Some Days are Like That

Greatest hits picture today, because the deskscape I snapped is apparently taking the scenic route to my desktop, which is only fitting. Yesterday, Merman and I spent a big chunk of the day in the Emergency Room at Albany Med. He’s fine now, and back at work. Yay for modern medicine. Yay also for me, because I used the waiting time to read through an EARC (Electronic Advance Reading Copy) in preparation for an upcoming post on Heroes and Heartbreakers. While I was out, another post, on five (okay, really six) of my favorite Highlander heroes and the heroines who love them, went live there. I’ll leave the screenshot to Skye.

I almost left the whole post for Skye, figuring I could skip the midweek post and then post again on Saturday, but I get edgy when I don’t post on time, and one day’s delay is about all I can handle when I’m already punchy. I don’t like drawing arrows next to tasks in my planner, meaning I have to carry them over from the day I’d intended to carry them out, to the next day, because…well, because of a lot of reasons. I’m tired. I don’t know all I need to know to write that part (this happens a lot) or there are not enough hours in the day to get everything done (also a big one) or something unexpected occurs, like a trip to the ER.

These things are going to happen. After Merman and I were sprung from the ER, we still had to visit the pharmacy. After that, we needed to eat (which ended up him eating, and me sulking over a cup of tea because the counter person did not include the cream cheese with my bagel, and if I have to go back and ask for it when I’m already in a hideous mood, no thank you) and wait for Housemate to come retrieve our tired selves. After that was a trip to the grocery store, because we would need food that evening. Obtain food, head home, do not remove coat, but haul two loads of laundry at once to the laundromat. Attempt to smush both loads into one machine because brain is now on auto pilot.

Realize this will only lead to frustration. Scoop dirty laundry back into overstuffed basket. Kick said overstuffed basket along the floor to the big machines at the back. Get laundry going. Purchase carbonated beverage from vending machine for much needed caffeine boost. Take one sip and realize that carbonated beverage is past expiration date. Put on best disgusty face and empty said expired carbonated beverage into the bushes (sorry, bushes) and lean against dryer in hopes heat from dryer will soothe aching back muscles. Promise to apologize to family for any scorched clothing from said drying process. Open Kindle and remind self that book one is currently reading is indeed written in one’s first language because words are getting swimmy and one has forgotten how to brain.

Wash, dry, fold, haul laundry back home, in the rain, and collapse into comfy chair while other family member prepares food. Acknowledge that no, scenes did not get written today. That stinks. On the other hand, spouse on the mend. I’ll focus on that. The scenes will be there tomorrow.

Technically, one of them already is (the benefits of writing in longhand) but what I wanted to do was to get it onto the screen, so I would have it ready to show N (at the meeting I had to postpone for another day because I was bone-weeping tired) and get her feedback, while I got to look over her pages. That will still happen, on another day, after I have slept away the bone-weeping tiredness and refilled the well, so that I can turn bullet points into prose. Still, I would have liked for it to have been today.

The day wasn’t a total loss. I wrote a post for Heroes and Heartbreakers, and sent that in, one of those posts that looks the same on the screen as it did in my head, so I consider that a success. Anything I can write that sounds like me, that sounds like I wanted it to sound, gives the feeling that I wanted to give, that’s all right. Even when life gets chaotic, if I can do that, I did well. These days are going to happen, both the chaos days and the readjusting days. The writing will be there. So will I. Read a book, take a nap, play some Sims, have some tea, look over some notes, and pick up the pen.


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