Typing With Wet Claws: Thinking About Things Edition

Hello, all. Skye here, for another Feline Friday. Anty has been very busy this week, doing a lot of writing, which is a very good thing. I rewarded her efforts by sitting still for my picture, even if I would not look up at her. I had my reasons. This morning, a realtor human came by with an inspector human, to look at some things about the apartment that do not concern me. Anty put me in my and Mama’s room while the strange humans were here. I do not like it when strange humans come into the house, but if that is what has to happen for a while, I will find a way to deal. Probably from under one of the beds.

Since the deal is that I have to talk about Anty’s writing before I can talk about anything else, I will get right to that. First of all, Anty had her usual post at Buried Under Romance this week. Anty apologizes for not including a picture, like she usually does. This was a very full week, and some things slipped her mind. That was one of them. This week, she talked about new reads for the new year. That post is here, and it looks like this:


Anty already said, last week, how much she liked her first story by  Piper Huguley, and that she wanted to read more books by Miss Piper. That is exactly what Anty did, this week, when she read another book of Miss Piper’s, The Lawyer’s Luck, and she liked that one very, very much. Her review for that is here, and it looks like this:


I do not know how Goodreads decides who it should ask Anty to whom she wants to recommend a book, but it asked Anty if she wanted to let Miss Piper know about this book, too. I may not know a lot about the publishing business, being a kitty and all, but I think that if the person’s name is on the book cover, they probably know that the book exists. I would also hope that they know the book is good. Anty liked this book so much, as a matter of fact, that she wrote a post on it for Heroes and Heartbreakers. It is not live yet, so I cannot give you a link to it or picture of it. I also cannot give a link or picture of the other post Anty wrote for Heroes and Heartbreakers this week, because it is not live yet, either. I will be sure to let all of Anty’s readers know when they are live. The posts, I mean. I assume all of Anty’s readers are alive, too, although Anty does like zombies, so I guess that would be okay, too. Maybe vampires. She talked about some books that have vampires in them in the other post, but that post is not about vampires. There only  happen to be some vampires in part of it. Explaining these kinds of things can be difficult for a kitty, so I will let you figure it out when the posts (and hopefully you) are live and read it for yourselves.

Most of the work Anty has been doing this week is on her books. By that, I mean the ones she is writing, not the ones she is reading (though if any humans reading this can help Anty figure out the whole ascm file thing, she would be reading even more than she already is.) For part of most of the days this week, she worked on Her Last First Kiss, and then, for another part, the Beach Ball, which she writes with Anty Melva.

That is a lot of writing. It is also a lot of researching. For Her Last First Kiss, which takes place in 1784 England, Anty sometimes has to stop and check to see if what she wants to do is all right for that time and place. There is one part in one chapter, where Hero thinks a really bad word, several times (he is a grownup,. but really, really scared, and really, really mad. That is not an excuse, but an explanation.) Anty was not sure if the bad word was the right bad word. She had to consult with some writer friends who might be able to help her figure this out. Thankfully, Miss Vicki knows this story very, very well (she has known about it since Anty was babbling random things about “the new historical,” that is how long) so she knows what Hero would probably say, and was able to offer some suggestions. This resulted in using more old-timey bad words. I am thinking this is probably not a book for gentle readers. Maybe another one will be.

Anty has also been thinking about what comes next. After she is done with Her Last First Kiss, and she and Anty Melva are done with the Beach Ball, she would like to know what she will be writing after that. One of those is already settled. Anty and Anty Melva already know that they will write two more books related to the Beach Ball. I do not know what they will call those until they get names for them. She still has some thinking to do about the next historical project, though.

In the historical romance genre, linked books dominate the market right now, but Anty naturally thinks in standalone books. That means stories that are complete in themselves, that do not continue to other related stories. Anty is not going to stop writing those, because those are what she loves the very best, but she also knows that the “commercial” part of “commercial fiction” means that market trends do come into account. That also means that Anty now gets to figure out what sort of linked books would work best for the sorts of stories she likes to tell. She has a couple of ideas on that front, and will keep thinking -and writing- about those, but she also is very firm about telling herself “this book, now,” so that she does not get distracted. She is pretty sure she will have what she needs, when she needs it.

That is about it for this week. Until next time, I remain very truly yours,


Skye O’Malley Hart-Bowling
(the kitty, not the book)


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