Things That Almost Work

Right now, I have a lot of things that almost work. A quick rundown:

  • Old laptop has stripped-down version of Sims 3, Word, Scrivener and Scapple, but loses internet connection quickly, and when it has it, it’s spotty. Also, there is no H key, and the only place I can put the external keyboard is on top of the built-in keyboard, which has some interesting results when one keyboard moves on top of another one. Hint: it is not the good kind of interesting.
  • Printer that works with new laptop says it has a paper jam, even when there is no paper in it, and I can’t see anything blocking anything.
  • Two fountain pens have full cartridges (one had a converter that is almost as old as I am, and finally gave up the ghost, so will no longer draw ink, hence use of cartridge) but said cartridges will not dispense ink, even though I have pierced the ends, and they do bleed ink, if I take them out of the pens, but that is not very useful.
  • Old desktop has Word, and Photoshop Elements, but the speakers are shot, it won’t recognize the internet at all, and, while it has a stripped down version of Sims 2, the CD ROM drive, which is needed for the disk to run the darned thing, keeps shooting out and trying to kill me (it has drawn blood, I am not kidding) while ejecting any disk I attempt to give it.
  • Our apartment has lovely, high, prewar ceilings, which I love, except when it comes time to change lightbulbs, which all but the bathroom and bathroom hallway need, and I can’t…quite…reach, and of course we can rent a ladder, but getting it to the house, in a small car, presents more challenges than comedic opportunities.
  • No matter what I do, my Twitter userpic is showing as a blank white square, even though I have tried different images, double, triple and quadruple checked the file size, deleted the old picture (which I am now regretting) and tried to start from scratch. Header worked fine on the first try, though, and I have no idea what happened to the backgrounds -plain white bothers me- and there is no design tab, which is what all the tutorials I find online tell me to look for. Is this just me?
  • We will not discuss the flip flop situation (also, I have always hated that name; my family called them zoris while I was growing up, and they still are that, to me) that has had the right sandal for two pairs die in one week, and the right one about to die, in the same place, on a third pair, after the Old Navy one-pair-for-a-dollar sale, because I cannot see the future, people.

I cannot count my current laptop as one of those almost-working things, because it is working, thanks to Real Life Romance Hero helping me with the factory reset, but I still need to decide what programs to put back into the thing and which I can leave to other devices.  Skype, I put back in right away, because I am me, and I am vacillating on Spotify. Sure, I could use my phone for music, but that means some juggling around of devices, and having everything in one place is convenient. Netflix is on my phone, and I plan on downloading to my tablet, as soon as tablet will cooperate (need to adjust screen sensitivity on that, which may also fit into the above list.)

Using Word Pad is actually rather freeing, which surprised me. There is no word count option, so that’s taken entirely away, and all I could do, yesterday, when transcribing from my pretty legal pad, was exactly that. Move the story points from paper to screen, slap an asterisk in front of every paragraph, because there’s not even an option to format a bullet point list, and off I go. No chance of checking to see where I was on word count, for either the scene or the book (and, at this point, doing so is a surefire motivation killer) but exactly the right place for my brain to make connections, spot details that needed adding, move things around, know how to do the things I didn’t before, etc. Not what I  had expected, but, maybe, what I needed.

I transcribed five handwritten legal pad pages into one file, named it, saved it, and went home, satisfied. Right now, I am telling the story, and I am telling it my way. There is plenty of time, once I get to The End, to smooth things out, make it pretty and ensure it is the right length for its intended markets. Her Last First Kiss is not going to be one of those books that almost worked. I’ve had too many of those. I do not want to count my miscarried manuscripts, but there are a number of them, and each one took a piece of me with them when we parted. This time, I need to keep the blinders on and keep moving forward, in the way that is right for me. The bells and whistles, all the “shoulds” and “everybody else does x-es” don’t matter. They need to take their place in the closet with the Hypercritical Gremlins and be quiet there.

My needs are my needs. They are not bad or wrong, only different. Your mileage may -and likely does- vary. The only thing I absolutely need to have is what gets me from Once Upon a Time to Happily Ever After, and those things that almost work? Why are they still here?


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