Sickos and RIP, Varsity Blue

Real Life Romance Hero and I are both down with the same cold. A friend suspects we might actually have the flu. Neither one of us has the presence of mind to figure out which one it actually is. RLRH thinks he may be on his way out of this mess, while I am only beginning the adventure. At present, we are both lumps of energy in the living room, paying varying amounts of attention to the TV. We have blankets and sweatshirts with hoods pulled up. He has NPR on his phone, and I have my list of minimum daily tasks to still feel accomplished, even though my brain is wont to wander off after a few minutes of concentration. Short breaks of reading, lots of liquids, and a strong temptation to nap have been the order of the day.

Skye Kitty has been playing nurse to both of us, sticking close and sending out love beams. She is not fond of the coughing duets RLRH and I sometimes engage in, and trying to follow us both at the same time when we happen to be in different ends of the apartment presents a challenge. I think she’s holding up fairly well, despite the added duties.

This morning, I woke with that feeling, that telltale “yep, I’m sick,” malaise. I dragged myself to my office so I could figure out what I could realistically do. The temptation to forget everything and crawl into my comfy chair with a blankey is strong and probably advisable, but I’m miserable if I don’t have a clear plan.  If I’m sick, I’m going to be productively sick (no, readers in the medical profession, not that way. Okay, that way, but nobody wants to read about that.) Morning pages at the very least, and get those ideas for the next chapter down before my brain wanders off.

My morning pages, both general and story-specific, are done in longhand. For Her Last First Kiss, the Paperblanks book above, is the book where I keep notes, ideas, etc for easy reference. This morning, in the middle of the last sentence of the first of two pages, my ink ran out. :sob: I use a Pilot Varsity disposable fountain pen in this book, blue ink to match the blue book cover. I still had another page to write. With no ink. This is a problem.

First, I tried an R2 Rollerball, but that was too wide, and the color too different. Then I remembered I’d moved my Microns to a particular purse, to go with a particular notebook that lives in that purse. One of those Microns is blue-black, close to the ink of the Varsity, and about the same width of stroke when it hits the page. I adore Microns and don’t use them enough. Got that out, tried it on a couple of words, and there I was, back in the groove. Still want to get a new Varsity, and I am, at some point, going to have to bite the bullet and get a refillable fountain pen (and learn to refill it) but I think I can make do with the Micron for now.

Even when my brain is prone to wandering off, I can fill two facing pages. The glide of fountain pen or Micron on super smooth paper helps, and it always feels like unlocking a treasure when I open the two metal clasps on my large Paperblanks. I’ve written on envelopes and napkins and scraps of whatever (there are lengths of kraft paper in my office closet, ready for some free form idea mapping) but using a special pen on special paper, that’s enough of an incentive to sit down and fill a couple of pages. Doesn’t have to be perfect, only has to be written.

Same with today’s blog entry. Rambly, but written. One more thing to check off the list, and then I have earned some Sims time.





2 thoughts on “Sickos and RIP, Varsity Blue

  1. I’m with you on the being sick front, though mine isn’t flu but other ailments. I’m on the back end of it. R&R for us both (rest and reading) should do the trick. 😱

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