Christmas Eve Rambles

Well, we made it. Christmas Eve. Early afternoon, though, so maybe too soon to call it, but things are coming together. Considering that I forgot I had a cup of tea right next to me (and I am not one to forget smoky chai) this is a pretty good indicator of where my head is at present. I noticed the tea after completing my daily pages that I credit to yesterday (as I didn’t get to them until now; yesterday was not my favorite) and it was still acceptably warm, not to mention delightfully strong (I have not yet encountered this thing people call tea that is too strong.) Today’s morning pages will happen later this afternoon. For right now, I’m concentrating on this blog entry and then get to dive into some story stuff.

This is the time of year when I shift into Aunt S mode, because Christmas was Her Thing, and that imprinted on me at an early age. Gifts, both wrapped and to-be-wrapped are in my office, which is Christmas Present Central, and more off limits than usual. The fact that the ceiling fixture is out of order may have had a hand in enforcing this rule. Wrapping will happen later this afternoon. If I can’t make it to the Christmas Eve celebration at our church, there is a shot at Mass at Real Life Romance Hero’s tomorrow.  (One of the perks of an interdenominational family, right there.)  Even pet-to-pet present has been purchased, fits within the color scheme, and Housemate gets extra points for picking out Christmas cookies from the supermarket bakery that look very close to the cookies my Italian aunts (mom’s side of the family; these gals could BAKE.) used to make every year.

It’s an odd mix of rushing to get holiday preparations in place -we’re having company this year- and the peace of knowing the real reason for this holiday, for our family, is going to be observed no matter what else happens, so, really, what could go wrong? I consider that some decent perspective. Today, I brought three different notebooks to the coffee house with me, three different projects that need my attention today, because tomorrow is not going to be a work day at all. (Okay, I will probably write something. I know myself well enough, but it’s not a work-work day. Theoretically. Plus we have company, so they will keep me honest. Ish.)

In case you missed it, the third part of Heroes and Heartbreakers’ best reads of the year post is up, recommendations from yours truly included. To borrow Skye’s method, it is here and it looks like this:


While The Highwayman is on my TBR list, my own recommendations for the year’s best reads include two old school historicals and one contemporary YA that relies on the romance of the written word. My part looks like this:


Dash and Lily’s Book of Dares gets extra points for being a Christmas story…after a fashion. Extra-extra points for featuring a notebook prominently. Red hardcover Moleskine, to be exact, which this book made me want. I do not actually own a red hardcover Moleskine, but I do own a red hardcover Picadilly, which my brain figures is close enough. Not putting it on a shelf for random strangers to find, but it is an intriguing idea. Wonder how that would work in a historical context. Maybe I’ll have to find out. Need to water that seed and let it germinate for a while.

For now, there’s this blog entry to wrap, pun intended, and then the challenge of wrapping family members’ presents while those particular family members are not present. For me, that’s part of the fun, especially if I can harness the power of DVDs to manipulate things in my favor. Mr. Magoo’s Christmas Carol seems to work well as Housemate repellent, and anything featuring Hugh Grant has the same effect for Real Life Romance Hero. Skye, so far, doesn’t have any movie preferences, and finds the entire process of wrapping fascinating.

Skye, by the way, will be posting tomorrow, with her own perspective on holiday preparations. This will hopefully not entirely come from under the bed, but one can never be too sure when it comes to cats and changes in daily routine.  Speaking of routine, time for me to move on and play with my imaginary friends for a while, so I will wrap this for now and wish you all a wondrous Christmas Eve, or a happy Thursday, whichever applies.





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