This Book Now

We have a new toilet. Probably not the most exciting thing to start off a blog entry, and no, you do not get a picture, but that took up my early afternoon, which is why I’m only getting to write this post now, and why I’m writing it from the, ah, comfort of my own home, instead of from the coffee house, and yes, I am itchy over that. Thwarted extrovert here, but Skye kitty is doing her best, and Housemate will be home soon, to watch Ink Master, so there’s that. There is also writing.

Five days from now, I will start a new morning pages book. That would be the purple one in today’s picture. Current book is the one with the face on it, and yes, I am already scouting out the notebook that will come after that one, because I really do want the alternating page spreads instead of the same pages every time. This will make my fifth notebook since I started doing morning pages, so I think it’s safe to say that this whole morning pages thing is working. Good to know.

Also good to know is that the current method of fumbling my way toward ecstasy, by which I mean leveling up to the next draft, because that is, in itself a form of ecstasy, is working. While dealing with the unique experience of a gentleman showing up at our door, taking out one commode and installing another, thus silencing the vuvuzela player in our basement, my brain was firmly in the eighteenth century. I’m about halfway through my notes on N’s notes, and ready to show this next draft who’s boss. (Hint: it’s me.) The stuff I figured out I’d figure out later (apart from the section that is still literally labeled “Hero Scene” with “vaguest note ever” – that’s still pretty much that, but since Heroine’s reaction to events at that stage of the game is X, his needs to be Y, so they are not even close to on the same page in this part. Nobody can be completely happy until the very end of the book, at which point, I literally throw my hands in the air, shout “HEA!” and cheer. Even in Panera. This may or may not have anything to do with the staff remembering my order without me having to say a word, but I’m not going to investigate it too closely.

Today was not the day I expected. I got to the Laundromat at a later point in the morning than I had intended, I didn’t get any reading done, and I do not want to speculate too much on the reason my favorite washing machine had that many feathers in it. I suspect it may have had something to do with down-filled clothing, pillows, or thrill-seeking chickens. Probably not the chickens, but one never knows. Plumber showed about four hours early, minutes after Real Life Romance Hero vacated the room Plumber needed for his work, and we now have the old toilet waiting on the curb for whatever its next destination will be. I have no idea how these things work, but that’s where it is. Wherever it goes from here is up to forces beyond my control.

What is within my control is how I write this book. Trust my gut. Trust my characters. Tell my story, the way it comes to me, and tell it until it’s told. For me, that comes in layers, enough of them to make a bookish baklava. When I look at the early parts of the story now, they feel a lot sketchier than the later parts, because I didn’t know the story or characters as well then as I do now. That only comes with time, with asking them why, and, more importantly, listening to their answers rather than trying to fill in the blanks by myself. There’s intuition and planning, and that funky space in the middle where it’s a little of both.

Here’s what I do know. I’m writing this book. I know where it starts, where it ends, and what happens in between. I know Hero and Heroine,  why they are both the worst person for the other to fall for, at the worst possible time,  and the very best person for the other in the end. I know it hasn’t taken the path I thought it was going to take right at the start, and I know it still has a few surprises for me before we’re done. I know this one is going to make it. I know I am back on the horse. I know there will be other books after this one, and I know I don’t need to concern myself with them at this point. I know they will present themselves, characters, setting, era and all, at the time I need them and not before. This book now. That may need to go on my wall.



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