Typing With Wet Claws: Ancient Art of Ti-ming Edition

Hello all, Skye here, for another Feline Friday. This week has gone by very fast, and a lot of interesting things happened. I will tell you about some of them. On Saturday, Anty spent most of the day getting ready for our company on Sunday. I have never seen her haul an entire bookcase through the apartment before, but, on Saturday, she did. The bookcase did not put up much of a fight. I think it knew Anty meant business. She put the bookcase in her office (which I still do not go into, if you are keeping track of these things) and then took a bunch of books from a cardboard bookcase (like they have in stores; Anty used to work in a bookstore, and they let her take some of the cardboard bookcases home so she could store her books in them) and spent some time arranging the books in it. There are still some spaces, which she will fill with books from the storage unit, when she can go back to where we used to live and retrieve them. Playing with her books makes Anty very happy. So does reading them, which she is doing when she has time.

She does not have a lot of time. Besides blogging here (I help her out by taking Fridays for her) Anty also writes a weekly discussion post for Buried Under Romance and writes about romance novels and tells people who kissed on TV (the start of the new season will be busy for her, I think. Lots of TV people kiss when new seasons start) at Heroes and Heartbreakers, and she sold her second article to XOJane.com. That is like a magazine on the computer. It is the same place where she wrote her article about clearing out her papa’s house. This article will be about what it was like to take care of three grownup humans when they were all very sick at the same time. This happened before me, as I was not even born yet, so I cannot make any comments. The family kitty at the time was Olivia, who went to Rainbow Bridge. I came home three days later, because the family needed a kitty really really badly, and I needed a forever home. I think it is working out well.

Telling people things that really happened is not Anty’s main focus, though. What she loves the most is making up stories. Right now, she is working on two books, one by herself and one with my Anty Melva. She has not had a chance to do much on the book she is writing by herself this week, which does make her cranky, but she is happy because Anty Melva put together the chapters on the book they are writing together, and they are ahead of schedule. Anty figures she will do better on the other book soon and is trying not to stress about it.

This is what Cranky Anty looks like. It is fearsome.

This is what Cranky Anty looks like, in case you have forgotten. I never will.

Another thing that is taking some time this week is that Uncle needs to see some more people vets. Anty has to go with him. I assume she has to help get him in the carrier and make sure he does not bite. I do not think he will need a cone of shame, but one never knows. Anty is glad to be there for him, and she is also glad that the pharmacy where she gets his pills sells gummi bears. That may be one of the reasons she goes. If she has gummi bears, she is less cranky. If she looks like the picture above when you see her, please give her gummi bears and do not make any sudden movements. Playing Snow Patrol should also work. Or Tired Pony.  Basically, anything with Gary Lightbody in it. “This Isn’t Everything You Are” is Anty’s favorite song of ever, so that should work best.

Anty loves the video, too, and is only slightly freaked out that this video was released when she was first working on her time travel with a ballroom dancer heroine. That book has to rest for a while, because Anty got far too confused writing it and went down too many dead ends to keep on going the way it was. She still loves that story and especially those characters, but it was not the right time for that book to happen. Something was not right, though she does not know what the root of that could be. Too many other humans put in their ideas (she is still trying to figure out why one human could not understand why there were historical parts in a time travel. Even I know what time travel means, and I am a kitty.) so that Anty could not get to hers anymore. That was sad, but it is not over yet; the learning process is still underway.

One of the things Anty loves about the video for her favorite song is, besides the dancing, that there are a lot of different stories going on at one time. The three verses are each their own story, but each pair of dancers shown have their own stories, too. She likes the grittiness and the sadness mixed with the encouragement to hang in there, all things that are true in her book as well. Finding out what she likes, specifically, about things she likes, in general, and why she likes them, is very interesting to Anty, and helps her figure out how to tell her own stories, better. If you think it would be fun, watch the video and then leave a comment about what stands out about it to you. Anty would love to know.

It is about time to get Uncle ready for the people vet (Anty may try putting some bacon in the carrier to see if he will go in on his own) so that is about it for this week. Until next time, I remain, very truly yours,

Skye O’Malley Hart-Bowling
(the kitty, not the book)

Until next week...

Until next week…

PS – “the ancient art of ti-ming” phrase is from  a very funny human named Steve Martin. Anty did not make it up, but she did remember it.

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