Feline Friday: New Developments Edition

Hello, all. Skye here, for another installment of Typing With Wet Claws. It is still very loud and noisy outside our house, because the city humans are putting in a new sidewalk. I am not sure what a sidewalk is, because I am an indoor kitty, but the humans tell me they need it so that they can walk. In that case, getting a new one is probably a good idea.

Anty has been busy this week. She had a new post on Heroes and Heartbreakers, about her favorite YA book boyfriends (these boyfriends only live in books; Uncle has nothing to worry about.) It is here and it looks like this:


I notice there are no boy cats on this list.

See, I have been learning things, too. Now I know where pictures go on the new laptop. Anty said I should mention that it got infected again, but she fixed it like a boss without even getting a little upset. I am very proud of her for that. Computer things make her nervous most of the time, but this time, she did not even have to ask Uncle for help. She did it all herself and went right back to writing.

Speaking of writing, Anty has some writing news. This week, she sold her first article to XOJane.com. Her article is not about romance fiction, but she had a good time writing it anyway, and is happy that other people will be able to read it. There will be pictures, too. She said I can tell people when it goes live. It is not there yet, so you will have to wait a little while to see it, but Anty hopes you will read it when it is time. She likes this website very much and hopes to write more things for them in the future. She did not say if any of those things would be about cats. More information will be on the Coming Soon page, which will be coming soon.

Anty has also added a special hashtag on Instagram, so that people can follow me. All of my pictures will now have the hashtag #SkyeOMalleyCat, so that is where you should look if you want to see me on your feed every day. Anty already feeds me every day, so I do not know what the internet has to do with it, but anything that involves feeding and me has to be good.

Now that it is August, the days are getting cooler and shorter and there are notebooks and pens on sale everywhere. This makes Anty very happy. For one thing, she can write in her office again. That does not make me as happy as it makes her, because I do not go inside her office. I am not sure about the carpet in there. Anty thinks if she leaves the door open, I might get brave and try coming inside. That is a good idea, because I am her mews and need to be close by, but she does not take into account that whole carpet thing. It is different from the carpet in her and Uncle’s bedroom. I sit outside the door, even when it is open, and look pitiful. That usually makes her come out and feed me, to make up for the trauma of separation.

Another thing that makes Anty very happy is learning things that make her work easier. Knowing how to fix the computer last week made her work a lot easier (and mine as well, because otherwise, I would have had to follow her while she paced the whole apartment until Uncle could fix the computer for her, and my paws would get tired.) Learning to use Scrivener has made her work easier, because she does not always write in order and can move scenes around so that everything makes sense. Having to get an old camera memory card out of the old printer was not very easy, but it did allow her to get the photographs she needed (of her father’s old house) for the article, so that is what she did.

Humans who do not write sometimes think that writing is easy. All the writer has to do is make up stories in their heads and there they go. That is not the truth. Well, it sort of is, but that is not the only thing the job entails. The stories have to be finished, and they have to make sense. Every writer works differently. Anty has a critique partner who needs to work on only one thing at a time. Anty needs to work on more than one thing at a time, or she will not get anything done. That is not good for anybody. Some writers like to track their progress by how many words they have written. That makes Anty freeze, so she does not do that. She works on scenes.

Right now, she is trying something new and not counting chapters, either. She is telling the story and then will divide into chapters later. That is making her feel more confident and makes writing more fun. She is also thinking of new ideas for articles about things she has experienced, and about human grooming. Anty really likes things like clothes, makeup, hair, nails and jewelry and is learning how to write about those things as well. The more things Anty has to do, the more things she will get done. If she has only one thing, she will get bored. That does not apply to kitties. I am her only  kitty right now, and she is not bored with me, as you can tell by the pictures she puts on Instagram. In case you need to remember, all my pictures will have #SkyeOMalleyCat on them, so you do not have to miss any.

That is about it for now. Anty says she needs the computer back so that she can work on Her Last First Kiss and her Buried Under Romance post for tomorrow. Until next week, I remain very truly yours,

Until next week...

Until next week…

Skye O’Malley Hart-Bowling
(the kitty, not the book)

PS: (#SkyeOMalleyCat)


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