad that one book July refers to the number of planners in play, rather than the amount of books I could read (or listen to) or even write, market, or plan, because that kind of thing, no sir, no ma’am, not going to happen. I know myself enough for that.

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