Breathing Room

Yesterday, I played Sims 4. All day. That was it. No regrets. I’m playing this current (game) world rotationally, or, more accurately, pinging back and forth between households, to  ensure that each of my families makes it to the next generation. We will not mention the one Sim I forgot about since he was a teen, and stumbled across, living by himself, as an elder, with none of my created or born in game female Sims of childbearing age unattached. I had him adopt a child, then married a widowed elder female Sim, merely because I want to see how many husbands she can go through before her own time runs out. This dude is her third. I played long enough that a teen aged up to young adult, solving the dilemma of my second adult aged bachelor. The third one is still on his own, but he has two older sisters who have descendants, so I’m not worried about him. He can meet a nice townie, or adopt.


Saturday, I picked up my first bottle of fountain pen ink. I’ve had samples before, and cartridges, but having a whole bottle feels different. It’s a commitment. I am a Fountain Pen Person now. I was before, because I wouldn’t have had a need for the ink if I didn’t already have fountain pens in need of the same, but I have a bottle now, and a box that’s probably going to find itself, at least in part, stuck in an art journal, because it’s beautiful in its wornness. This also means I am going to have to buy some converters, and possibly a syringe (to refill the technically disposable Pilot Varsity pens I hoard like a dragon hoards treasure) but that is for another day.

Today is time to get pages of Her Last First Kiss ready for N’s critique. Tuesday is Wednesday this week, which does not help  my disorientation regarding what day it is but I am glad to have the extra breathing room, to make sure I turn out the best pages that I can. Breaking the habit of holding back can be difficult, though I am up for the challenge. Hero and Heroine have to live out their story the way that it goes, and that means I have to write what happens in the movie in my head. If this means putting stuff on top of stuff, then I need to make sure that’s what I’m doing.


This weekend also brought a trip to the craft store, which meant Tim Holtz stuff is probably going to come home. This time, it was a canister with several rolls of decorative tape inside it. That’s two different tapes used in the frame on the pages above. This particular book had several false starts before I figured out what its true purpose was (my daily task list.) The original pages were too plain, even with the grid lines. Meh. Nothing to see here. Add some interesting borders, though, pattern on pattern, color on color, and now we’re talking. With two weeks left in my current morning pages book, I’m thinking I might consider taking an existing book with ruled pages and adding the interest myself, with tape and a few other mediums.

Which is basically what I’m doing with this draft of HLFK. The basic pages are there already. What they need are the extra touches that make this story unique. Time to climb inside Hero’s and Heroine’s skins and look at the world through their eyes. Sub out any other character for either of them, and we would not be having this story, because those different people would do different things. Those richly textured historical romances, dripping with atmosphere, are the things I love to read the very most, so they need to be what I put out there in the world.

I don’t like veering from schedule very much, but there are times, like this one, where even a smidge of breathing room comes in handy. That gives room to stretch, to observe, to pick out patterns, layer together things that might be two great tastes that taste great together, or they could be a colossal mistake. Thing is, with that breathing room, there is time and space for course corrections when needed. Time to move things around and make sure all is well with the fictional world. It’s not an excuse to slack off, but a chance to make sure things are done as well as they possibly can be done. At least that’s the theory. We’ll see how practice goes.


One thought on “Breathing Room

  1. Congratulations on becoming an official Fountain Pen Person!!! I thought that would be fun to try, but I am sure I would SPILL the ink everywhere, and so I have crossed that off my bucket list. I hope you enjoy.

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