Typing With Wet Claws: Adjustment Edition

Hello, all. Skye here, for another Feline Friday. The cat zamboni is outside, so I am writing today’s blog from under the bed. That seems like the safest place for a kitty. I have been under the bed and also behind Mama’s bedroom door this past week. There have been some adjustments, which is a fancy human word for changes, and kitties do not like changes. We thrive on routine, and when that routine is different, it takes a while for us to get used to it.

Uncle is back home from the people vet and did not have to go back or wear the cone of shame, but he will have to see other people vets to make sure he stays healthy. Anty is helping him with some of the adjustments, and that takes some time, but she is figuring out how to make that work along with writing. Sometimes, writing things pile up while she is taking care of other things, and then she has to deal with the writing things that have turned into a big jumble while she was away.

I am not allowed to say some of the words she says when she makes lists of things that need doing and finds the time in which to do them. She likes it that organization requires lists and planning and she can use things like sticky notes and highlighters, but it is daunting (fancy human word for scary) to look at the whole big mess of stuff. Probably, that is why she likes to break things down.

That does not, however, include computers. They break down on their own. Here is a list of the machines on which Anty currently works:

Robin Sparkles

Robin Sparkles

Robin Sparkles is Anty’s tablet, and my computer. The port where the cable goes that connects the pink keyboard to the actual computer came out with the cord, and she has not had time to fix it, so she can only use the touchscreen keyboard. She is getting rather good at that, but it is not ideal for writing big chunks of text. She has, though, but it’s not her first choice.



Dahlia is Anty’s very old desktop. It has a nice big monitor, so Anty can make the text big and not strain her eyes. It is older than me, probably still has Olivia (kitty before me) hair in the keyboard and does not connect to the internet, and it is in her office, which I still have not gone into, because I am still not sure about the carpet in there. When Anty writes on this computer, she needs to save to a jump drive and then take it to another computer and access or send the file from there. She has not yet figured out how to make the jump drive work with Robin Sparkles, although she is sure there has to be some sort of adapter somewhere.



Jack is short for Union Jack, because this laptop was supposed to have a Union Jack skin on the cover, but Anty never got around to that. Jack is also older than me and he is showing his age. He is on his second battery (it is dead now, so he may get a third,) third power cord and second keyboard. Anty says that working on Jack is like a mini workout, because she has to put the external keyboard on top of the keyboard she cannot use but has to move it when she needs to use the touchpad to put the cursor where she wants it.

Before you ask why she does not use a mouse (I am all for using mice) even that cannot be easy. There are two ports where she could put a mouse, and they are both on the left hand side of the computer. One of those ports is for the external keyboard. The other could be for the mouse, but it is on the left side and Anty is right-pawed. That means she would have to put the mouse in on the left side, and bring the cord around the front or the back of the laptop in order to use it with her right paw. This is where things get tricky.

Anty already has earbuds plugged into the left side of the laptop, and there is a cord for those. The power cord (if it comes out, then the computer has no power and she will have to restart it) already comes around the back of the laptop. The cord for the external keyboard goes either over the top of the laptop keyboard or behind the screen, but then it can get tangled with the power cord and, well, you can imagine what happens then. So, Anty is not very keen on adding another tangly cord to the whole mess, especially when the cord can snap back (it is on a stretchy wheel kind of thing) at any time, which is not good for the cords, or Anty’s sanity. Probably not for my vocabulary, either. Sometimes, when none of the above computers do what Anty needs, she borrows Mama’s computer (he is Jack’s identical twin brother.)  I think this is one of the reasons Anty likes notebooks as much as she does.

Even so, Anty worked with Anty Melva on their book, and they are now two chapters into it. That is rather impressive, considering Anty had to do a lot of switching around between the above machines. That is the important thing. When a human wants something badly enough, they will find a way to get it done. Especially writer humans. The stories are in there; it is only a matter of how they get out. When a kitty wants something, we find a human and stare at them. Speaking of which, my food bowl is empty.

Until next week, I remain very truly yours,

Skye O’Malley Hart-Bowling
(the kitty, not the book)

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