RIP, Mini Mouse

Real Life Romance Hero has long suspected that I may be emitting some sort of electromagnetic vibration that causes electronics to go berserk. Longtime writer friends have (mostly) joked for years about how I need a tech manual for anything more complicated than a butter churn. On days like this, I am inclined to believe them. While Mickey’s girlfriend (wife?) is perfectly safe (as far as I know) the device I use to point and click is now kaput. At this stage of the game, I’m not surprised.

Yesterday, I followed my favorite bits of writing advice from K.A. Mitchell: 1) change your seat and 2) open the file. Changing my seat was easy. I had to return a DVD, and there’s a quiet place to work, with internet access, and I’d be surrounded by books. Library it was. Open file and jump in anywhere. Which is exactly where the challenge presented itself. Long story short, my laptop refused to recognize my mini mouse. Once is a fluke, twice a coincidence, three times a pattern. Six or more mean this is probably a fact that I need to accept.

No big deal. I can use the touchpad built into the laptop. Good in theory, bad in practice (or my lack of same?) when it comes to Scrivener. So, new mini mouse must be obtained. Minor annoyance, and, in the best outcome, I can find a pink mouse. I’m not sure how my bent for pink electronics got started, but, at this point, I’m steering into the skid. It all fits into the pattern of doing what comes most naturally.

Technology and I are probably not ever going to be best friends. Never mind that I am currently in the market for a refurbished desktop, which means I need to actually write down things like how much memory it’s going to take to support Sims 3 or Sims 4 (in an ideal world, both, in the worst case scenario, Sims 2; I am seriously feeling the lack of Sims in my life. I have Sims Free Play on my tablet, which is fun, but not remotely the same.) and figure out if I can de-authorize Scrivener from the old laptop so that I’ll be able to have it on the new desktop whenever it joins the family. Real Life Romance Hero still marvels that I don’t keep my phone turned on all the time, but only when I want to use it, and have used it for exactly one phone call in all the time I’ve had it.

The laptop, however, that I’ve been using a lot. The letter E is but  shadow of its former self, as is the N. About an hour of my morning went to convincing  my laptop it did indeed have a boot system, despite its insistence that it did not, and a reminder that I needed to clear some memory was not helped by the multiple “not responding” messages when I tried to delete files from my downloads folder.

Most of those consisted of blog pictures, which can go away once the blog is posted, and copies of friends’ ms to critique, and my own chapters sent to them. All of this means I’m making progress. I’m showing up. I’m doing the work. Open the file. Put something there that wasn’t there before. It doesn’t have to be perfect, but it does have to be written.  Even on, or maybe especially on the days where I tend to overthink everything.

This has been the tipping point for several manuscripts, overthought into a gelatinous mess where I lose all sight of what my original intention was. This time, I am calling in reinforcements. Critique Partner Vicki reminded me that this is one draft. My first draft. It doesn’t have to be perfect. It can’t be perfect. It can only be what it is. All I have to do is write this scene. That’s it. If I need to know something, stop, look it up, figure it out, move on along. Fix whatever it is on the next pass. If the mini mouse dies, muddle through with the touchpad, WordPad, or legal pad until new mouse may be obtained. Look at challenges as detours rather than roadblocks. The journey continues.










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