Play in Your Own Sandbox, Keep All the Toys?

Wednesday’s post on Wednesday – I’m on fire here. Okay, maybe a little cheat-y, doing another video blog, but that’s how it goes sometimes.

Many thanks to those who have asked about my From Fan Fiction to Fantastic Fiction and On Beyond Fanfic workshops. I love running those, and am working on an updated version I call Play in Your Own Sandbox, Keep All the Toys. In today’s video blog, I’ll take you through an introduction to the live version of my workshop, and will be making the handout available in the near future.

This goes along with my longstanding interest in authorial voice, which really does have a lot of similarities. Our voice is the sum total of everything we’ve done, seen, been, heard, tasted, experienced, heard about, enjoyed, not-so-enjoyed, etc. The common types and tropes that fire our imagination can be found in media that we already love, from music to TV and movies, books, computer games, and a whole lot more.

I know that all I have to hear is that a historical romance has even one scene in Bedlam or Newgate Prison, and I am there, baby. Shut up and take my money. This probably says something about me, but the journey of hero and/or heroine, from that cell in madhouse or prison, to reclaiming their own lives and seizing that happily ever after, gets me every time, and I will never get tired of it. Will I write my own stories including such? Whee doggies, yes. I do have some prison scenes in Orphans in the Storm, where I got to play with some of my favorite aspects of the above, and my heroine’s mother in Her Last First Kiss is in a madhouse when the story begins.

My love of TV shows such as Highlander, New AmsterdamMoonlightForever, and Sleepy Hollow,  all featuring extremely long-lived gentlemen struggling to find their place in the modern world, inspired me to try my first time travel. All I’ll say on that front is that I am still looking for the right angle on that one, but when I find it, watch out. I know Angus and Summer aren’t going to let me leave them idle for too long. Maybe I need to do some more research, hm? Hard task, I know.

What tropes, archetypes or situations will get your interest every time?


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