Back when I lived in the old county, Wednesday nights meant one thing for several years; nag group. Two writer friends and I met at one of their houses, had tea, went over work we’d all done during that week, set goals, had a nibble and then some social time. More often than not, there was a four-legged member of our group. Our hostess would let aforementioned four-legged member (of the canine variety) know when it was time to let the humans do human things, with one firmly spoken word: “Place.” Over the course of the years we had nag group, there were a few different canines, as this group was of long standing, but the “place” command remained a constant.

“Place” meant that canine needed to lie down on the cushion next to their bowl, and remain there, quietly. Our hostess did not need to elaborate, because canine understood she (and her husband) meant business. If the human said “place,” then canine was to assume the position. This comes to mind now because one of my disciplines is to do as much work as possible in my office, which is pretty much my Place these days.

Place in progress, to be honest here, because the surrounding area may or may not look like booknado blew through it a couple of dozen times. All right, it’s not that bad, but there’s enough going right that we do have a degree of leveling up going on here. One will note that the  wallpaper is generic, because I haven’t set a new one yet. Abbie and Ichabod are hiding their file (which does not surprise me) and the new setup also means that whatever my wallpaper is on my laptop is automatically also the lock screen on my desktop. I am not sure how that happened (probably something to do with syncing) and I’m not sure I like it, even though it is kind of neat, in an objective, isn’t-technology-great kind of sense. As long as aforementioned technology will help me get stories from my brain to yours, (and play Sims) then I am fine and will deal, but I do miss the different wallpapers. I’m not sure how I feel about my devices talking to each other like that when I am not included in the conversation. I’ve been through enough robot uprisings to have an opinion on this sort of thing.

I was going somewhere with this. Maybe the fact that I am writing this entry, not from the pictured desk, but from the lap desk in the living room (you know, the big, distract-y one with off-white walls and sunlight and family members tromping through, and TV right there in line of sight, the “where does the Christmas tree go?” question still unanswered, and tonight looking okay for putting up of said decorations) has something to do with it.

Contrast the office. When I’m in there, my brain knows that making stories is the whole point of the place. That’s why there is the desk I’ve been in love with since I was but a wee princess of two or three. That’s why there is a computer and a wifi extender, and enough notebooks to build a fort, if necessary, and enough pens to write in all of them. This place is primed and ready to go (apart from lock screen and printer that insists it is jammed when there is no paper in it, ahem) so it’s all on me now. I’m in the factory, so time to make the product. It’s not that revolutionary a concept. That’s pretty much how things work.

With only weeks left in 2016, I’m looking forward to starting 2017 on the right foot. A big part of that is making the office not only my hobbit hole, but home base. Making it my Place. That’s where I go when I work. That’s where stories happen. When I’m finished writing my morning pages, the next thing on my mind is, “that’s done, what else can I do here?” The answer? Anything. That’s both exciting and scary, and I think I can deal with that balance. The squares of Kraft paper sticky notes on the top of the monitor are my tasks for the day, what I need to get done to move closer to my goals, closer to getting these stories from my brain to yours. I like having them there. They remind me what steps I need to take to get from this place to the next.


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