Typing With Wet Claws: Neccessary Electronic Evils Edition

Hello, all. Skye here, coming to you in the evening of this Feline Friday. It has been an interesting week here. Not only is the construction still going on (Anty says there is a Hellmouth outside our house. Uncle says it is only gravel, which is not scary, but will not allow Anty to walk in heels, which is kind of scary. She trips more in flats than heels, which I do not understand, but then again, I have never worn shoes of any kind.) and it was hot all week long (if you think dealing with heat is hard as a human, try going through it with a built in full length fur coat. Do not worry, though, Anty and Uncle make sure  my water bowls -I have  more than one- are always full of cool water. Sometimes, Anty puts an ice cube in my bowl.) but there are New Developments.

Anty, Uncle and Mama went to a glowy box store to learn more about glowy boxes, and they came home with a bunch of them. Anty says the robot invasion has begun. I do not know about that. She says the robots have been rising up for some time now, so maybe she meant continued. Whatever the robots are doing, there are now new phones for everybody, which means everybody wants to take more pictures of me. I do not blame them for that, but it does mean that I now know the sound that comes with the cameras hidden in those phones. Anty tells me when people on Instagram say I am a pretty girl. They do that a lot. It is good for the ego. Maybe Anty should put her book covers on Instagram. I think they are pretty, even if they are from a time before me (and do not have any cats on them. What’s with that?)


who could resist this face?

Some of you may know that Anty really really really does not like phones. That is from a time, before me, when she had to keep the old ringy kind of phone with her all the time. Even in the litterbox. She may not want me saying that last part, so keep it between us if that is okay. Thank you. Anyway, that was a time when she had to talk to people vets about her papa, her own anty, and about Uncle. None of them had the same people vets because they were all sick in different ways, and so the phone rang. A lot. This was not only before me, when Olivia was Anty’s mews, but when I first came into the family, too, and I was really really scared of everything. If you knew where I came from, you would understand why, but I prefer not to talk about that. I was taking my cues from her, and if she got scared, I got scared, so when the phone rang, usually with an emergency, often one emergency interrupting another emergency, we both got scared. Sometimes, I got so scared that I would lick the fur off my tail. I do not do that anymore, because I am not scared anymore.

Anty was scared to be in a phone store (the glowy box store was really a phone store) because she does not like phones, but Mama and Uncle were there for her. She knew that she had to be there because she needs to be able to communicate with the rest of the family even when she is not at her laptop. That is a very big step. Apart from one time on Sunday (that she has asked me not to talk about) where she decided she had too many electronics (whoops, looks like I did. Sorry, Anty.) she has been pretty much okay. She likes to organize things, and organizing her electronics falls under that umbrella. That is a turn of phrase. She is not keeping her electronics under an umbrella. She mostly keeps them on a tray that is next to her comfy chair in the living room. It is not an ideal setup, but she is still researching the way that will work the best for her. For one thing, apart from her minicamp (what Mama calls the phone instead of calling it a phone; Anty likes that term, so she uses it, too) all of her electronics are pink. She did not plan it that way, but that is how it is. The minicamp is black, but it may get a pink case. She does not know about that yet.

I do not think that the new phones have anything to do with it, but Anty’s laptop got sick twice this week. Maybe more than that. I have lost count. Uncle fixed it some of the time, and then Anty fixed it herself and it has been fine since then. We did not have to go to the computer vet, which is a good thing. Anty has had to reinstall Scrivener three times already, but she did not mind, because it is something she has to do to get these books written. She still does most of her initial writing in longhand, in notebooks and on differently colored legal pads, but if she wants the books to be published (and she does; that is how she helps pay for my cat food) then she has to put them on the computer. She was so scared of Scrivener at first that she shut it down during the tutorial because it was too overwhelming. I can relate. The day I came home from the shelter, I did not know I was home and did not come out of the carrier for four hours. I came out of the carrier right away when we moved here, though, because I knew I was still with my family.

my sunbeam

my sunbeam

That is how it is with writing as well. Anty can get scared sometimes, whether it is using a new kind of glowy box or trying something new with a story, but as long as she is where she needs to be, it is worth being a little scared, so it all works out. Sometimes, something that looks scary can  be the best thing in the world after spending some time with it.

Speaking of time, Anty says I have had enough time on the glowy box, so that is going to have to be it for this week. Until next time, I remain very truly yours,

Skye O’Malley Hart-Bowling
(the kitty, not the book)

Until next week...

Until next week…


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