Typing With Wet Claws: Sick Friday Edition

Hello, all. Skye here, for another Feline Friday. Today is Black Friday, when Anty had thought she might try to see about getting a new desktop at a good price, but there is a problem. I think Anty may be a zombie. She has been in the same pajamas for a couple of days, and the last time she wore makeup was when she took Uncle to the people vet. I thought Uncle might be dead for a while there, yesterday, because he was behind a closed bedroom door for most of the day, even though Mama made some very good smelling food, but he is awake now and watching food shows on TV. That is a good sign.

When Uncle is sick, he generally likes to stay in the bedroom and be under the covers. When he does that, I get under the bed and send him love beams to help him get better. With Anty, it is more difficult, because she is a zombie. I am pretty sure she is a zombie. She has the glazed eyes, the shuffling walk, she makes strange sounds and I already said about the pajamas and makeup. I will wait until Mama comes home to see if we need to put Anty down. I hope we do not. If we have to put Anty down, then I have to write all the blogs, instead of only one a week.  Anty usually tries to do all her regular things when she is sick, but her brain lets go of things in the middle of doing those things, so there is a lot of her standing in the middle of a room, looking confused.

With all of that going on, it is probably a good thing Anty did not do Black Friday this year. Anty loves Black Friday. As an extrovert, being around all those people and all that energy gives her energy. That is even better than getting things at special prices. This year, she is at home, but she is not entirely missing out. She has enough Sim Points at the Sims Store online that she can get herself  a new world for her game. She is not sure she will be able to install it right away, because the old laptop is slow when there is too much installed in Sims, but she is not upset.

That is partly because she is too tired from all the coughing and lack of sleep, but also because she has been doing some research and found that she can get a refurbished desktop from multiple retailers at a similar price without dragging her sick self out to brave the crowds. Right now, she is taking care of a couple of computer things and then allowing herself to crash. She would like to read but will probably play Sims and watch TV, because this cold has eaten her brain. She thinks it will come back soon. Uncle says he can already feel himself coming back. I should mention he did not come home with the cone of shame. That is a good sign.

I will tell you what is not a good sign. Coughing. It is very scary for a kitty who does not like sudden, loud noises. I know it is a sign that Anty and Uncle are getting the sickness out of their bodies (and if they threw their very interesting smelling tissues, I think I might like to play with them, but Anty says that might not be the best idea, and throws all the tissues in the trash. I do not go in the trash. I am a good kitty.) All those sounds make me jumpy, but I know they will not last forever, and Anty makes sure I am still fed. Uncle, too, now that he is up. Mama is at work, but she will feed me -and them- when she gets home.

It is hard work being a kitty nurse for two humans at once. so I had better get back to it. With both Anty and Uncle sick, there is not much else going on this week. I will take a nap and hope they follow my example. They will need a lot of rest to get ready for the Christmas season. Soon, the tree will go up, and sparkly lights around the living room doorways. Anty really really really loves Christmas, so there will be lots for her to do, but first, that nap. Until next week, (or maybe this one, if Anty needs more help) I remain very truly yours,

i1035 FW1.1

Until next week…

Skye O’Malley Hart-Bowling
(the kitty, not the book)




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