Typing With Wet Claws: Encouraging Word Edition

Hello, all. Skye here, for another Feline Friday. First of all, I would like to say welcome to our new readers. It is very nice to have you with us. My posts are always on Fridays, and, sometimes, I help Anty out during the week, as well. I will try to get her to put more pictures of me in her regular posts, because, you know, everybody likes kitties.

Since the rule here is that I have to talk about where to find Anty’s writing on the interwebs, other than here, before I am allowed to talk about anything else, I had better get right to that. I usually end up talking about Anty’s writing anyway, but it is the principle of the thing. First, as always, Anty was at Buried Under Romance on Saturday. Her topic this month is beginnings. This week, she talked about the different ways romance novels have started their stories over the years. That post is here, and it looks like this:


Next, we move on to Anty’s Goodreads reading challenge. Anty is currently one book behind, at three books out of ninety, but it is the weekend now, and she is reading a bunch of books at the same time, so one of them is going to reach The End soon. One book behind is not that mug of a lag, so I will not chastise her this time. So far, she is at about 33% historical romance reading, which is pretty good. She also currently has two historical romances, one time travel romance, and one YA in her reading rotation. No, three historical romances. I counted wrong. That is an occupational hazard of having special paws.

This week, Anty read and reviewed her first YA novel of the year. It is this one:



That may look like a compact week for Anty, and there have been a fair share of domestic tornadoes, but there is also some encouraging writing news. This morning, Anty Melva emailed Anty. That is not an unusual occurrence, because they write books together. Anty first thought that Anty Melva had told her that another publisher or agent had said no thank you to Chasing Prince Charming, but that was not the case. Before anybody gets too excited, it was not an offer on the manuscript, but it was still a good enough thing that I got to take a picture of Anty’s happy face. It looks like this:



Anty’s happy face

What made Anty have a happy face was that, even though the publisher was not asking to buy Chasing Prince Charming as it is right now, they had some suggestions about how Anty and Anty Melva could make it even better. If they want to make those changes, then the publisher would like to see it again, because there were things they liked about it very much. Anty and Anty Melva told the publisher people that they will be happy to make those changes and try again, so that is what they are doing now.

Right when anty got the email, she got out her notebook for that story (which was carefully chosen by Anty Melva putting it in her hand before they started one of their road trips, and telling her it was the notebook for that story. Do not question Anty Melva.) and made some notes about what the publisher said they would like to see done differently. She and Anty Melva will both think about those suggestions, and then talk next week, and make a plan to actually make the changes.

If you think that one of the first things on Anty’s mind was “yay, more planning,” then you are right. Anty loves to plan, and Anty loves to revise, so planning revisions is, if not quite a big party, then pretty close to it. That does not mean it won’t be a lot of work, because it will but it is writing work, and Anty likes that kind, and she likes Anty Melva, which is kind of important because they write books together, so things should work out okay. I will be sure to keep everybody up to date on any new developments.

In the meantime, it is business as usual with the regular writing. Anty and Anty Melva are both working on scenes for Drama King, and Anty will have pages to show Miss N, for Her Last First Kiss. With all of that time Anty will spend, looking at her glowy box and all of her notebooks, that means she will not be using her phone during those times, so I can hone my Mouse Hunt skills. I also like the game with the laser pointer (the humans have talked about getting me a pet-safe one for the really real world) and another game, where I catch a fly. There is also a birdie game, but I do not care about that one. Anty says I am honing my gaming palate. We will have to try more games and find out, for sure.

That is about it for this week, so, until next time, I remain very truly yours,



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