Strange Hunger

Monday’s post on Wednesday this week, which means Wednesday’s post has to happen on Thursday, or it will bump into Skye’s  post on Friday, or get shuffled into the weekend. I am not up for that, so today it will be. That pretty much fits with the rest of the day, because I woke feeling like what Skye would term “stuff.” Not coming down with a cold, as far as I know, but body wanted to stay in bed, but that warred with the fact that it was already morning, with the sun risen and everything, and that I was so much in need of bathing that my body was likely to get up and wash itself without me. So, no more bed.

Question then was, what came next? #linewed on Twitter is a given, but that didn’t have to be right away, so attention turned next to this entry. After the last time I carried a Wednesday post for what seemed like forever, I promised myself I wouldn’t do that again, because it bothers me, and this blog is not about bothering, it’s about finding my way through this writing life. Since the calendar, and Facebook memories, reminded me that this is Real Life Romance Hero’s and my falling-in-love-iversary (yes, we do know the exact day, and yes, it was the same day for both of us)  I thought I’d blog about that, but I was already ahead of myself, because I already did, last year, right here:

Well, okay then. I dove into an assignment for an art journaling class I’m taking, instead, and, when I looked next at the time, it was almost lunch. How the heck did that happen? Granted, I had actually tackled two assignments, which successfully jump started another part of my brain. I used supplies I hadn’t used in a long time, gessoed over a background I hated and made the page something else entirely, taking a different approach than I’d originally planned, stuck a sticky note over part of the page I wanted to keep private, even when I did share my work with the class, and that’s when it happened. New stuff, that’s what my brain wanted. That’s what’s going to plug the hole in the creative well and let me actually fill the darned thing.

I won’t be playing hooky exactly, but more going on a mission of discovery. There are a couple of tasks that can’t be put off for another day (nor do I want to) but they are also portable tasks, so, really, technically, I can do them anywhere. Regular coffee house haunt, maybe, or library, or park, or downtown coffee shop I’ve always looked at when we drive past it, but have never actually been inside the place. Other park I’ve only been to once. Our own balcony. Some other place I haven’t even thought about yet.

One of my all time favorite pieces of advice is from author K. A. Mitchell, that the best ways to combat block are to open the file (or notebook) and change your seat. Today is a seat changer. I need different stimuli. Reds, yellows and oranges on the trees instead of green everywhere. Cooler air on my skin. Different tastes in my mouth. Different voices around me while I focus on the page or screen in front of me. It’s been said, that if we want something we’ve never had, we have to do things we’ve never done. I’ve written books before, so that isn’t exactly it, but I haven’t written this book before, so I think that counts. Still getting used to dancing on a couple of phantom limbs, stretching a few creative muscles, and the outer change of seasons matches what’s going on in the inside, so I am calling all of that good.

Time, then, to pack up my stuff, take my show on the road and see where the spirit and my two feet take me. Sometimes, the journey is the whole point. Maybe I’ll find a new favorite something, or maybe all that’s going to happen is that I tick the items off my to-do list, which is exactly what would happen if I stayed within the same four walls. Today isn’t a same four walls day, though. Today is a day for filling strange hungers, so off I go.


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