So It Begins…Again

Technically, this is Monday’s post. I actually tried writing Monday’s post on Monday, but a twisted ankle (better now) and my one year old (almost to the day) laptop’s crisis, resulting in the nuclear option of a factory reset, took up the first two days of the week, an so I’m now doing Monday’s post on Wednesday. I don’t mind, because A) now I have something to talk about, and B) the post I had was a stinker anyway. I am not exaggerating. It bored even me.

I should probably mention that, as technology un-inclined as I am, I am also very attached to this particular laptop, and the thought of having to go back to the old one, even as an interim measure, did not sit at all well. Real Life Romance Hero stepped in and pulled the trigger on the whole reset deal, while I washed my hair (clean hair is always a mood booster) and read the latest (that I have) issue of The Walking Dead. The fact that The Walking Dead is my comfort read probably says something, but that’s another story.

We will skip to the part where RLRH informs me that the reset went smoothly and now I needed to put in the annoying personal information. That done, it was time to look at what I had. Short detour to install Windows 10, gasp in horror, and hit the button to return to Windows 8.1, because I am not that much of a masochist. All the while, I Skyped with a writer friend on my phone, because I have to talk about things like this, and finally left things for the night, knowing I would need to face the big question today: what programs do I really need to have physically installed on my laptop?

Skype: I put Skype on my phone pretty much the second I had to take it off my laptop, because Skype is an extrovert’s lifeblood. The whole internet, really, but Melva and I can plot insanely fast when actually face to face, and, since we live 200-ish miles apart at present, Skype is the way to go. It’s also how I communicate with H and Critique Partner Vicki, so not-Skyping is not an option, but, again, how much space is it going to take up and/or leave me?

Spotify: My tunes. I have a playlist for each project (save the Beach Ball, but that gets my Go To Work playlist, so it’s kind of covered) and am either listening to the appropriate playlist at most times, or browse for whatever suits my needs at the moment. I also have Spotify on my phone and tablet, so it’s not strictly necessary to have it on my laptop, though it is super convenient to have everything on one device.

Scrivener: I have Scrivener installed on my old, has-a-complicated-relationship-with-the-internet-and-uses-an-external-keyboard-plus-the-screen-always-wants-to-recline laptop, which also has Word. I’ve been almost exclusively working in Scrivener for Her Last First Kiss, and mostly in it for the Beach Ball, but I really don’t need all the bells and whistles when I’m writing the bullet point draft (smooths out into my first draft; I’ll explain later) and can do quite fine in WordPad or GoogleDocs, or Word on my old desktop (so old that the CD drive tries to kill me and it refuses to recognize the Internet.) I can move current work to Word or GoogleDocs, continue from there, then plop it all back into Scrivener (if I want to) when I’m done and/or the new desktop joins the family.

Scapple: I love Scapple, and I would love to use it more. Like Scrivener, I also have it on the old laptop, so it doesn’t technically need to be on this laptop, and, like Scrivener, a bit jumping through hoops-y to reinstall, even though I have all the information. So, I have them both, only not on this device, and I do like all that nice open space in my hard drive. Like so:


So good not to be in the red…

See the nice blue bar that tells me how much space I have? As in, it’s not red and all the way up to the end of its space? That’s so unusual to me that I don’t want to lose it, but, at the same time, gal’s got to get some work done, or all future blogs will be full of whining (much like this) and not the fun stuff like finishing books and submissions and releases and all the rest. So, I’m considering, and I may end up winging the whole issue, putting in what I need to put in, when I need it, searching for ways to work around it, and, maybe, finding the way I do this best, now, rather than the ways I “should” or have always done.

Right now, I’m writing some stories. Head down, eyes on my own paper, keep banging on (Thank you, Idris Elba) and, before I know it, I’ll be typing “The End,” only it won’t be. There are other stories, other times and places to visit, other heroes and heroines whose stories need to be told, other tales to tell and other computers to drive me insane in the telling of them. Other pens, too, and notebooks, wherein emptying the one means filling the other, and all the adventures my imaginary friends and I will have along the way. Right now, I am writing these books, telling these stories, and that’s where I need to put my time and attention. Right now, I am posting this, then taking my act on the road, to our local coffee house, so I can transcribe the latest scene. It’s going into WordPad for now, because I’d much rather write than fiddle with programs.

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